How can there be no media bias when they admit it?

Just wondering… first the Los Angeles Times copped to it – before demonstrating it in spades with the timely Schwarzenegger hit – and now NPR is fessing up as well, albeit in a more defensive, mealy-mouthed manner. Don’t hold your breath waiting for anyone from the ABCNNBCBS* cabal to follow suit, though. Or the New York Times for that matter.

*CNN admitted they weren’t doing their job in Iraq; they did not admit to their open left-liberal bias.

TMQ apologizes….

Along with Ralph Wiley and the Sports Guy, Tuesday Morning Quarterback is the best thing about ESPN’s Page 2. TMQ, or Gregg Easterbrook, is also an editor of The New Republic, a left-liberal magazine of some regard. Although he did apologize for the way in which he felt he mangled his words, I don’t really see that he had anything for which to do so and I’m glad to see that he’s standing his ground on the substance, if not the style, of his remarks. Jews, no less than Christians, have a responsibility to answer to God for their actions and decisions, and I think it is eminently reasonable to question both Michael Eisner and Harvey Weinstein for their decision to inflict what is apparently a new low in movie-making violence on the American public. No executive – Christian, atheist or Jew – should be permitted to hide behind modern guilt over historical prejudices in an attempt to escape being held responsible for what appears to be another vicious assault on the values of our civilization.

The very notion that one needs to watch one’s tongue about implying that Jews, as opposed to Christians or atheists, are inordinately interested in money several hundred years after the Catholic prohibition on usury was broken is ridiculous. Jews have far more serious problems these days, for example, the fact that the schools in many Muslim countries are teaching another generation of children to believe that one day the trees will cry “O Muslim, there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him!” And while the Euro elite sneers in scorn, hoping secretly that someone else will finish the job their grandfathers started.

But that’s just my opinion. As I’ve written before, the Jewish people, in addition to suffering the unwarranted hatred of the nations, have also been remarkably stupid at times with regards to their own self-preservation in the past. Why on earth would they be concerned now with the opinion of a Gregg Easterbrook, while Israeli leaders like Shimon Peres and Binyamin Ben-Eliezer are attempting to lead the Jewish people down the fatal path of Mordechai Rumkowski and Jacob Gens?

Suicide watch in Boston

Once again, as always, the Sports Guy does not disappoint. I am not a Yankees fan and I hate to revel in schadenfreude, but the Sports Guy without the familiar Red Sox albatross hanging around his neck would be like Abbott without Costello.

As a sports fan, sometimes you know when bad things are about to happen. You recognize the depressing signs because you’ve been there before. So maybe that’s the real “curse,” those moments when you turn into Haley Joel Osment in the Sixth Sense . . . only you aren’t seeing dead people, you’re seeing a dead ballgame. And when it’s happening to thousands of fans all at once, the resulting collective karma kills your team.

(Does any of this make sense? Of course not. I’m completely insane. The Red Sox have driven me insane. It’s official.)

Meanwhile, the Vikings are 5-0 and the governor of Minnesota has ordered guards to the border, with orders to shoot Sports Illustrated photographers on sight. Take no chances, Gov. Pawlenty. Everyone saw what happened when they put Jake Plummer on the cover.

You VILL update

I wrote on the need for Linux migration before reading an interview with Bill Gates which did not change my opinion one little bit. Do you want control over what is going on inside your own computer? Tough cookies, cowboy:

Microsoft is also going to make sure that people install firewalls and updates by default…. From now on, Microsoft will install these patches automatically.

Bill’s claim that Windows gets patched quicker than Linux has also been vigorously contested, as one buglog posted recently showed that it took Microsoft, not the 24 or 40 hours as claimed by Bill, but 2000 hours, to patch a bug that cropped up in August.