Mailvox: he’s so multi-culti

Ellis is morally superior and can prove it – he has both black AND Jewish friends:

Your WorldNetDaily screed posted on December 6 was amusing. How quaint that you think everyone who shops between November 1 and December 31 is Xian. How quaint that you think that salespeople, therefore, should simply assume all the shoppers who approach them are thus Xian. I have five surprises for you:

1. Many non-Xians shop during that time frame.

2. None of them celebrate your late December holiday.

3. The vast, vast majority of them do celebrate a holiday (regardless of whether it is major or minor) sometime in December.

4. They most certainly do not want to be wished a greeting associated with a holiday that is not theirs.

5. Salespeople may be good, but they aren’t so imbued with ESP that they can tell, just looking at acustomer, what his or her religion is. In fact–and I’m sure this will explode your mind–some of my friends are black and Jewish.

Yes, that explains why Amazon refers only to gifts and seasons, and yet features a big red banner today stating that there are “9 days left to use FREE SUPER SAVER SHIPPING for delivery by Dec. 24”. And what is the relevance of December 24th, precisely? I rather suspect that would be that big late December holiday that none of those non-Xian shoppers are celebrating.

Excerpt from Archangels: The Fall

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Hence the confusion

This column by Paul Greenberg, one of the many syndicated columnists who happens to be Jewish, very much amused me in light of the discussion of the meaning of Hannukah between Scott and Gypsy:

The central metaphor of all religious belief – revealing light – now blots out all the imperial intrigues and internecine warfare. And that may be the greatest miracle of Chanukah: the transformation of that oldest and darkest of human activities, war, into a feast of illumination.

There is more than a single theme to this minor but not simple holiday. One can almost trace the ebbs and flows of Jewish history, its yearnings and fulfillments, its wisdom and folly, its holiness and vainglory, by noting which themes of Chanukah have been emphasized when in Jewish history. So does history say more about the time in which it is written than the time it describes. The message of Chanukah changes from age to age.

Is she or isn’t she?

A woman who gave birth to a child months before entering a same-sex civil union in Vermont is appealing a court ruling that granted parental standing to her former partner. Cheryl Barlow, who says she no longer is a lesbian, was united with Keri Jones, both residents of Utah, five months after Barlow became pregnant by artificial insemination in 2001.

I think the increasingly open sexual flexibility of women, while celebrated to some extent by the lavender lobby, is finally putting the nail in the coffin of the gay genetic argument. Is Ann Heche a lesbian? How about the many actresses and models who have had a dalliance or two with another woman? If one accepts a longtime married man’s declaration that he is now gay, one must likewise accept the word of a former denizen of the gay bars who asserts that he is now straight.

The truth is that one is not controlled by one’s inclinations. The fact that I’d rather like to plow my way through the entire Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader squad in alphabetical order does not mean that I have no choice but to do so. The fact that a young man happens to be aroused by an International Male catalog and remains indifferent to Victoria’s Secret does not mean that he is condemned to a life of venereal diseases and prancing about to bad electronic music. The fact that one has a greater prediliction for one action than another never excuses acting upon that prediliction; to say that it does is tantamount to arguing that a hot-tempered man cannot help but kill anyone who raises his blood pressure by cutting him off in traffic.

The truth is what it is. The fact that even one heterosexual individual can go gay or that one homosexual individual can go straight demonstrates that change is possible. The lavender lobby’s ridiculous denial of the possibility only demonstrates its intellectual dishonesty and its obvious fear of the implications.