Adios America

From Escape Artist magazine

The US media is now admitting that more people are currently leaving the United States of America than at any time in US history. Those familiar with this website can probably surmise that I am not very much surprised by this admission – – I did however have an experience the day before yesterday that very much surprised me.

I was sitting at a sidewalk cafe here in Buenos Aires enjoying a lunch with some friends when a young lady walked up to the table and said, ‘You’re Roger Gallo, aren’t you?’

I confessed that I was and asked how she knew. She replied that she recognized me from my photograph on the website, and that is the ‘in’ website on campus at Chapel Hill. She explained that she was from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and she was in Argentina to buy an organic farm.

I was dumbfounded. Chapel Hill, a college with high academic standards, has been involved in the process of preparing its students for law, medicine and communications since 1795. It was the first public university in the United States to open its doors and the only one to graduate students in the eighteenth century. Why would some of America’s best and brightest students from one of America’s oldest and most respected universities be looking at a website that focused on international relocation? …and then it came to me.

The students were trying to figure out how to move overseas after their graduation.

I noticed this beginning to happen in the software industry about ten years ago. You’d be surprised at how many successful American entrepeneurs live in the Bahamas, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and other economically freer locations. The Internet is destroying the ability of national tax authorities to prey on those stuck living where they work, which is one reason why there is such a determined focus on creating supernational entities with supernational powers.

There is a natural tendency to say “good riddance” to such people, but the flight of the best and brightest, even if one considers them to be disloyal rats, is not a healthy sign for a nation.

Mailvox: coming to a close

Zink, (President, VQPF), wonders when it will be over:

Will America just pull up stakes and leave the Iraqis to sort their mess out?

Yes, I believe that once Iran tests its nuclear weapon, we will have to pull out. If the neocons had been successful in winning deep and wide support for the Iraqi Occupation, then we would have widened the war into Iran already. Once Iran has nukes, that option is lost as the North Korean example shows that we will not risk conflict with a nuclear power.

The fact that Kristol and his world democratic revolution crowd are attempting to throw Rumsfeld under the train suggests that they are growing increasingly desperate and fearful that the president will declare mission accomplished after the Iraqi elections – as it is and he should – and pull most of our troops out leaving nothing but a face-saving rear guard behind.

But if our purpose is to instill democracy, then the elections will indicate that our job is done. If the Iraqi people will not fight to keep their “freedom”, then they should not keep it. Certainly, we have not fought to keep the many freedoms we have lost. As for the would-be love children of Leon Trotsky and Woodrow Wilson, dismiss Pat Buchanan’s criticisms at your own risk. His analysis of the death of Europe is the most cogent out there and it is possible that as with his assertion of the culture war in 1988, what looks like insanity is more often than not early recognition. I often don’t agree with him, but I am always careful to have another look at my own thinking when I find it directly in conflict with his.

A missed opportunity

From Debka:

Blair bowed head and paused before Arafat’s grave when he arrived in Ramallah for talks with Palestinian candidate Abbas. This was compromise after he refused to lay wreath at tomb.

One has to give Blair a little credit for refusing to kowtow to the late murderer’s memory. But how great would it have been if Blair had shown Arafat the only form of commemoration his history commands… zzzip

Ah well, a man can dream….

It’s almost over

For the first time, a major U.S. contractor has dropped out of the multibillion-dollar effort to rebuild Iraq, raising new worries about the country’s growing violence and its effect on reconstruction.Contrack International Inc., the leader of a partnership that won one of 12 major reconstruction contracts awarded this year, cited skyrocketing security costs in reaching a decision with the U.S. government last month to terminate work in Iraq.

You don’t hear a lot of comparisons to Germany and Japan anymore, do you. With the neocons starting to scramble around to make sure that Rumsfeld takes the blame for the situation in Iraq, big contractors pulling out and the level of violence failing to abate, I find it difficult to believe that Americans are going to maintain even the lukewarm level of support for the Iraqi adventure that they have hitherto expressed.

Jews in America

Burt Prelusky tells it like it is:

One of the very few points for which I was specifically taken to task was for referring to America as a Christian nation. To those people, I pointed out that Christians of one denomination or another compose 94 percent of America’s population. That is 14 percent higher than the percentage of Jews in Israel, but I am willing to wager that none of my critics would deny that Israel is a Jewish state.

The sad fact is that the American Civil Liberties Union is made up in large part of Jews, and it is that organization and its lawyers who are leading the assault against Christmas. What makes it particularly unfortunate is that most Jews are not only opposed to the policies of the ACLU, but are embarrassed and ashamed of the organization.

As one of my respondents put it: “An anti-Semite used to be someone who hated Jews, but it’s become someone whom Jews hate.

It’s true, the current definition of anti-Semite no longer means Jew hater, but rather someone who is opposed to a political position supported by an American Jew. If you oppose the Wilsonian nation-building demanded by the neocons, you’re an anti-Semite. If you question the billions of dollars sent to Israel, you’re an anti-Semite. If you point out that the least important of the seven major Jewish holidays is in no way the equivalent of Christmas, you’re an anti-Semite.

Are the Jews so popular that they need to invent enemies?

The point about Israel being a Jewish nation, (or India being a Hindu nation, or Turkey being a Muslim nation) is particularly salient. Either the United States is a Christian nation or there is no such thing as a nation modified by a religious adjective except the Vatican and those countries where sharia reigns supreme.