A bigger problem

The fact that the Heinz trust has moved its ownership offshore is potentially a bigger liability to Kerry than this possible affair. It’s hard to run as the All-American champion of the little guy when your wife is avoiding corporate income taxes.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Heinz and everyone else doing exactly the same thing. I just think it is a very weak spot considering Kerry’s ideology. “We must raise your taxes so that my rich wife can pay less!” Then again, cognitive dissonance is practically a requirement for membership in the Left these days.

If women ruled the world

Sarah comments: I think women would ruin the world (in other ways) if they were the only ones to rule it. For example, the world would probably already be globalist/one world, thievery would flourish (esp. governmental kind), as well as psych problems would cause a quick halt to any further development. There would hardly be a philosophical movement and the sciences would progress slower…

I’d add my own thoughts, except that the invaluable expatriate and aspiring dead white male, Fred Reed, has already addressed the matter in a comprehensively conclusive manner:

For one thing, I think we are a splendid lot. For another, I notice that most of the yapping comes from life’s camp-followers—from those who didn’t and can’t and aren’t likely to. Yet they seem perfectly willing to live in a world that white European males built. It is not a dignified performance….Now, I suspect that these uprooters of white maledom don’t appreciate their blessings because they don’t understand them. Familiarity breeds a sense of understanding, but not understanding itself. If miraculous things are always there, it’s easy to regard them as just part of the world, like bananas in the tropics. Consider. If you showed a television set to a bushman in New Guinea, and asked him how it worked, he would say, “Hoo! Bad juju, boss. Heap spirits dey in it, talk talk.” He would have the judgement to be astonished by what is, after all, astonishing.

Now imagine asking the same question of Al Sharpton, or Gloria Steinem or, let us say, the head of Harvard’s Department of Micronesian Lesbian Studies, Carnita Tlacuache-Lombriz…. You would find that she knew as much as the bushman. She knows the same amount about her watch, refrigerator, automobile, microwave oven, and stereo. They are, to her, low-hanging fruit, or what money is to Democrats: something that is just there.

Getting jiggy with John Francois

News of a possible extramarital affair certainly puts a new spin on John F—— Kerry. Or perhaps it should be John Fitzpatrick? He always did want to be a Kennedy, after all. The ironic thing will be seeing Kerry get derailed by this supposed affair with an intern, when Bill and Hillary were able to skate on a free pass from the media for their affairs. As usual, it appears that those on the inside had a pretty good idea of what was going on:

In an off-the-record conversation with a dozen reporters earlier this week, General Wesley Clark plainly stated: “Kerry will implode over an intern issue.”

When will politicians learn? The fact that Bill got away with it doesn’t mean that you will.

Matt Drudge
is all over it, as you’d expect. Adieu, John Francois. We hardly knew you. So, Clark is out, Dean is toast, Edwards can’t even win in the South and now JFK is imploding. Hmmm… who does that leave….

Stop! Hillary Time! (bassline)

PS – does anyone else suddenly have horrific images of a naked Skeletor flashing through their head?

Dating is alive and well on Planet Earth

Note that these rules suggest that you are interested in dating women between the ages of 16-35, who are reasonably near your league with regards to power, fame, wealth and looks, and also happen to inhabit the planet Earth.

1. Be unpredictable. Tell her you’ll call, just don’t say when. If she asks, give a vague answer.

2. Be decisive. Always present her with a fait accompli on a first date. Never ask “what do you want to do?”

3. Be aggressive. If you don’t kiss her goodnight after the first three dates, then enjoy being filed away as a friend. Just be a man and get it over with on the first date. Unless you have take moral issue with this, which is fine and in which case you can safely ignore pretty much everything I have to say on the subject.

4. Be firm. If she won’t commit to a time and date, do not let her keep her options open. She’s testing you while seeing if something better might come along. Fail this test and you’ll face a seriously uphill battle to earn back her respect. If she says you can call her later in the week and see if she’s free, tell her “no thanks, I’ll just make other plans.” Then make other plans.

5. Be flexible. Once actually on the date, then go with the flow. The plan isn’t cast in stone; she just wants to know that you can make decisions. If you close down the restaurant chatting, it’s all good. Who cares about the movie. You can see it next time.

6. Be yourself. Don’t agree with things she says just to be agreeable. She has girlfriends to do that. Are you auditioning for a spot as her girlfriend? Everyone hates a posterior-smoocher, even those who expect it. And don’t exaggerate. There’s no point unless you’re going for a short-term fling, in which case you might as well swing for the fences. Tell her you’re Bill Gates’ favorite nephew and that you need a date for a little soiree in Paris that the Swiss ambassador is throwing in a few weeks. And in the meantime, how about dinner at that new Italian place?

7. Be an audience. Most men talk about themselves far too much. Ask questions and listen to her answers. Always ask at least one follow-on. What does she know about you? Do you know even half that much about her? If not, you’re talking too much.

8. Be relaxed. Don’t ask for a second date on the first one. If she’s interested, she’ll let you know.

9. Be aware. Sudden silence, wide-open eyes and a close-lipped smile is a woman’s way of saying “shut up and kiss me already, you idiot.”

The internationalist

Senator John Kerry says: “I’d like to see our troops dispersed through the world only at the directive of the United Nations.”

Sounds like outright treason to me. How is this any different than saying that he’d like to see US troops dispersed through the world only at the directive of Dr. Evil or the Dear Leader of the Democratic Republic of North Korea? Of course, George Delano genuflects before the globalists too, so there’s still no reason to vote for him either.

Deal with the facts

Increases in discretionary domestic spending per the Office of Management and Budget:

8.2 percent – (R) George W. Bush (Republican Congress)

8.0 percent – (R) Gerald Ford (Democratic Congress)

6.8 percent – (R) Richard Nixon (Democratic Congress)

4.3 percent – (D) Lyndon Johnson (Democratic Congress)

4.0 percent – (R) George Bush (Democratic Congress)

2.5 percent – (D) Bill Clinton (Republican Congress 6/8 years)

2.0 percent – (D) Jimmy Carter (Democratic Congress)

1.3 percent – (R) Ronald Reagan (Democratic Congress, 6 years R Senate)

Throw the pretty little theories out. With the sole exception of a uniquely principled conservative Republican, Republican presidents grow government faster and increase government power more than Democrats do. This strongly suggests that it is highly unlikely that John Kerry will, in fact, be worse than George Delano in this regard. In other words, there is absolutely no reason not to vote your principles and support either the Libertarian Party or Constitution Party candidate.

Since war is the health of the state and Democrats are almost as enamored with central state power as Republicans have proved to be, I don’t find the continued prosecution of the “war on terror” to be a valid reason for supporting George Delano either. The Democrats will be content to continue this undeclared quasi-war ad infinitum too. Hasn’t anyone ever read 1984? War without end is necessary for the boot in the face forever.

Where to start

GM writes: Don’t you mean “Why I don’t respect women”? Generalizing your proposition does little to distract from the impression that you really don’t like women at all. Have you considered you might actually be gay?

This was interesting, as I usually get this sort of thing from angered feminists whenever I write on anything gender-related, but GM is a man. Anyhow, as I’ve previously written on numerous occasions, I not only like women but get along with them much better than most men because I am highly verbal and so can communicate on their level. This ability to relate and engage successfully in their form of social competition does not, however, mean that I share their emotional and behavioral tendencies, it only enhances my understanding of what is going on in their pretty little heads.

And yet I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t understand them, primarily because I don’t know very many women who understand themselves well. Women are complex creatures in comparison with men; indeed, one of the biggest communication problems between men and women is the constant female search for subtexts in texts that simply don’t have any additional levels or hidden messages.

As for my liking for women on a more primal level, I believe Space Bunny, Big Chilly or the White Buffalo are all capable of providing adequate support for both its existence and the genuine nature of it.