Mailvox: Rush – the evidence

TZ loyally expresses doubt: Vox was and is right with his original article. Maybe his webmaster can come up with a ton of stuff, but there is nothing in the Essentials area even hinting at opposition to Bush. Maybe his subscribers can have a different view, if they have better access and can pick and choose, but I can’t find the “documentation”. Is there any way you can post what was attached (or links), or maybe I just can’t find it.

I do appreciate it, TZ, but I’m pretty satisfied that I used a suboptimal illustration here, although the fundamental point still stands. I should have used George Will or someone else as an example. I don’t expect all Republicans to immediately abandon the party, only be willing to hold George Delano accountable and be open to the idea of withdrawing their support for him. George Prayias, Rush’s webmaster, was good enough to provide the supporting evidence:

Mailvox: Correcting the record

Rush Limbaugh’s webmaster, George Prayias, corrects the record: I’m the webmaster at After reading your latest column on Rush – and his criticism of the Bush administration’s domestic agenda – I thought you would want to be informed that contrary to what you assert in your column, Rush has been very critical of this administration’s expansion of government for quite some time now. He has devoted many broadcasts over the past year to lamenting what he refers to as “The Big Theory” – the administration’s effort to destroy the Democratic Party by moving the liberal agenda forward. Rush was the first commentator to point this out and critique it…..

In addition, your assertion that, “A new and metastasizing federal drug entitlement wasn’t enough to convince Rush of this,” is similarly incorrect. Rush was immediately critical of the Medicare drug entitlement, again devoting many shows to vociferously arguing against it, criticizing the administration for proposing it and Republicans in Congress for going along with it. I have enclosed documentation of this as well, including a transcript of a rare on-air interview with RNC chair Ed Gillespie, in which Rush challenged him directly on the expansion of government under President Bush. In short, the theme of your column, that recently proposed NEA funding is finally what “appears to have at last caused the scales to fall from Rush’s eyes,” is just plain wrong. Rush has been leading the criticism of the administration on spending from the start. Thank you for the opportunity to correct the record.

As I told the gentleman, I’m quite pleased to discover that I’m wrong about Rush on this regard. Now, the theme of my column is by no means wrong – contrary to Mr. Prayias’ reading of it, Rush is not the theme, the Republican betrayal of conservatives is – but clearly I erred in lumping Rush in with George Will, Henry Lamb, Fred Barnes and numerous Townhall and National Review writers who have ranged from squishy to downright supine in failing to call this administration on its abandonment of conservativism. I’ve been saving clippings; I’ll post a list one of these days. I should also mention that while Rush may have been the first to articulate “the Big Theory”, he was by no means the first commentator to get down on George Delano, as both Joseph Farah and I refused to support him while he was still running for the Republican nomination.

How did I gang so far agley? Pretty simple. I don’t listen to radio and I watch very little TV. Outside of the literary world, I am a pure creature of the Internet, and I’m more up on my Greek philosophers and Austrian economists than I am on CNN talk show hosts. That’s why I was quite serious when I said before that I have no interest in my own TV show, since I don’t know who is on them or even what they do. Clearly, however, I’ll have to add Rush’s web site to my reading list.

In any event, I’m quite sorry about the failure to correctly characterize Rush’s past positions. I always do my homework on the Left, clearly I need to do a better job on the Right as well next time. This really blows. Not only is it personally embarassing, but it completely ruins that line about the great white whale, which otherwise worked on so many levels.

Bloody heck. Scrivero’ il mio prossimo articolo in italiano.

Mailvox: the government they deserve

SB writes: The public gets the government it deserves. People will vote for politicians promising more beer and potato chips. They will vote for politicians promising to cancel all debts, and to grab money from the wealthy and redistribute it. That’s why the States at first did not want to allow poor people to have the vote. We gave them the vote, and now we have the unions, the bankruptcy laws, the redistribution of wealth, and everything that anyone would expect. That’s how it works. If Americans are short sighted, demand a free lunch, and for that matter demand free sex and other perversions, then that is exactly what they will get in a democracy. Perhaps our democratic experiment is a failure, and we are really demo-crazy.

Certainly everyone from de Tocqueville to Marx and Schumpeter have argued that this was the inevitable end of democracy. And perhaps it is a failure. In which case, those of us who love freedom have two choices. We allow it to die with or without protest. I imagine you probably know my position on the matter.

Mailvox: Ribbit, quoth the people

GM writes: I can only find one thing to disagree with in your column, “A Legacy of Betrayal.” Power used badly is not useless, it is evil. Otherwise, you have hit the nail on the head. I’ve tried explaining Republican behavior to conservatives by using the analogy of “boiling the frog”. The Democrats always try to drop the frog into boiling water, as in the first two years of the Clinton administration when they raised taxes, passed the Brady Bill and attempted to instantly socialize our medical care system, all at once. Came 1994 and the frog jumped out of the pot. The Republicans picked the little fella up and slipped him into a pot of nice, cool Republican water. Then they began to increase the temperature gradually with bills like Kennedy-Kassebaum and Kennedy-Hatch, passing Hillary’s health care plan piecemeal, so’s the frog didn’t notice. George Delano has gotten the frog up to about medium rare, and the frog thinks everything’s fine. If you want Socialism done right, vote GOP.

I actually get far more of these sorts of emails from Republicans and conservatives than the previous sort. Nor am I the only one, as even the whore doggies are getting a little nervous about the marked lack of enthusiasm for George Delano. I don’t think it will be enough for Kerry to win, but it might help the Libertarians and Constitutionals to hit new records. And if it is enough for Kerry to win, so be it, perhaps the frog will be galvanized to leap out of the pot. In any case, sacrificing principles for pragmatism deserves to be punished.

Mailvox: You VILL be silent!

JN writes: We have the chance to reform the judiciary in the next four years: replace federal judgeships, Supreme Court appointments etc.. By having a temper tantrum you are playing right into the hand of Sen Kennedy and Leheay’s. You are also jeopardizing the lives of the unborn innocents, it is unconscionable you could do this! If unborn children mean anything to you you will button your lip.

Gee, maybe if I just shut my mouth and quietly accept the long march towards global socialism, everything will turn out peachy keen! It’s interesting, too, to see how a call to stand by one’s principles is equated with a temper tantrum. JN has to open his eyes and realize that George Delano and the Republican Party have no intention of abiding by their publicly professed principles. “But he said he loved me,” he’ll sob one day, like a girl who’s just been deflowered and abandoned by her smooth-talking lover. “He said he loved me!” See, the thing is, George Delano doesn’t mean what he says. Nor does the Republican Party leadership. That’s kind of the entire point.

Of course, if we just vote Republican, we’ll get great Supreme Court judges who will fight for the unborn like Earl Warren, Warren Burger, David Souter, Anthony Kennedy, Sandra Day O’Conner… hmmm, wait a minute!

Mailvox: Not exactly new

RL writes: Okay, so GWB is bad news. So we take him down and find out that the rest of the country wants an unbelievable idiot like John Kerry. What will the country look like after eight years of his rule? Remember Bill [I didn’t have sex with that women] Clinton? Remember the dragging of American soldiers in Somalia, the bombing of the USS Cole, the attacks on our embassies in Africa, Waco…etc. Do we want this repeated?!

This argument doesn’t hold any water anymore. Bill Clinton actually gave us less government spending, less government intrusion than George Delano has. The question is no longer about who will create less of a problem, it’s a question of not supporting anyone who is not interested in solutions. This hoary old Republican defense is akin to asking if you’d rather support Trotsky or Stalin. Even if Trotsky isn’t quite as bad, are you seriously going to support him? He’s not going to free you.

Never sacrifice your principles for power. Never, never, never. All you do is cut your own throat. The Green party has far more power as a result of leaving the Democratic party and pulling it to the left than it would if it obediently followed the DNC. Are Republicans truly less principled than left-wing Greens? Judging by my email, some certainly are. If you cannot stand by your most cherished principles, you stand for nothing and will be defeated easily and repeatedly. This is why the Republican Party has failed and why conservatives and others who believe in freedom, liberty and justice must leave it.

Valley Forge wasn’t fun. The Boston Tea Party wasn’t pragmatic. Things got worse before they got better. Significant change rarely comes quickly or easily. If the people have to immerse themselves in idiocy for another eight years before they wake up, so be it. One could argue that they have been for the last sixteen years anyhow. Look around you – this is no longer Ronald Reagan’s America.

Purple People Eater in the house

Congratulations, Mr. Carl Eller.

How to identify a Republican whore doggy

You can safely write off any self-styled conservative columnist who labled the last State of the Union address a “home run”. As Robert Novak, no lef-liberal ideologue, writes: These setbacks for Bush followed the most ineffective State of the Union address in recent years by a president whose previous efforts were able to utilize that event. He submitted to the bureaucratic methods that turned the speech into a laundry list. His staff permitted the former baseball team owner to further clutter the speech with an irrelevant discourse about players using steroids.

“The most ineffective State of the Union address in recent years”. Considering that this includes annual performances by Bill “Midnight Basketball” Clinton, it’s an impressive achievement. Those columnists who fear to write the truth about their own side should keep in mind that whether they do or not, someone will.

The game itself

1-0 Super Bowl, 7-4 playoffs. I don’t think too many NFL team owners are pulling out their hair about their decisions to pass up the opportunity to hire Charlie Weis or Romeo Crennel. They’re both very good coordinators, but their play-calling is by no means flawless. The Patriots should have sewn up the game much earlier, but for Weis’ usual habit of getting whacky at inopportune times. This led to the direct loss of 6 probable points, with a poorly-timed reverse that knocked them out of field goal range and the interception in the end zone at a time when three points would have hurt the Panthers badly.

I was surprised that New England’s secondary broke down so badly in the second half. They weren’t hitting very hard compared to the game in Miami, and both Muhammed and Proehl were so open on their touchdowns that it looked as if Delhomme was playing Madden on the Rookie setting. Then again, it’s possible that New England was willing to let Carolina score quickly in order to get the ball back, as Green Bay did with Denver a few years ago, although they were rushing pretty hard for that to have been the case. Regardless, Carolina scored too soon.

It was a good game, to be sure, but it shouldn’t have been. And was Vinatieri pulling a Kobe Bryant to make things more exciting for himself, or is Reliant just a house of voodoo for him? Four indoor misses and they’re all there? What are the odds? But the biggest surprise had to be the bargain bin New England offensive line, which delivered its third consecutive sackless performance, this time against a front-four widely considered the best in the league. They, not Brady, should have been the MVP.

I also thought it was strange that Fox was considered to have been aggressive in going for two. I didn’t see it that way at all. I thought it was what TMQ calls a fraidy-cat move, telling your defense that you don’t trust them to get the ball back or at least hold New England to a field goal. That decision may not have made any difference as they lost by more than two in the end, but it’s impossible to say for certain. Unless you’re a total psycho who goes for two automatically, save it for when it’s necessary and then have a play ready. That direct snap to Kevin Faulk, for example, was brilliant.

As much as I think it was New England’s breakdowns that kept the Panthers in it, I was very impressed by Jake Delhomme’s cool and ability to bounce back from a bad start, the Panthers’ stubborn defense and John Fox’s patience with the run. I expect them to be in the playoff hunt next year as well. Another great NFL season comes to an end… sigh. Only six months until we start talking fantasy drafts….

Janet Jackson

Are MTV’s program directors 12 years-old or what? I’m no prude and I am as big a fan of breast augmentation as Kid Rock, but how on Earth was any of that ridiculous halftime show appropriate for children watching the game? When Kid Rock is the performer with the most class and musical talent, you know you’ve got some serious problems.

It was the worst judgment I’ve seen since Coolio was lip-syncing on Nickelodeon. And the post-game lies are less believable than a two year-old’s. You can’t promise to “shock” people ahead of time, then claim that it was unplanned once it goes over like a lead balloon. What a bunch of losers.