I haven’t seen anything to make me change my mind about my original call. The New England coaching staff obviously prepared well, but are a little shaky on the situational play calling. Vinatieri’s shank and the blocked FG are part of the game, but you’d think Romeo Crennel would know better than to big blitz on 3rd and 10 in that situation. As TMQ always says: “stop me before I blitz again!” I called TD on that before the ball was snapped as soon as I saw them bringing six or seven. The strange thing is that they’ve been getting plenty of pressure from the three down plus one. The squib kick was just stupid. He Hate Me isn’t exactly Dante Hall.

Delhomme is playing tough, but the Patriots’ pressure is heavier than anticipated and Davis is looking to have one of those games where he can’t get untracked. Brady looks good; Carolina’s pressure isn’t ruffling him at all. I expect New England to pull away in the second half.

Elastic Rat guts

This guy is seriously dedicated to transparency. It’s pretty brave to post your weekly caloric intake, exercise calories – presumably treadmill or the like – and weekly weight loss/gain on his blog, and all in graphic format. That’s graphic as in graphs, not explicit nude photos, by the way, in case you were wondering. I don’t, however, buy into BMI. Mine is 25.2, and I’m pretty sure no one would call me overweight. Meanwhile, Space Bunny’s is officially underweight, and she is in perfect fitness model shape. But in any event, good luck to him.

My only advice would be to throw some weightlifting in there, or if that’s just not an option to jack up the exercise calories. I usually hit around 385-425 kcal in a single session on the tread, which I do once a week in the offseason. Don’t be afraid to punch in the harder programs, as it’s amazing how much harder and faster you can run if you’re following a variable program instead of simply trundling along on a flat manual setting.

Of course, a perverse need to beat the machine helps tremendously. It’s strange, but I’ll run twice as fast on a six-degree incline if a program is making me do it than I will on a flat gradient if I select the settings myself. Perhaps there’s a video game theory of exercise waiting to be developed.

Mysterious motives

The Washington Times: Leaders in the legal arena even have signaled that they would like to see divorce expanded to include unmarried couples who break up. In 2002, the American Law Institute (ALI) said in a report that domestic partners often live together for a long time and share parenting duties, a residence and other assets. When such relationships end, they should be treated like a divorce, with alimony assigned to one ex-partner and property divided the same as marital assets, said authors of the ALI report, “Principles of the Law of Family Dissolution: Analysis and Recommendations.” The new policy should apply to unmarried heterosexual couples and homosexual couples, the ALI said.

Why on Earth would non-marital relationships be treated like a marriage upon dissolution? Unlike a marriage, there’s no inherent contract that’s been broken, and therefore no claims to be made. Which is quite often the entire point of not getting married in the first place. Of course, non-marital divorce would generate a lot of work for lawyers….

Hopeless, just hopeless

The answer to the Madden titles question is Anchors Aweigh. First Down, Lifetime to Go is the name of Roger Staubach’s autobiography. That’s Roger Staubach, the Super Bowl champion, Dallas Cowboy QB and winner of the Heisman Trophy at Navy. And some of you call yourself football fans. Pah!

George gets his kneepads

I’m very disappointed with George Will’s defense of what he ludicrously calls “strong-government conservativism”: Today “strong government conservatism” — “strong” is not synonymous with “big” — is the only conservatism palatable to a public that expects government to assuage three of life’s largest fears: illness, old age and educational deficits that prevent social mobility. Some conservatives believe government strength is inherently inimical to conservative aspirations. This belief mistakenly assumes that all government action is merely coercive, hence a subtraction from freedom. But government can act strongly to make itself less controlling and intrusive, enacting laws that offer opportunities and incentives for individuals to become more self-sufficient.

All government action is coercive, George. And you can’t respond to a question of WHAT by responding with an answer to WHY. Republicans have not been “liberated”, they have, to the contrary, stuck their necks into the noose of government tyranny. There’s nothing conservative about it.

Linux: must-have macro

I got sick and tired of not having the ability to do a word count on a selected portion of text, and I knew there were various macros out there for OpenOffice, so I finally got off my rear and experimented with a few. The problem, as usual, is that the technoids who graciously donate their time and effort tend not to realize that most of us need things explained from the ground up. And that’s ground as in actual ground, terra firma, not somewhere on the third floor.

Anyhow, if you select Tools / Macro -> Macro from the pull-downs, a confusing window will pop up. On the left side, click once on Standard so that the macro will show up in all your text documents, then click on the New button on the right side of the window. A new window will pop up with some Basic in it, just clear it all out and paste in the italicized Basic code below, then save it by selecting File / Save. To run it, select a piece of text, select Tools / Macro -> Macro, highlight acbwc by clicking once on it, then click Run. If you want to get fancy, of course, you can just add that macro to a button or whatever. It’s fast and it works well, and hopefully will be built into the next version of OpenOffice. So, a big thanks to the two Andrews, Brown and Pitonyak.

Once you’ve added the acbwc Word Count macro, here’s how to add a button to run the macro to the toobar:

1. Select Tools/Configure

2. Select Function Bar, then click on the Customize button

3. Click on the + next to OpenOffice.org BASIC Macros

4. Click on the + next to Standard, then again for Module 1

5. Select acbwc, then click on the Add–> button.

6. Select acbwc on the right window, then click the Icons button to give it an icon. Make sure that the checkbox is checked, or it won’t show up on the toolbar.

Sub acbwc

‘ v2.0.1

‘ 5 sept 2003

‘ does footnotes and selections of all sizes

‘ still slow with large selections, but I blame Hamburg 🙂

‘ v 2.0.1 slightly faster with improved cursorcount routine

‘ not unendurably slow with lots of footnotes, using cursors.

‘ acb, June 2003

‘ rewritten version of the

‘ dvwc macro by me and Daniel Vogelheim

‘ september 2003 changed the selection count to use a word cursor for large selections

‘ following hints from Andrew Pitonyak.

‘ this is not perfect, either, largely because move-by-word is erratic.

‘ it will slightly exaggerate the number of words in a selection, counting extra

‘ for paragraph ends and some punctuation.

‘ but it is still much quicker than the old method.

Dim xDoc, xSel, nSelcount

Dim nAllChars

Dim nAllWords

Dim nAllPars

Dim thisrange, sRes

Dim nSelChars, nSelwords, nSel

Dim atext, bigtext

Dim fnotes, thisnote, nfnotes, fnotecount

Dim oddthing,startcursor,stopcursor

xDoc = thiscomponent

xSel = xDoc.getCurrentSelection()

nSelCount = xSel.getCount()


‘ by popular demand …


If fnotes.hasElements() Then


For nfnotes=0 To fnotes.getCount()-1




Do While thisnote.getText().compareRegionStarts(startcursor,stopcursor) AND _




‘ msgbox(startcursor.getString())

‘ fnotecount=fnotecount+stringcount(thisnote.getstring())

‘ fnotecount=fnotecount+CursorCount(thisnote,bigtext)

Next nfnotes

End If

‘ this next “If” works around the problem that If you have made a selection, then

‘ collapse it, and count again, the empty selection is still counted,

‘ which was confusing and ugly

If nSelCount=1 and xSel.getByIndex(0).getString()=”” Then


End If

‘ access document statistics

nAllChars = xDoc.CharacterCount

nAllWords = xDoc.WordCount

nAllPars = xDoc.ParagraphCount

‘ initialize counts

nSelChars = 0

nSelWords = 0

‘ the fancy bit starts here

‘ iterate over multiple selection

For nSel = 0 To nSelCount – 1



If len(atext)< 220 Then




End If


Next nSel

‘ dialog code rewritten for legibility

If fnotes.hasElements() Then

sRes=”Document count (with footnotes): ” + nAllWords + ” words. ” + chr(13)

sRes= sRes + “Word count without footnotes: ” + str(nAllWords-fnotecount) +_

” words. ” + chr(13)+”(Total: ” +nAllChars +” Chars in ”


sRes= “Document count: ” + nAllWords +” words. ” + chr(13)+”(” + _

nAllChars +” Chars in ”

End If

sRes=sRes + nAllPars +” Paragraphs.)”+ chr(13)+ chr(13)

If nselCount>0 Then

sRes=sRes + “Selected text count: ” + nSelWords + ” words” + chr(13) +_

“(” + nSelChars + ” chars”

If nSelcount=1 Then

sRes=sRes + ” In ” + str(nselCount) + ” selection.)”


REM I don’t know why, but need this adjustment

sRes=sRes + ” In ” + str(nselCount-1) +” selections.)”

End If

sRes=sRes+chr(13)+chr(13)+”Document minus selected:” + chr(13)+_

str(nAllWords-nSelWords) + ” words.” +chr(13) +chr(13)

End If

If fnotes.hasElements() Then

sRes=sRes+”There are “+ str(fnotecount) + ” words in “+ fnotes.getCount() +_

” footnotes.” +chr(13) +chr(13)

End If

msgbox(sRes,64,”acb Word Count”)

End Sub

function Cursorcount(aRange)

‘ acb September 2003

‘ quick count for use with large selections

‘ based on Andrew Pitonyak’s WordCountWordCursor() function

‘ but made cruder, in line with my general tendency.

Dim lnumwords as long

Dim atext

Dim startcursor, stopcursor as object



If not atext.compareRegionStarts(aRange.getStart(),aRange.getEnd()) Then






End If

Do while aText.compareRegionEnds(startCursor, stopcursor) >= 0 and _





end function

Function stringcount(astring)

‘ acb June 2003

‘ slower, more accurate word count

‘ for use with smaller strings

‘ sharpened up by David Hammerton (http://crazney.net/) in September 2003

‘ to allow those who put two spaces after punctuation to escape their just deserts

Dim nspaces,i,testchar,nextchar


For i= 1 To len(astring)-1


select Case testchar

Case ” “,chr(9),chr(13)

nextchar = mid(astring,i+1,1)

select Case nextchar

Case ” “,chr(9),chr(13),chr(10)


Case Else


end select

end select

Next i


end function