Press F11 twice

Several readers write variants on this theme: I’d love to read your whole blog. Please put up March’s archives as half of your days work doesn’t download on my system on the first try. I get it all from archives for some reason.

Pressing F11 twice seems to take care of this problem, which effects only Microsoft Internet Explorer users. I’d recommend doing that if you can’t bear to switch to Opera, Mozilla, or Firebird. But switching honestly is preferable, in my opinion, for the pop-up blocking alone.

Let’s see how serious we are about self-determination

Voting with a thunderous “aye,” Killington residents endorsed a plan Tuesday for the ski resort town to secede from Vermont. The overwhelming voice vote inside the elementary school opened the next chapter in what could be a long and costly push to join New Hampshire, a state 25 miles to the east. Town officials estimated between 200-300 people attended the meeting, and that about two-thirds of them supported the idea in the voice vote…. Vermont lawmakers have given the plan a lukewarm reception. They have said it is largely symbolic and probably will be voted down by the Legislature.

If self-determination is so important that we must fight for it in other countries, how can we possibly not respect it in our own? Of course, I have no doubt that the Vermont government will be justified in invading Killington and putting this secession down by force since, as we know, secession is really about slavery.

Fred questions the faith

Fred Reed writes: The religious orthodoxy that impedes discussion of biological evolution continues with its accustomed dreadful tenacity…. The answers to these questions either lapse into a convoluted search for plausibility or else boil down to the idea that since guacamayas are as they are, their coloration must have adaptive value. That is, it is the duty of the evidence to fit the theory, rather than of the theory to fit the evidence. This is science?

Another excellent column from the marvelous Mr. Reed. I’m just wondering. Do Fred’s doubts – a marvelously meaningful word here – about evolution mean that he is yet another uneducated Christian creationist fanatic? This is an excellent example of the growing divide between science and scientism.

The War on Drugs funds terrorism

The Washington Times reports: “Cigarette smuggling costs the United States more than $1 billion in lost revenue every year, while pumping incredible profits into criminal organizations,” Michael Garcia, assistant secretary of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), said late last month. Cigarette smuggling in the United States also has been linked to international terrorist groups. Last year, FBI and ATF agents broke a smuggling ring operating out of the Seneca Nation of Indians’ Cattaraugus reservation in New York. From 1996 until last year, the group funneled some of the $2 million in illegal profits to Hezbollah’s “orphans of martyrs” program, which benefits families of Hezbollah terrorist killed while committing acts of terror.

If it’s this profitable to clear $1.25 on avoided taxes on a pack of smokes, imagine how much more is realized by a kilo of marijuana, or cocaine. Especially considering that it’s actually less work to grow the marijuana than it is to buy and transport the cigarettes. I had some friends who harvested two kilos of high quality marijuana one year from their basement botany project – they didn’t realize any profit out of it, however, as they spent the next six months absolutely stoned out of their gourds.

Of course, the Federal government finds useful the ability to scare people into sacrificing their rights – or more to the point, what they think is their dangerous neighbor’s rights – in order to justify continuing this charade. Never mind that the results are predictably negative and the unintended consequences are uniformly hideous. Because, of course, if we don’t have the government to threaten us with asset forfeiture and jail, we’ll all be addicted to smack, ice and the devil weed within days, if not hours. Never mind that the public schools are the pushers nowadays – so many people are on legal drugs these days that the War on Drugs is increasingly beginning to resemble a war to defend the pharmaceutical industry against competition.

This is also a death blow – as if one should be needed – against the notion of static tax models. People alter their behavior much more readily than most people realize, and the legality or illegality of an action seldom enters into the equation. That’s why totalitarian states have to kill people – people control often boils down to a binary issue. They’re only perfectly predictable when they’re dead.

Think of it as evolution in action

Polemics draws attention to this Boston Globe article. But I don’t see why anyone would complain about these individuals failing to breed. They’re self-absorbed and politically left, so they’d make for nightmarish parents. Furthermore, well, just look at the picture. It’s not like the genetic pool is losing grade-A material or anything.

An industry of leaders

Quasi in Rem writes: Spurred by the success of Mel Gibson’s recent movie “The Passion of Christ” studios have begun to target the massive audience who apparently desire to see movies which are accused of being anti-semitic. Through six days in theatres Mel Gibson’s “Passion of Christ” has grossed over $125 million. MGM has jumped on the band wagon first and completely re-edited and over-dubbed “Cody Banks II: Destination London”…. MGM was in a rush to get the movie out into theatres in order to compete with other purportedly anti-semitic fare from the major studios. Disney’s Shrek II has been recently subtitled “The Truth about the so-called “Holocaust,” opens on Memorial Day weekend. Similarly Paramount plans to re-release “Schindler’s List” this summmer with an added laugh track and an entirely new “feel good” ending.

I just about wet my pants when I read this. It perfectly captures and lampoons the way in which Hollywood and the secular press has misread the movie. Of course, the only real surprise about The Passion of the Christ besides its overwhelming success is that Hollywood didn’t have a second version coming out in three months, one that revolves more around John’s perspective instead of Mary’s.

The old grey mare ain’t what she used to be

From NRO’s Corner: The San Francisco Chronicle asked Walter Cronkite to what he attributed the longevity of his own marriage to Betsy: “I do think one of the factors was we were of different sexes.” He looked delighted as the laughter billowed around the room. “That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have been happy to be married to several friends I had of the same sex,” he followed. “It just never came up in our particular relations.”

Did Walter mean to imply that he was interested in having sex with these friends? I’m not sure that the senile old globalist understood why the room was laughing.