This may amuse only me

So, I’m doing a little research preparatory to a chapter devoted to one of the fellows who likes to argue that the media is conservative. Not just the conservative media, mind you, the whole kit and kaboodle. He likes to cite a recent study released by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, which found that between 1999 and 2001, conservative foundations gave $254 million to 350 grantees. That’s $725,714 per right-wing grantee, so, case closed, obviously it’s clear that this is how the media is controlled.

Of course, the NCRP, an “an interest group focused on homosexuality and civil rights captured during the 2002 campaign” which features the left-wing lunatic Julianne Malveaux on its board of directors, received $2.66 million in grants over the same period of time, which is 3.67 times more than the average received by these all-controlling conservative institutions.

Clearly, responsive philanthropy means giving money to leftists, since so few of them have any idea how to go about earning it.

So close, and yet so far

EJ Dionne of the Washington Post almost gets it:

As someone who has been arguing for years that liberals should show more respect for people of faith, I’m happy that more Democrats are now saying the same…. What’s required is a sustained and intellectually serious effort by religious moderates and progressives to insist that social justice and inclusion are “moral values” and that war and peace are “life issues.” As my wife and I prepared our three kids for school the day after the day after, we shared our outrage that we in Blue America are cast as opponents of “family values” simply because we don’t buy the right wing’s agenda. No political faction can be allowed to assert a monopoly on the family.

The reason that the Republicans are able to successfully assert a monopoly on the family is that the Democrats are married – or might be if more of them believed in the concept – to groups that are inherently inimical to the family, to traditional morals and to the Christian and Western heritage.

Social justice is not justice, otherwise it would not need the adjective. Inclusion is not a moral value; Jesus Christ came to divide, not to unite. The progressive agenda, beginning with women’s suffrage, has wreaked havoc on the family, not just in America but across the dying continent of Europe too. On every issue that directly affects the family – abortion, taxes, divorce, gay rights – the Democrats are utterly devoted to destroying most civilizing institution the world has ever known.

Respect is good, and Dionne should be praised for his support for interideological civility. But even respect will do the Democrats no good unless and until they wake up and realize that no one who places special importance on the traditional nuclear family wants anything to do with their cultural suicide.

The crackdown cometh

From the Washington Times:

Deputy Prime Minister Gerrit Zalm agreed with comments by other politicians who called Mr. van Gogh’s slaying a declaration of Islamic jihad, or “holy war.” “We are not going to tolerate this. We are going to ratchet up the fight against this sort of terrorism,” he said. “The increase in radicalization is worse than we had thought.” Among measures under consideration is an emergency law to enable authorities to revoke the Dutch nationality of dual citizens suspected of terrorist activity so that they can be deported….

Jozias van Aartsen, parliamentary speaker for the nationalist People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD), the second-largest party in the government of Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, issued a statement that called Mr. van Gogh’s slaying tantamount to a declaration of war. “The jihad has come to the Netherlands and a small group of jihadist terrorists is attacking the principles of our country,” he said. “I hope the Netherlands will now move beyond denial and do what is fitting in a democracy — take action.

I’ve said for some time that Europe will crack down harder on Islam because of its history and because it is more vulnerable to a Muslim takeover based on its demographics. It’s interesting to note that a single murder by a jihadist already has the Dutch people burning a mosque and prepared to strip citizenship from its Muslim citizens.

America truly is a tertiary front and some of the uglier incidents are probably going to take place in France, Denmark and Holland. It’s customary to talk about the Europeans as paper lions, and in some senses they certainly are. But in two thousand years of history, the Europeans have never been shy about using brutal government force on citizens considered problematic even after World War II.

On bootleg DVDs

Tina Brown writes on Salon:

Academy members themselves can’t be solicited to host screenings. That’s why the hunt is on for any other genre of person with a Rolodex to host a preview that might fan the hype. Writers are in particular demand because they add credibility. Miramax co-chairman Harvey Weinstein may have been the first moviemaker cum marketing genius to come up with this method of collecting interest on borrowed intellectual capital. When we were in business together at Talk magazine, I always sensed that he was wondering why the hell I couldn’t produce J.D. Salinger for an opening. Now the practice of writer-hosted screenings is so rampant I expect any day to get an invitation from Gabriel Garcéa Marquéz and Thomas Pynchon inviting me to a preview of “Elf.”

The trouble with approaching “real writers,” as Hollywood likes to call them (meaning, I suppose, writers who write books, not “pages”), to host these promotional events is that the more seriously talented they are, the weirder they tend to be. Real writers also are prone to having real opinions. And they become “difficult” when required to suppress them.

The writers you see at parties are not usually the “real” ones. Real writers are usually sitting in a chaotic farmhouse somewhere with a five-day growth of beard and a stained T-shirt in an onanistic trance at their computers, or else trying to kill themselves like Sylvia Plath. They don’t like to be disturbed.

The problem of Oscar screeners making DVD copies was so bad that two years ago Space Bunny’s brother, who has absolutely no connection to Hollywood whatsoever, got his hands on a screener DVD for The Two Towers. Of course, the Academy’s new strategy won’t actually cause any trouble at all for the pirates, who make their copies from digicams set up on tripods in empty movie theaters.

Ms Brown’s comment on writers cracks me up, though. I shaved yesterday and my t-shirt is clean, but there’s no substitute for an Andean cave with a southern exposure that’s been converted into a comfortable bomb shelter with high-speed Internet access. The best thing about the Internet is that combined with an exercise bike, a free weight set, a PlayStation and a really hot blonde, it eliminates the need for any last vestiges of outside human contact.

In case you’re interested, by the way, the nonfiction book is a go. It seems my publisher knows me pretty well; he said the only difficulty he foresaw is that his marketing people will probably expect me to make some form of ritual homage to the media at some point along the way.