Northern Alliance Radio

Had a good time conversing with the NA crew. I’m a little surprised that there is still such a strong bent in favor of nation-building among the conservative crowd, especially considering that very few conservatives supported the concept in Bosnia when Clinton was leading the charge. I’m not opposed to the goal of expanding freedom and liberty around the world, I’m just extremely pessimistic about the likelihood of success as well as the opportunity cost. This is one of those areas where the Law of Unintended Consequences is almost guaranteed to bite you in the posterior in some manner you’d never considered.

We were more in accord on the women in the military issue, although I’m not sure that some of the guys had really thought about it all that much. Three callers this time, two opposing my view on nation-building and a Navy Persian Gulf vet offering anecdotal support for my contention that women don’t belong in the military.

I’m looking forward to the next time.


One season, 38 games, no defeats. Incredible. And I’m pleased to no end that my favorite player, Dennis Bergkamp, should turn out to be the hero of the final game. Sure, it’s not the Treble, but being the first team to go undefeated in the Premiership since 1889 is an astounding feat of sporting prowess.

2004 Arsenal

26 wins

12 draws

00 losses

73 goals for

26 goals against

No conservative

From The Nation: Interviews with an array of conservative thinkers and policy-makers reveal a rising disquiet on these matters among people who have spent most of their lives proudly identifying with the Republican Party and the philosophy for which they’ve long assumed it stood. At the root of their discomfort is a feeling not that the Bush Administration is too conservative but that it has forsaken the guiding principles of conservatism–prudence, caution, restraint–to pursue an agenda that is messianic and radical. To these dissenters, it is an agenda that seems less a fulfillment of classic conservative principles than an exercise in hubris reminiscent of the ideological excesses of another era, the 1960s, only with the shoe on the other party’s foot.

You won’t often hear me praising The Nation, but this article by Eyel Press, entitled “Even Conservatives Are Wondering: Is Bush One of Us?” is one well worth reading. I tend to be an early bird and left the GOP years ago, and I fully expect many, many Republicans to join me in exiting the party as it transforms itself into a ruling strong government institution.

It is not uncommon that one’s opponents have a clearer view of one than one does oneself. This article should seriously trouble anyone who still clings to the hope that the president is a conservative. The problem isn’t just that the administration’s agenda is messianic and radical, but that it is a left-leaning messianic and radical agenda. The fact that much of the left doesn’t recognize this only demonstrates how deeply stupid most of it is.

Mailvox: PPT

DS writes of Wednesday: What’s your opinion? Today looked like a close well below 10,000 and the 200 day MA. Then off like a rocket. Hadn’t seen that pattern for a while. Perfect straight line. Almost like a computer was doing the buying.

Ah yes, one powerful sign that the rally has lost its steam is that the Plunge Protection Team begins to poke its nose into the markets. While their actions last summer were successful in prolonging new life into the rally – in coordination with the newly low rates – any activity on their part tends to be a nice set up for shorts as we saw on Thursday afternoon and Friday. There is no PPT, officially, but there is certainly a Working Group on Financial Markets. I don’t think they have any hope of staving off a decline, not now, but they can hope to let the air out in an orderly manner.

Mike Hartman of Financial Sense Online wrote: The Working Group on Financial Markets was created for a reason, and I believe we saw one of them yesterday. The Dow looked like it was headed for a 300-point meltdown day, but that couldn’t be allowed to happen for a few reasons. For one, it could have jeopardized our already fragile economic recovery. Second, we are in an election year and third, the U.S. Treasury was right in the middle of their three-day auction to get some badly needed cash to pay back old debt and to finance the growing federal deficit.

The OC

Just in case you’ve been wondering what he’s been up to, this recent press release makes it pretty clear that he’s been busy playing video games on this thing.Vector processing and massively parallel processing capabilities in a single architecture – Combat Mission would absolutely fly on that thing!

Which reminds me, I’m going to need to fire up Wing Commander – the first one – once I get that Mitsubishi projector I’m thinking about. It’s amazing how there haven’t been many great games in the lasat few years considering how much better the graphics have gotten.