The Stasi, coming to a neighborhood near you

From Yahoo:

For a growing number of students, the easiest way to make a couple of hundred dollars has nothing to do with chores or after-school jobs, and everything to do with informing on classmates.

Tragedies like last month’s deadly shooting at a Red Lake, Minn., school have prompted more schools to offer cash and other prizes — including pizza and premium parking spots — to students who report classmates who carry guns, drugs or alcohol, commit vandalism or otherwise break school rules.

Everyone considers me a political pessimist, and yet even my blacker than black shades can’t completely foresee the myriad of ways in which the nation is being vivisected. You’d think state spies and internal travel documents would be as unacceptably unamerican as the Holocaust combined with the mythologized form of the Spanish Inquisition, and yet the American people are being prepared for them today.

Nor does it escape my notice that, again, the public schools are the vehicle through which this schoolyard Stasi is being trained. The likely tattlers will be noted, hired, and continue their ways, only they’ll be spying on neighbors for the IRS, potsmokers for the DEA and Christians for whatever the Department of Religious Persecution will be called.

I’m beginning to hope that plans for US-Mexican integration fall through… for the Mexicans’ sake.

How to get chicks the Democrat way

Another sad, socially challenged individual thinks women get turned on by voting:

Yeah … you’re really persuading people with your half-assed immature polemics preached to the choir there, Vox. I’m sure you get all the girls with that haircut. Nothing turns a girl on like telling her she shouldn’t vote.

I have to be honest, when I first saw this exchange, I was tempted to tell Orac to ignore this moron. But then I decided, screw it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about free speech, but do we really have to suffer fools like this by taking the polite high road? I, for one, have decided to take a stand by describing how unbelievably stupid this sort of trash-talk is. If they have the freedom to criticize others for criticizing them, then I should well have the right to criticize him as well.

In that spirit, I’d like to leave this message for Vox Day: You can rant and justify and justify it all you want, the fact is you will never be a journalist. You will never have the intelligence, ethics, and above all veracity to make it as anything more than vile bile-spewing columnist in a fringe ultra-religious right-wing website, so enjoy this moment because this is as good as it’s ever going to get for you.

I certainly hope I’ll never be a journalist, because I’d have to take a serious paycut. And given that I have the respect of both right- and left-wing journalists who exchange email with me on a regular basis, I’m not exactly concerned about the advice of a low-wattage slug on a Snickers-and-Pepsi diet on how to score chicks.

You see, mon cher Natalie, as you should know, women like the following things, in order: 1) Fame. 2) Power. 3) Money. 4) Looks. 5) Charm. You’ll note that politically correct opinions are nowhere on the list. I could walk into Saint Kate’s, give a speech on how women should not be allowed to vote and exit with a fistful of phone numbers from starry-eyed liberal women, although the lovely Spacebunny is unlikely to grant me permission to do so simply to prove a point.

If WorldNetDaily is fringe, then what does that make Salon? WND has far more readers and, interestingly enough, doesn’t go bankrupt every six months. And when has any left-liberal, anywhere, EVER taken the high road. I’ve got hundreds of emails proving rather conclusively that they don’t.

So, my dear Atkins candidate, go hit the weight room. Go on a few dates. Learn how to interact with worthwhile women, not the ugly, incipient lesbian fag-hags that inhabit collegiate activist circles. Then, get back to me and tell me where you went so horribly wrong.

From the Republicans Are Pussies department

From NRO:

Eugene Robinson manages two snotty exterminator references in his DeLay column today.

Boo-freaking-hoo. If DeLay had serious stones, he’d show up for a press conference with whatever flamethrower contraption it is that exterminators carry and announce something like:

“I’ve taken down bigger cockroaches than Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean in my day.” Then blast Wolf Blitzer or whoever in the face with whipped cream or whatever.

The media would never dare give him a hard time about it again, because people would think it was awesome.

Then again, thinking like this may be why I’m not a campaign advisor or a politician….

Suspithious Sithery

The Original Cyberpunk makes use of his Hollywood connections:

As April gives way to May and the final days tick down, one question preoccupies millions of highly trained technical minds around the globe: does George Lucas still have it, or will Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith be yet another example of beautiful cinematography and brilliant special effects in the service of an infantile story line? While I realize I’m in danger of jeopardizing decades of close personal friendship here, I also believe that in time George will thank me for telling you all today that the answer to this question is an absolute, unqualified, and resounding, YES!

Er, that is, yes, George Lucas does still have it.

Really, I can’t say enough about how impressed I am that he has saved the biggest and best surprise for last. This is no ordinary story-teller’s feat: for 28 years he has kept one essential piece of misdirection going and one utterly mind-blowing surprise under wraps. I am speaking, of course, of the one critical question that underpins the entire evolution of the whole storyline; that of the true identity of the evil Galactic Emperor.

I don’t care. Star Wars is dead to me. After the abomination that passed for Episode I, I refuse to see II or III. II was on one night and I saw just enough of it to confirm my decision.

Of prostitutes and propaganda

The Fraters Libertas draw our attention to the Star and Sickle’s new Reporter’s Defender making use of a sock puppet or two:

“Along with many other readers, I continue to be frustrated with the needless attacks, negativity, name-calling, lying/deceit and general hypocrisy. Your article serves to focus on the cause of our frustration and the importance of supporting a free press. Well done! Please continue to speak out. The public hears the negative messages over and over until they become almost believable. The positive messages need to be repeated just as often. It is so important for the media to speak up and not be afraid to challenge. Our society needs a free press, and it is an honorable profession.” – Nina Buzzell, Blaine

Print media have their own way of undercutting themselves. Time and again print journalists, in their efforts to be “fair and balanced,” present stories as if there were two equal sides. Mostly, however, the world is much more complex and interesting than to present itself in neat, bilateral symmetry on all occasions. Perhaps the most dangerous manifestation of this problem has been the coverage of global warming, which has long been recognized by a very large preponderance of evidence from scientists all over the globe to be a significant, and now rapidly growing, problem. But still we find stories that bend over backward to suggest that it’s still in doubt. – James McKenzie, St. Paul

What’s funny about these two quotes isn’t their high content of equine excretia – for when has the Red Star ever presented two sides of anything – but the fact that the first note is almost surely written by my fourth-grade public school teacher! There’s something more than a little satisfying in the knowledge that one of her very own students is one of the many voices repeating that negative message over and over, and one of the louder voices at that.

Prostitution is a more honorable profession than journalism. Not only are the call girls prettier, but they’re nicer and more intellectually honest.

The meme thrives

Here are three new additions to what was formerly known as the reader blogroll. Outside the Box, Anti-Buffoonshevik Thoughtcrime, Difster. A recent email from the notorious Franger indicates that he, too, will soon be numbered – or perhaps listed would be the more accurate term – among the Elect.