Speaking of Ron Mexico

I can’t believe I haven’t commented on this yet. Probably because the boys have been talking of nothing else for the last two weeks. And speaking of the only NFL quarterback more overrated than Donovan McNabb, is there anything better to have come out of this offseason than the Ron Mexico saga? I think not.

I’m putting Ron Mexico on my Vikings jersey this year to go with my funky new Vikings socks. I’m logging on to every stupid web site as Ron Mexico from now on. I may write my next novel as “Ron Mexico”. I’m changing my name, Space Bunny’s name and my dog’s name to Ron Mexico, Ronda Mexico and Ronaldinho Mexico.

Ron Mexico is cool, and by cool, I mean totally sweet!

Man, oh man, the boys in the MFL are going to beat this one into the ground until a little man in China turns to his wife and says: “What is that geyser? And who is Ron Mexico?” I CANNOT wait!

Ron Mexico. Oh, where is Phil Hartman when you need him? YES!

NFL media bias

Regular readers may recall my theory that while Rush Limbaugh was right about Donovan McNabb of the Philadelphia Eagles being overrated, he was wrong as to why. It’s not possible for McNabb to be overrated simply because he’s black, since Daunte Culpepper of the Vikings is STILL underrated despite his monster season last year.

Yes, the Eagles beat the Vikings in the playoffs, but consider what would have happened had the defenses been reversed.

I argued then that the real reason is that players, especially quarterbacks, from the NFC East are always overrated, because that’s the division that the New York and Washington media follow. As proof of this concept, I offer Don Banks’ Sports Illustrated column on team-by-team needs.

One guess as to which division pops up first….

The courage of the faux conservative

Remember how I mentioned that you can usually tell what Ms Michelle Malkin is going to write about ahead of time? Well, I happened to read her column for the first time in months and I was simply shocked to see her come out strongly against forcing oral sex on handicapped schoolgirls. Be sure to tune in next week when she takes ferocious stands against gassing Jews and stealing candy from babies.

But like most neoconservatives, MSM doesn’t actually have anything to say on the issue. She simply recounts a specific example of what is not exactly a new problem – bad things happen in public schools – without ever coming within a gun-free zone’s range of the logical conclusion recommended by the estimable Fred Reed, namely, free the kids, raze the architectural monstrosities and issue hunting licenses on educators.

Never fear. In about fifteen years, we can expect this ever-timely faux conservative to discover the hot new phenomenon of homeschooling.