Keep God out and let Hollywood in

Here’s a cheerful story for everyone who still has any doubts about the brainwashing element of the public school system. Don’t read. Don’t think. Take your test, accept your assigned place and be a good little cog in the socialist corporasphere. And if you’re not clear on the difference between a good little consumer and a bad little consumer, the MPAA, with the aid of Junior Achievement, will send special teachers to your elementary or junior high school to make sure you know right from wrong.

Not that there’s any such thing as right and wrong. All morals are relative. Except for what the people responsible for murderous bloodbaths such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Kill Bill tell you, that is.

“We’re really trying to teach young people to be responsible and to obey laws that they may not understand,” said David Chernow, Junior Achievement’s chief executive, apparently oblivious to the fact that children from 5th to 9th grade are seldom considered to be experts in intellectual property law.

Teach them to obey laws they don’t understand. Yes, that sums it up nicely.


Many states already require vaccinations before children are ‘allowed’ to attend government schools. Now, a government school is the first to institute universal radio tracking. I wonder precisely how long will it be before implanted RFIDs are required for children attending government schools. Yet another reason to keep/take your children out of the public schools.

Where Hitler feared to tread

“The EU has even described Switzerland’s position on future membership of the bloc as ‘controversial’. Commentators say Brussels has always seen the bilaterals as a first stage towards full membership of the bloc – a view certainly not held by the People’s Party. And they believe Brussels would be unwilling to continue negotiations if it thought Switzerland was reneging on this unspoken promise. ‘If this were withdrawn, it would be difficult to explain to the EU member countries why Switzerland had been working on special accords with the EU’, said a EU commissioner.”

Of course, when getting the first bilateral agreement approved, the Swiss government absolutely denied that its approval had anything to do with joining Europe Uber alles. And the Swiss people voted heavily against putting their necks in the Eurofascist noose, with 80 percent of the population voting against even holding discussions to join the EU in 2001. Which leads one to wonder just what that unspoken promise was, and by whom it was given, since all four of the parties in government were officially against joining the EU at the time.

But it’s clear now that three of them were lying, as less than two years later, the Christian Democrats, the Radicals and the Social Democrats are now all lobbying openly for Switzerland to join up. Which, no doubt, is exactly what has propelled the People’s Party from a distant fourth place to first. It’s not too hard to see how the other three parties might find common ground with the anti-democratic EU, though, since they are banding together to deny the People’s Party, the top vote-getter in the most recent national elections, a second ministry of the seven available.

This is not the first time that talk of the inevitability of European union has been heard in Switzerland. Target Switzerland is an excellent history of the Third Reich’s failed attempt to swallow the small Alpine country. Here’s hoping the new Fourth Reich will have no better success.