It’s official – ESPN blows

They fired TMQ. What a bunch of small-minded control freaks. I wonder if it ever occurs to anyone that firing everyone who says anything the least bit critical of individuals who happen to be Jewish is probably not the best way to convince the Judenhassen that Jews are not, in fact, running everything.

I’m done with ESPN. Half of Page 2 has already been converted to stupid Hollywood junk and whiny women complaining that they can’t get dates because they know too much about sports. Right, that’s probably it. They ought to just change the name to Page E-IX and have done with it. Let ESPN know what you think. I did.

Just one more reason to despise Disney. In truth, I believe this contemptible firing had more to do with Easterbrook daring to criticize Disney’s chairman than it did with anything relating to Judaism.

Linux and Acrobat Reader

Acrobat Reader is a virtual necessity if you want to read PDF files, so I was surprised at the shoddy level of Linux support by Adobe. I fully expected it to be available via Red Carpet or the Redhat Update Agent, but barring that, I was anticipating an easy RPM installation at the very least. That proved not to be the case, as I got what proves to be a very normal error when trying to run it on Redhat 8:

$ acroread

Warning: charset “UTF-8” not supported, using “ISO8859-1”.


Fortunately, and this is one of the things I love about Linux, someone has come up with the solution. I can vouch for its efficacy, although the author, being a programmer no doubt, assumes that you will know how to use vi. (He does better than most, actually, in telling you how to start vi.) The thing to keep in mind is that vi requires going into Insert mode in order to make your changes, and then leaving it before you quit and save. It’s a little bit like the old DOS Edit command, which was probably copied from vi or another UNIX command in the first place.

Anyhow, i will insert text at the cursor, so make your changes and then hit ESC to exit Insert mode. Then type ZZ to save and quit. You can start Acrobat Reader by going out to the terminal and typing acrobat. The interface is grey and ugly, but the PDF documents look good and everything works fine.

Old age and wisdom…

will overcome youth and skill. That was a favorite saying of the father of one of my best friends, who is very appropriately nicknamed Sly. After re-reading my last post, it occurred to me that another reason why challenging a man on the far side of the half-century does not seem unfair to me is that my sensei just turned 50 this year. He may not have the 17-inch biceps he had when I first met him, but I have no doubt that he can still wipe up the floor with me.

I remember the following exchange very clearly:

Sensei: You are fast. Faster than almost anyone I have ever seen.

Me: Then how come you always get in before I can?

Sensei: (smiles broadly) Because I know what you are going to do before you do it.

The ironic thing about this conversation was that he was paying this backhanded compliment while at the same time extending a hand to help me up from the floor after having dropped me with a rear-hand strike to the solar plexus. He was, and is, a deadly fighter. I once watched him absolutely destroy the 10th-ranked point fighter in the country – he could have easily been a champion if he did not disdain point fighting as a perversion of the art. His teaching was distinctive enough that when a friend and I visited another dojo while he was gone for a time, the instructor, a well-known Tang Soo Do champion, asked us if we were his students after only two rounds of sparring.

Waiting for Franken

The week ends, and still no response from Mr. Franken or his press agent. I suppose he’s having too much fun heaping coals on a drug addict going into recovery to defend the manhood of the Democratic party. I was cranking up Creed on the way to the gym today and that, combined with the thought of going back into training mode, got me fired up to hit the weights hard. Topped out preacher curls with five reps at 120 today, which was the first time I’ve done that in a while. It felt so good that I’m thinking it might be time to get back with the whey protein.

A few people have emailed over the last two weeks to say that they think that it is unfair, or cowardly or somehow otherwise reprehensible to challenge a 51 year-old man. I disagree, as this argument entirely ignores the point that Mr. Franken himself was responsible for introducing the concept of adding a physical element to the political debate. No doubt after reading chapter 38 of Mr. Franken’s new book, Rich Lowry was wishing he had taken Mr. Franken up on his challenge.

Second, I’ll be perfectly happy to accept a challenge from any national media figure interested in a little banging after Mr. Franken responds in the affirmative to mine. What people don’t realize about full-contact fighters – and street brawlers, for that matter – is that they are not confident because of what they can do to you. They are confident because they not only know what to expect if things don’t go well, they know they can take it because they’ve experienced it before. I’ve been knocked out, I’ve had numerous bones broken and I’ve crawled across a concrete floor spitting blood while desperately trying to get air into my lungs. You see, I fully accept the possibility that Mr. Franken or another opponent might do a little damage here and there, but so what? It would hardly be the first time.