Down with Wolfe

John Derbyshire quotes Wolfe:

The cool guy doesn’t flatter anybody or act obsequious or even impressed by somebody — unless it’s some athlete … and you don’t act enthusiastic unless it’s about sports, sex, or getting high. It’s okay to be enthusiastic about something like Dickens…or Foucault — or Derrida for that matter — but if you want to be cool, you don’t show it, you don’t say it, you don’t even let on. A cool guy — and I’ve seen this happen — can secretly work his ass off five — no, four — nights a week at the library, but he has to make light of it if anybody catches on. You know what the favorite major of the cool guy is? Econ. Econ is fireproof, if you know what I mean. It’s practical. You can’t possibly be taking it because you really love economics.”

I told you I was cool… although the only Foucault about which I was enthusiastic is the fictional Pendulum. I have to admit, I’m kind of kicking myself, as Charlotte Simmons is the sort of college novel I could have (and perhaps should have) written. Then again, it wouldn’t have been anywhere nearly as good as the estimable Mr. Wolfe’s.

2004 Weblog Awards

Another day, another best of blog vote. Interestingly enough, both the Physics Geek and Vox Popoli are on the list in the category Best of the Top 250 – 500 Blogs while Evangelical Outpost is up for Best of the Top 100 Blogs and Blackfive is up for Best Milblog.

I don’t know what the basis for Top 100 is – it must be based on links, not traffic, don’t you think, Joe? Also, you can vote everyday until December 12, which seems very strange.

So, vote. Or don’t vote. Do what you do. Win awards….

Get them out already

California schools cannot inform parents if their children leave campus to receive certain confidential medical services that include abortion, AIDS treatment and psychological analysis, according to an opinion issued by the office of state Attorney General Bill Lockyer.

The opinion was prompted by resistance from teachers unions and groups such as Planned Parenthood to a Sacramento-based lobby group’s efforts to help schools enact a “parent-friendly” policy requiring parental notification and consent in the wake of “medical emancipation” statutes that allow students to confidentially seek medical help off campus.

Previously it was understood that schools were allowed to enact confidentiality policies, but now the state’s top lawyer is saying they are required.

Like most such “opinions”, this one is manufactured wholesale out of nothing. But anyone with two eyes can see where this is leading. Why not just leave your baby at the hospital while you’re at it. If your kids are in a California public school, get them out… while you still can.

Slippery slopes

Ran needs to read more American history:

OK. 1st, your slippery slope argument is lame. Most slippery slope arguments are. Kill the terrorists in Afghanistan leads to killing Canadians and Tahitians…abortions inevitably lead to Nazis, yes Nazis!! Just a matter of time…Yeah sure..

Actually, most slippery slope arguments are very accurate. The much-mocked domino theory turned out to be correct, as Vietnam and Cambodia did go Communist. The anti-smoking laws have gone from warning labels to outright bans and, as predicted by me 15 years ago, are now beginning to encompass general “health” issues such as obesity and food. Gun registrations in New York did lead, as predicted, to gun seizures.

Only 31 years after Roe v. Wade, forced denial of treatment of the elderly is a reality and post-birth euthanasia is on the table. The connection between the eugenicist American abortionettes and the National Socialists is not rhetorical, it is direct and historical.

Furthermore, as you should have seen from the list of potential victims I presented – all of whom are groups historically targeted and massacred by a central government authority – that democide is not merely a Nazi phenomenon. In fact, over 30 percent of the current UN member states committed a statistically significant democide during the 20th century. America’s embrace of abortion is an early indicator that it is more likely to commit one than not in the 21st.