The brother has large, brass balls

Jason Whitlock takes on 30 years of feminist propaganda:

Why do I bring this up?

Because for a long time, the myth has existed that female sports reporters are able to conduct themselves inside a male team’s locker room more professionally than men could do inside a women’s locker room. And that’s stupid.

I repeat: A woman’s sexual moral values can be just as low as a man’s.

Male reporters, generally speaking, don’t have unfettered access to women’s locker rooms. The reason is simple and obvious: For the most part, we’re perverted scum. We couldn’t handle it. Turned loose inside a locker room with Serena and Venus Williams and Maria Sharapova and Anna Kournikova bouncing in and out of showers … well, deadlines would be missed. All hell would break loose.

Women don’t belong in male locker rooms.

This should be interesting. He’s absolutely right, of course. And why is it that men aren’t allowed in women’s locker rooms anyhow? Surely they can be just as professional as women, I mean, to suggest otherwise would be sexist!

Smart, yes. But learned?

Peter King writes on Sports Illustrated:

Evidently Mike Shanahan Is A Learned Man

Books spotted on the bookshelf in coach Mike Shanahan’s office:

1. Tuesdays with Morrie, by Mitch Albom.

2. Purpose-Driven Life, by Rick Walker.

3. Seabiscuit, by Laura Hillenbrand.

4. Plan of Attack, by Bob Woodward.

5. A Good Walk Spoiled, by John Feinstein.

6. Finding the Winning Edge, by Bill Walsh.

7. The Winner Within, by Pat Riley.

“What did you think of ‘Seabiscuit’?” I ask.

“Haven’t read it,” Shanahan says. “Saw the movie. Really liked it.”

“You’ve got to read the book,” I say. “It’s better. One of the best sports books ever.”

I am proud to say that I have none of these books and have read none of them, as with the exception of Seabiscuit they all strike me as books for the semiliterate. Someone did give me a Mitch Albom book once, but I managed to pass it off on someone else who was actually interested in it.

To think that a man once had to read and write Latin and Greek to be considered learned. This is progress?

Heads we win, tails you lose

Yet another government theft is justified:

In a twist on this summer’s Supreme Court decision allowing a Connecticut city to seize private land and turn it over to developers, a New Jersey appeals panel has OK’d the taking of property from developers to assure the area remains as open space.

The decision by the three-judge state court, handed down Tuesday, allows the township of Mount Laurel, N.J., to take a 16-acre tract from developer Michael Procacci and his company, Mipro Homes, which planned to build 23 homes on the land.

So, if you remember the reasoning behind the Kelo case, government needs to be able to steal land from private land owners in order to collect more taxes. But the appeals panel is ensuring that a government can steal land because it wants to collect fewer taxes.

The central point has nothing to do with the various reasonings, of course. Those are just rationalizations meant to obscure the fact that the courts – government agencies – are trying to make sure that a government can do whatever it wants whenever it wants, for whatever reason.

This is not your grandfather’s America.