Now, isn’t that interesting….

Maimonides writes: “Jesus of Nazareth… impelled people to believe that he was a prophet sent by God to clarify perplexities in the Torah, and that he was the Messiah that was predicted by each and every seer. He interpreted the Torah and its precepts in such a fashion as to lead to their total annulment, to the abolition of all its commandments and to the violation of its prohibitions. The sages, of blessed memory, having become aware of his plans before his reputation spread among our people, meted out fitting punishment to him.”

Clearly he’s anti-semitic! Someone call Abie Foxman and the ADL! Harvey Weinstein, get on the phone and start threatening publishers! Wait, he’s a 12th century Jewish sage? And then there’s this little passage from the Talmud, which apparently isn’t so concerned with precision that it can’t be judiciously edited when something becomes socially problematic. Now, there’s an idea! Wouldn’t life be a lot simpler now if we just got rid of those bits about God calling homosexuality an abomination in the Bible?

“On the eve of Passover they hung Jesus of Nazareth,” said the passage, which was censored in the 16th century to evade the wrath of Christians. “The herald went out before him for 40 days saying, ‘Jesus goes forth to be stoned, because he has practiced magic, enticed and led astray Israel. Anyone who knows anything in his favor, let him come and declare concerning him.’ And they found nothing in his favor.”

I’ve heard that Jews are supposed to be somewhat more prone to being self-hating than the norm, but this is ridiculous. Either Mel Gibson and his movie are not anti-semitic, or the great Jewish philosophers and the Talmud itself are. I suppose we should blame those doggone anti-semitic Southern Baptists for pointing out these interesting little dichotomies.

Nader’s in

This makes George Delano’s win a little more secure. Nader will make up for all the third party Libertarian and Constitution votes that Bush will lose in the coming election. Freedom lovers, feel free to vote your principles!

Unless, of course, you’re seriously content with behaving in a less principled manner than the most left-wing Green lunatic.

Vox Live

Doug Kenline suggests Channel Storm, which does look like an interesting solution. Of course, I’m not a Mac guy, so unless someone feels like contributing a G4-powered Macintosh out of what Space Bunny would probably be the first to tell you – no, actually White Buffalo would – would have to be a seriously inordinate interest in whatever I have to say, I can’t see it happening terribly soon now.

The MP3 radio concept is possibly more workable. Using a texting system to substitute for call-ins might be workable and have the additional advantage of preventing the likelihood of things devolving into shouting matches – just a thought – although I don’t know why anyone would want to have listened to my voice the last twelve days anyhow. In a textual world, no one has to know exactly how badly your mucus membranes are draining.

Anyhow, I’ll start looking into it. If anyone has any thoughts – and remember, I prefer Linux solutions – shoot them this way. The problem is that I’m not particularly interested in playing producer, and without much effort in that area, whatever is done is likely to basically suck. I mean, why do you think I’m using Blogger and Haloscan in the first place? Because they require zero effort on my part, allowing me to concentrate on the part I enjoy.