Derb remembers Bruce Lee

John Derbyshire of National Review writes an interesting account of his brief clash with fame, when he appeared as a bit character in a Bruce Lee movie. I tend to agree with his opinion that Bruce Lee and jeet koon do were basically one and the same; it’s not a fighting style so much as it’s the way a uniquely talented fighter fought. You can train one hundred fighters in exactly the same discipline, and they will still fight one hundred different ways.

Except, that is, for tae kwon do. Take one hundred tae kwon do fighters chosen at random, and not a one will know what to do with his hands or bother to guard his head.

Jew haters at State

There is simply no excuse for this intentional slight of Israel. Thanks to DG, who brought this State Department map of Saudi Arabia to my attention. Notice how State was able to find space for labeling the tiny little island of Bahrain, but somehow, they just couldn’t fit the six letters that make up the name of the only Jewish country in the vicinity on the map.

I am not Jewish. I am not particularly fond of Jewish culture. I dislike the quasi-socialism that has made up Israeli government policy for the entirety of its existence. But I have nothing but contempt for the Arabists at State, who would like to help their murderous proxies finish what the National Socialists started by wiping out what they consider to be a “s—– little country”.

There has got to be a spiritual component to this irrational, illogical Jew hatred. There’s simply no other credible explanation for two millenia of rabid cross-cultural antipathy.

Palestinians killing Americans… again

I have never understood why the Palestinian murderocracy is permitted to play whack-a-Jew while the State Department cheers them on and lobbies for the PA to receive more financial support from the U.S. government. What really infuriates me, though, is that Arafat and his bloodthirsty gang are again being permitted to murder Americans with total impunity. Arafat has killed Americans before, and I have no doubt that he will do so in the future until President Bush finds a backbone and shows more resolve in shutting down the monster than did his predecessors: Clinton, Bush, Reagan, and Carter. You can’t tell me that Arafat believes we’re going to strike back, when we jump all over Israel every time they justifiably hit back at the poor, defenseless murderers. I have no doubt that later today we’ll hear plenty of somber condemnations worded in the harshest possible terms. Whatever.

I have many doubts about the so-called War on Terror, but chief among them is this: if we are truly fighting against terror, why is the godfather of terror, the creator of modern terrorism, left in peace?

Voting for the New Blog showcase

Why not? Here’s my three votes:

Father Joe’s Corner…



No harm, no foul

Blogspot was acting up for about two hours. I couldn’t view it, either via the general Internet or from within Blogger itself, and while I could see and edit posts, I couldn’t publish. At first, I assumed it was something I’d done – sign of an inveterate tinkerer’s guilty conscience – but after checking out other blogs in the Blogosphere, I was relieved to discover that whatever it was wasn’t of my making. Which would have been hard to credit anyhow, considering what a plain vanilla blog this is… and will remain. The text is king!

On the Redhat front, some fortunate poking around revealed this important message with regards to kernel upgrades and Linksys drivers:

A final note to remember. In the future, whenever you need to upgrade to a newer kernel, you’ll also need to reinstall these drivers. These files are compiled specifically for your current kernel version/arch, so they won’t work with upgrades. For this reason, I always check that driver site to see if a new set of drivers has been released before I upgrade to newer kernels.

In other words, don’t trust your friendly neighborhood supertechnical stud programmer who guesses that the low-level changes are unlikely to mess with your PCMCIA drivers. Or rather, trust, but verify. Anyhow, I’ll definitely wait for Saint Tim to get around to updating the kernel RPM before upgrading the kernel now.