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Fraud at Harvard

Tribe’s mea culpa comes just three weeks after another prominent Harvard faculty member—Climenko Professor of Law Charles J. Ogletree—publicly apologized for copying six paragraphs almost word-for-word from a Yale scholar in a recent book, All Deliberate Speed.

Last fall, Frankfurter Professor of Law Alan M. Dershowitz also battled plagiarism charges. And in 2002, Harvard Overseer Doris Kearns Goodwin admitted that she had accidently copied passages from another scholar in her bestseller The Fitzgeralds and the Kennedys.

University President Lawrence H. Summers told The Crimson in an interview last week—before the allegations against Tribe surfaced—that he did not see “a big trend” of plagiarism problems at the Law School as a result of the charges against Ogletree and Dershowitz, but indicated that a third case would change his mind. “If you had a third one, then I would have said, okay, you get to say this is a special thing, a focused problem at the Law School,” Summers said of the recent academic dishonesty cases.

He declined comment last night.

I suspect that historians will likely look back on the ascension of the left as the destruction of the academy. It is ironic that they enjoy accusing Christians as anti-intellectual, considering that it was Christians who started nearly every major university. And with the decline of Christianity will come the decline of scholarship, as the cause of truth is rendered secondary to questions of politics and power.

It’s worth noting that the only new colleges being founded are Christian colleges, as the atheized universities gradually devolve into morasses of plagiarism, political correctness and low-grade minds filled with secular dogma.

Call me Annabella

Not a great week, not a bad week, but the White Buffalo gained on us, Zerb passed us, and we’re in 39th place, 44 points behind the leader. We can’t even use Annabella as an insult for WB anymore, as a crushing 109-point week put her 14 points in front of us. But it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and we’re still in it. Our Week 3 record wasn’t great, but we gave up only one high-point game so the points were all right. 8-6 last week, 28-18 overall.

Fantasy, on the other hand, was grim. This appears to be one of those years where everyone goes off against me; Space Bunny’s team scored only 10 points after laying 40 on me last week in handing Chokechain an easy win, while Big Chilly racked up almost 40 himself. Daunte and the Oakland D were good, but Peerless Price is looking utterly worthless and Ahman Green scored one pathetic point. Things had better turn around fast.

Learning humility

One of my favorite quotes is posted on the wall of my old gym. It says “This room is for the weak, that they might grow strong. This room is for the strong, that they might learn humility.” The best thing about weights is that there is no pretense with the iron. You either beat them or they beat you. No middle ground.

When I started lifting, I was the same height that I am now, but I was precisely 40 pounds lighter and I couldn’t even bench 135 one time. Today, I knocked out three reps at 300, (with plenty of help on the last one) and stupidly decided to go for 315. I was feeling good, nice and fired up, and it didn’t do me a bit of good. It might as well have been a mountain on top of my chest, because it wasn’t going anywhere. The trainer helped me put it back, we looked at each other and he laughed. “No way,” he said, and I had choice but to agree.

That’s genuine humility. Knowing your limits and accepting them. I’ve never seen any purpose in the false sort, though. We are what we are. Some are highly intelligent and foolish. Some are stupid and wise with experience. It’s not directly related, but one reason I like Peter King, the sportswriter, is that while he writes about whatever he pleases – I was so happy his daughter went to college so we could stop hearing about her stupid high school softball team – he’s never afraid to admit he’s wrong. Today, he wrote:

“Speaking of mea culpas, I have one. In the Sports Illustrated NFL Preview issue, I was running down the Lions’ recent drafting woes, and I referred to the lack of production Detroit was getting from its top picks like Andre Ware, and I threw Reggie Brown in there as an example of a bust. Brown, of course, was paralyzed in his second NFL season. Why did I do it? Brainlock. Not thinking. Idiocy. All of the above. So I’d like to apologize to the readers who were offended by this. Shoot, I’m offended by it, and I wrote it. My fault.”

“I’m offended by it, and I wrote it.” I think I’ll steal that one and save it against future needs. While I’m quite content with how things turned out with regards to the discussion of the last few weeks, I have a feeling that sooner or later, it will come in handy.

Mailvox: hearing from the Malkin fans

YR writes:

The sneak attack at Pearl Harbor was an act of war you fucking twit. I am proud to have nuked their gook asses. They were cruel evil motherfuckers. Man you are an idiot. Ever served in the military, you fucking dweeb? Get a LIFE man. People like you should be deported and shot. You talk all this crap, but have ZERO military experience. The Japanese attack on 7 December 1941 was act of war fuckwit!!!!!!! We should have tortured their citizens exactly like they did with ours. So we put some Japanese Americans assholes in camps, so what? Many of them colaborated with the mother nation, Japan!!!! Midget subs were the first to attack on that infamous day. LEAVE the USA if you hate it so much!!

I’m sure it does Michelle Malkin’s heart good to know that in her place, she’s got eloquent folks like these defending her position. Did they have midget subs? Sweet Cthulhu, I must completely revise my analysis!

Enough is enough

A few people have emailed to express this sentiment today, which is funny considering that I considered today’s column my final public word on the matter unless a) they start interning people or b) someone challenges me to a public debate on the subject.

The irony is that even though it has already been admitted that the forgeries aren’t genuine and the story that Dan Rather was biased and willing to lie in order to elect Democrats was hardly surprising, I count two front page stories and three columns on Dan Rather and CBS on WND alone today. Townhall features 15 columns on Rather on its Columnists page, running as many as three per day. Conservatives just can’t get enough of it, apparently. But they deem my three columns in four weeks on internment over the top and bordering on obsessive. Right….

Anyhow, it’s of no concern to me. It never has been and it never will be. There’s a reason why I call my column Defending the Mike. Those down with PE will understand.

By the way, I should probably mention for the sake of those readers who have expressed concern with my audience retention that more people are reading my boring, bludgeoned equine of a column than are reading any other column on WND today, including the big headline pieces. Three times more than some of those ever-fascinating CBS columns. Not that it matters. I mean, you don’t honestly think that I believe a world that is truly concerned with Britney Spears’s marital status is all that interested in anything that happened in the 1940s, do you?

Mailvox: dumb enough to defend Malkin

KC sets himself up:

Boy it reeeeeeeeeeally gets to you Ms.Malkin won’t respond to your nonsense. Are all your columns going to be devoted to this? Perhaps she has dismissed you because of your thumbnail bio which includes the words “Christian Libertarian.” Oooh good now we all know you’re not one of those blockheaded Christians, you’re one of the “open-minded” kind,coooool. And we know you’re smart, cause as you constantly remind everyone, your in Mensa which I guess gives you the abilty to time-travel and know the loyalties of all the Japanese that were rounded up and to also read minds. Very impressive indeed!

And if you’re using atheist Al Franken as a reference you’re really lost. The Bible says “A fool says in his heart there is no God.”

But KC, didn’t you read my column today? Don’t you recall that Malkin claimed on WBAL radio that she had already responded to what you call my “nonsense”? So, how could it possibly bother me, unless she lied when she said that? The answer, as you obviously know, is that she lied and she has not responded to the many, many issues I have raised with regards to her factual inaccuracies and erroneous assertions. But her mendacious response doesn’t bother me at all, as in the course of the last month she has been forced to reveal to every impartial observer that she did no research on the very foundation of her thesis, that she does not have even a History Channel-level grasp on the events of WWII and that she prefers to lie rather than admit that she was wrong.

I’d only hoped to destroy some of the false assertions in her book, to see her destroy her own character was far outside the scope of anything I’d expected or desired.

As for Alice, well, the broken clock analogy would not seem out of place here. It’s clear there is at least one lying liar who claims to be on the political right. It is true that I am a Mensan, be further astounded that I even know how to use an apostrophe, a punctuation device with which your obviously unacquainted.

Finally, when did Jesus Christ teach us to lie in order to maintain our TV viability and sell books? Blessed are the media whores, for they shall see their names on the New York Times Bestsellers List…. Another verse from the Book of Vulpes, I suppose.

JN adds:

Michelle is a real class person. Why are you nitpicking? Have you gone mad? Al Franken is less than a shadow of a human being. You must decide where you stand, with righteousness, or with evil. How dare you even suggest Al Franken was right? You are losing your credibility, wake up! Try living in the present, there is nothing to gain by questioning our motives for interning the Japanese in the forties!

What little I know of Michelle Malkin does not suggest that she is a class person, unless class is demonstrated by intellectual charlatanship, cowardice and dishonesty. Al Franken is certainly a clown, but he was correct about both Sean Hannity’s math skills and Bill O’Reilly’s literary ability. If I am losing credibility with some conservatives because I am committed to the truth, however uncomfortable, I think that is more of a statement on the lack of integrity of those particular conservatives than anything else.

I had a feeling that that reference to Franken might sting a bit.