Stone cold killa

Don’t mess with Chucky. I was impressed with him before, and I felt that Tampa made a reasonable deal in trading two-first rounders for him before he won a Super Bowl. But Jon Gruden has established himself as a coach apart, proving that he will do anything he feels is necessary to improve his team. Axing Keyshawn, a solid possession receiver, for his distracting off-field antics, is a bold move that no one in the NFL except possibly Marvin Lewis would make. It will be interesting to see if the move works.

Chucky is clearly one of those people, who, when you meet their eyes, make you realize that you’re going to have to knock him out if you’re going to win. Maybe you can beat me, but I’ll never quit. I like that. No, I admire that.

As I said, World War III

Death toll rises to 26, 450 injured in coordinated suicide car bombings in Istanbul Thursday that destroyed part of London-based HSBC bank branch, damaged adjacent Metro City shopping mall in Levent residential district, tore down part of British consulate and much of narrow street. British consul general Roger Short among 14 killed at and outside British consulate. Some consulate staff unaccounted for.

Remember, World War I started over much smaller acts of terrorism.

Smooth criminals and secret knowledge

I wasn’t surprised that a surprising percentage of the Harvey Milk School for Gays or whatever it’s called have turned out to be rather less than law-abiding. If you reject both Judeo-Christian morality and societal norms, what are the chances that you’re going to have a significant respect for the law? It’s not impossible, but it is rather less likely.

I couldn’t help but notice that the Texas journalist who quoted my statement of homosexuality as an “Apollonian death cult” omitted the “Apollonian” bit. Apparently he wasn’t too eager to bring Camille Paglia into the discussion, – if he even understood what I was saying – but simply wanted to make my position look as extreme as possible. I’m not complaining, as it was a fair rhetorical device on his part, but for those of you who wanted to know why I never responded to his piece, it’s because I very seldom bother responding to rhetorical sound-bite slingers.

I’m working on next week’s column now, so I’ll get to the two best atheist critiques of last week’s piece either tomorrow or the weekend. Good stuff, for the most part, especially the guy who picked up my little Classics cheat. He didn’t understand why it was there, but he definitely noticed it. I’d thought it was fairly obvious, but apparently not.

If you’ve noticed there are often little things in various columns that seem somewhat odd, remember two things. 1. I’m a game designer. 2. According to Space Bunny, I have a strange sense of humor.

Better than sliced bread

Patrick Davis of the National Bread Leadership Council said that it was unclear whether the fall in bread sales was a temporary blip or indicative of a more permanent change in eating habits. The average American eats 54lbs of bread a year, barely a third of the quantity consumed by the French and Italians. But the Italians and the French are not notably obese, Mr Davis said.

I lived in Italy for over a year. They do eat more bread, but significantly less carbohydrates, especially in the form of sugar. It’s hard to find proper cookies and cake over there – after all, who wants a second helping of marzipan? It also doesn’t hurt that the normal portions are about one-third the size of American servings.

Finally, you can actually go and get things done by walking to the corner post, or the local farmacia. I think weightlighting is a much better way to burn fat, but Atkins is probably a lot easier for most people.