Thus spake Jean-Francois

Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.), a presidential aspirant, portrayed the success with Libya as an exception to the Bush Doctrine. “Ironically, this significant advance represents a complete U-turn in the Bush administration’s overall foreign policy,” he said in a statement Saturday. “An administration that scorns multilateralism and boasts about a rigid doctrine of military preemption has almost in spite of itself demonstrated the enormous potential for improving our national security through diplomacy.”

Let’s see. Two American enemies have been beaten down and smacked around. Immediately after this, an old American enemy decides to make nice. Can you spot the connection? Jean-Francois Kerry can’t. Ironically, it is those who believe George Bush is too synaptically-challenged to be President who will consider this a persuasive argument. I am not a Bush fan, but neither do I recommend making the mistake of confusing a glib tongue with intelligence, much less wisdom.

The man’s man

Congratulations to St. John’s and its now-legendary coach, John Gagliardi. Not only did the man collect his 4th NCAA Division III national championship, but he and his team did it in style by knocking off Mount Union, the top-ranked defending champions who were on a 55-game winning streak and had outscored their opponents 249-6 this year.

24 – St John’s

06 – Mount Union

John Gagliardi is one of my heroes. Not because he’s a winner 414 times over, but because of the way he wins. You have to read about him to believe him. In the world of football, he is the ultimate maverick.

So the Chiefs are frauds

I was actually surprised by this. Sure, it’s no secret that the Vikings offense can explode from time to time, but I expected the defense to wilt under the pressure of the hammer that is Priest Holmes. Skoal Vikings! This season has been a pleasant surprise, regardless of how it turns out, and I hope that our insane owner will not go off the deep end and fire Mike Tice. The guy may not be a rocket scientist, but considering how the geniuses of the league have fared of late, he increasingly appears to be a solid coach. Anything short of one more year would not be a fair shake.

It will be interesting to see if he can further strengthen the defense without the benefit of George Leary. Strange season this year, setting up for a playoffs that could be one of the most difficult to predict in years. Right now, Rams and Eagles look tops in the NFC – both look better than the other at home – and I like the way the Colts are playing, but I don’t like them at New England in December.

I love THIS game.