But… but…

…but homeschooling parents might abuse their children!

Three high school wrestlers face expulsion based on accusations they hog-tied a learning-disabled teammate and zapped him with a grill igniter. Officials call it a hazing prank that went too far. None of the boys were arrested but Volusia County’s sheriff’s office filed felony complaints with prosecutors, seeking felony charges of aggravated battery and false imprisonment.

School officials said two hazing incidents occurred in a wrestling practice room at the high school Tuesday.

Volusia County Sheriff’s Department offers the following account of the incident:

“According to witnesses, the victim — a 17-year-old wrestler — was tackled to the ground by team members while inside the wrestling room, hogtied with a jump rope and then shocked 20 or more

times with an igniter device.”

Not to mention:

A 10-year-old boy has been suspended from a Pompano Beach elementary school amid allegations he raped an 8-year-old classmate. The alleged attack happened last Friday at Sanders Park Elementary School. A school spokesman said an investigation began Monday and the decision was made Wednesday to suspend the boy.

Counseling is available to both the boy and girl.

Well, as long as counseling is available, I’m sure everything will be okay. Here’s the main point. Abusive parents will ALWAYS have access to their children. Abusive teachers and schoolmates won’t if you homeschool. I don’t intend to go through the mathematics of how many more potentially abusive relationships one is likely to enjoy in a public schooled career versus a homeschooled one, but I’m quite sure that it is several orders of magnitude higher.


Anna Quindlen laments the declining opportunity to murder children in Mississippi:

There is only a single abortion clinic in Mississippi. Once there were seven. There are nearly 3 million people living in the state. No other state with only one abortion clinic has as many residents. Mississippi has enacted every restriction on abortion possible within the limits set by the Supreme Court.

I think this offers evidence that the supposedly pro-choice Libertarian position is an EFFECTIVELY pro-life one. The number of abortions that will be eliminated simply by allowing the states to exercise their sovereign rights will be significant.

And if the “blue” states wish to follow Europe into death by depopulation, there’s upside on that side of the equation too. The “blue” staters can’t breed their way into power, so they have to steal the children produced by others through the brainwashing provided by the public schools.

While I’m not exactly bullish on America, the three positive strains I see currently active are as follows:

1. Gun control is manifestly acknowledged to be a losing political issue. Stealth regulation is now the more immediate concern.

2. The homeschooling movement is growing literally every day. Christian 30-somethings are starting to ask their peers with surprise: “you’re NOT planning to homeschool?” Secular parents are beginning to take note, and critical mass may be reached within ten years.

3. The more left-liberal people become, the less they reproduce. No evolutionary dead-end is likely to remain dominant for long.