The right to kill your wife

It seems that if those nutty Christians are against it, the ACLU is for it. We’re not talking about pulling the plug on machines keeping someone artificially alive, we’re talking about intentionally starving someone to death here. It just seems very strange that the ACLU would wish to support the right of someone to KILL HIS FREAKING WIFE! To show how absurd this is, what if instead of wanting to starve her, Mr. Schiavo wanted to hit Mrs. Schiavo over the head with a hammer? That would be faster, less painful and less cruel, though admittedly a little messier. If the court decides that husbands have the right to starve their womenfolk to death, doesn’t that give them free rein to beat them to death too? This seems to be taking us back to the day of the legally-defined thickness of a cane with which one could beat his wife, and then some.

Of course, since the ACLU also believes in the right of mothers to murder their babies, I suppose supporting the right of men to kill their wives is at least in keeping with their ghoulish philosophy.

Fascists 2.0

Umberto Bossi, Italy’s Reform Minister, said Brussels was “transforming vices into virtues” and “advancing the cause of atheism every day”. He denounced the European arrest warrant as a step towards “dictatorship, deportation, and terror, instilling fear in the people, a crime in itself”. It would lead to a Stalinist regime “multiplied by 25”.

I’ve written warnings about the EU on several occasions. Now there are top European leaders warning you. Remember how when you first learned about the Holocaust and you wondered how Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists could possibly have come to power without anyone protesting or doing anything about it? Well, now you know. I’m just curious. Is it really better for a German government to team up with a French government in order to rule over Europe in a profoundly anti-democratic, freedom-hating manner than for a German government to militarily defeat a French government before teaming up with a second French government to rule over Europe in a profoundly anti-democratic, freedom-hating manner? Many of the people of the so-called member states won’t even be permitted to vote on the national death warrant known as the European constitution.

Fascism is not dead. The fascists were simply smart enough to abandon the swishy sado-masochistic uniforms, take their time and use politicians instead of panzers to take control over the people of Europe. I suspect there are those in the United States government who realize this, which is why they are so concerned about the threat that the Euro Army poses to NATO. Because if NATO is not there to keep the fascists new army under guard, it’s quite likely that one day the United States will be back in Europe, fighting that same army.

I am desirous of his success

Daunte Culpepper, black quarterback:

QB Rating: 114.9. Completion Pct: 64.2. Minnesota Vikings 2003 Record: 6-0.

That other black quarterback that Rush Limbaugh said was overrated:

QB Rating: 51.1. Completion Pct: 47.9. Philadelpha Eagles 2003 Record: 3-3.

Skoal Vikings!

The best of all possible reasons

“Microsoft founder and chairman Bill Gates has slammed moves by political parties in Australia and elsewhere to legislate the adoption of open source software. In an interview with The Australian at the Microsoft Office System launch in New York, Mr Gates said any such moves by government were wrongheaded and would result in a reduction in public sector productivity.”

If reducing public sector productivity is not a reason to cheer for Linux, then I don’t know what is. Private sector productivity = good. Public sector productivity = everything from a drag on private sector productivity (not good) to the increased efficiency of mass murder (really, really bad).

Think that sounds whacked? Then perhaps you should note that 41 of the 191 UN member states have murdered at least 1 percent of their citizenry within the last 100 years. Everyone remembers Germany, China and the Soviet Union. But there’s also France, Mexico, Spain, Poland, Turkey, and Yugoslavia, just to name a few. For a human being living in the 20th century, the chances of getting offed by your own government were hundreds of times greater than the chance that you would be murdered by an individual criminal.

Mailbox – You don’t have to be clueless, but it helps

Alejandro writes: “First, you “Americans” kill palestinians using the Israeli Army. That land first belong to them, not to the people who is living now there (not all of them, I mean). Yes, probably they killed many US Citizens (you know, America is a continet, so when you say Americans, i think in Brazilians, Cubans,Canadians, Mexicans, US people, Argentinians, etc).”

Strike one – We Americans have the United States Marine Corps. We don’t need Jews, or anyone else, to do our deadly work for us. Did you miss the small matter of the successful invasion of two countries in the last two years? Invading Gaza would take about ten minutes, judging by the speed of the assault on Iraq.

Strike two – The majority of Palestinians moved to Israel AFTER European Jews made their long-prophesied return and made the land economically viable. Even their great leader, Arafat, is an Egyptian. Then many of them, the “refugees”, moved out of their own accord in order to make way for the expected triumph of the Egyptian and Jordanian armies. Unlike refugees in almost every other country, these “refugees” have not been permitted to settle in the lands of their Arab brothers, who profess to care so much about them.

Strike three – What a load of horse merde! I am so tired of the faux worldly pretending that Americans are globally ignorant and that national terminology is founded solely in geography. I’m sure that when Arab or European demonstrators are waving Hate America signs that they’re probably referring to Brazilians and Argentinians, right? Canadians call themselves Canadians, not Americans, and they call us Americans. The same is true for Brazilians, Cubans, Mexicans and Argentinians. I don’t know what people are trying to prove by pretending to misunderstand something they obviously understood – and one doesn’t exactly make a strong case for one’s scholarly superiority by demonstrating that one is unaware that “continent” is spelled with three Ns.

Three sentences, three strikes. Impressive stuff, Alejandro. And, you’re out.

Following to Freedom

Nine people have written to tell me that they decided to start their own Linux migrations after reading Breaking Up with Bill, and one dealer informed me that he’s going to start encouraging his customers to make the move. I think that’s great, since the growth from 1 percent to 2 percent is always harder than going from 10 percent to 20 percent. Even more people told me that they’d like to make the move, but just weren’t ready yet.

I don’t know if we’re on the verge of another OS shift or not, but it’s fun to think that we might be. I talked to a friend of mine who is an executive at a computer game company, and he’s open to the notion of Linux ports. Once the game makers do that, the floodgates will open. It’s really games that drives technology these days, and that’s been the little-known case for twelve years now.

By the way, Samba is shaking her thang on my local network now. The instructions were a little more detailed and encyclopedic and a little less how-to than I would have liked, though. And one thing I didn’t realize earlier is that the NTFS partition instructions actually caused Redhat to provide a icon link to my newly accessible hard drive – that’s pretty handy.

Next step – get WINE working

You’re so vain you probably think this post is about you

I read with interest your commentary on television and your friends viewing habits. I am quite convinced that the “one friend” that you refer to is me. I’ll have you know that contrary to your assertions about all men, I enjoy both homosexuality and feminism. The only thing I enjoy more than homosexuals and feminists are homosexual feminists, which is why Camille Paglia will be my third child’s name regardless of that child’s gender. When you press that brown shirt of yours, make sure to accent it with a bold colored scarf or kerchief.

Yeah, so how is life with Everybody Loves Sex in the City with Queer Joe Bachelor Guy? And anyhow, you know perfectly well that I’m not an Autumn.