Why the Right is doomed

Forget Simmons’ reasoning. I think this is the most obvious sign that Hillary Clinton will be our next President.

There’s only six people on that top twenty list that I can stand, and one of them is a Democrat. Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.

UPDATE: I was asked who were the six that I can stand.

Mark Steyn
Thomas Sowell
Jonah Goldberg
Ann Coulter
Victor Davis Hanson
Walter Williams

I suppose you could also add Brit Hume to the list. Since I don’t watch television news, I don’t actually tend to have opinions on news anchors, unless they are equine posteriors who thrust themselves into the public eye like Dan Rather.

Mailvox: There’s more than one way

NJACONS raises a hand:

“Why is everyone assuming that birth rate increase has to be tied to marriage and stay at home moms?”

It doesn’t. Historically speaking, maintaining large harems of concubines acquired by conquest also works well. Alternatively, the mass production of cloned children through the use of artificial wombs and techno-creches would also be a means of increasing the birth rate to a sustainable level. Or, one can simply import Muslims; France has managed to keep its birth rate above the European average this way, although it is still sub-replacement levels.

However, marriage and stay-at-home moms is generally considered to be more in line with Western culture and tradition.

Red Herring Man

Dispatches from the Culture Wars is still hung up on cars and hot babes:

Okay, this is quite amusing. Someone posted a link over on [Vox Popoli] to my previous little dig at him and his crying need to bring up his Porsche (turbo, even) as proof that he isn’t bitter toward women. And this was his response:

Do better than what? The guy didn’t say anything. He clearly missed the point of the Porsche comment, which was to skip the usual red herring whenever a topic critical of feminism is broached. Perhaps I should have just explained that I have Real Ultimate Power and I pork hot babes without even thinking twice about it. Perhaps then Mr. Braydon (sic) would been able to follow the logical sequence.

I nearly spit my iced tea all over my monitor laughing at this. Let me assure you, [Dispatches, apparently having little Greek or Latin, seems to think he’s outing me or something], I got the “logical sequence”. The problem is that it just isn’t terribly logical. It was obvious that the point you were trying to make is that you “pork hot babes” a lot and therefore could not hate women or have a bitter attitude toward them. But that is, of course, a non sequitur. Most of the really promiscuous guys I know hate women, even if they won’t admit it. So since your mention of the fact that you drove a Porsche serves no logical purpose, it can only function as your means of striking the stud pose. And that’s pretty damn pathetic. Which was my whole point. I’m sure this will bring even more of them over here to make juvenile comments about horse manure, but hey, it’s kinda fun watching them make asses of themselves. It’s even more amusing to watch them gather around him and assure him that despite what that mean man said, he really is cool (and also “hot”, according to one commenter).

Now I’m beginning to suspect that Dispatches not only has issues with Porsches, but women as well. I’ll try typing even slower, as this poor guy hasn’t even made it past the first two paragraphs of Monday’s column yet. Even Lisa Lisa, despite her proclivity for ankle-swallowing, managed to do better than that.

1. When a male columnist writes a column critical of women, women’s rights or feminism, he inevitably receives many responses asserting that he has only done so because he is bitter, not in a general sense as Dispatches has interpreted, but specifically because he has had insufficient sex with women over the course of his life. This has happened every single time I have written a column on any such subject, dating back to the notorious Spiting Their Pretty Faces column in February 2003. One woman even made the accusation when I was on a Toronto radio show following that column.

2. Young men with expensive sports cars and recording contracts with record companies attract a lot of attention from young women. When they play on stage, women bare their breasts, attempt to sneak backstage before and after the show to give them their phone numbers and home addresses and so forth. These women also tend to be far more attractive than the run-of-the-mill mall shopper. Many men wish this was not the case, but everyone from Mick Jagger down to the guy who sings Van Halen covers on Tuesday nights at the local dive can testify to the truth of this.

3. I was fortunate enough to have possessed both an expensive sports car and record contracts with Wax Trax! Records and TVT Records soon after graduating from university. I have written several songs that appeared on various Billboard charts (although not the one that really matters, unfortunately), my band’s music was featured in several movies and video games and we even won a Minnesota Music Award for which Prince and other notable musicians were also nominated. My experience in the music world was a typical one.

4. Despite my morally objectionable past, I was fortunate enough to subsequently encounter a beautiful blonde girl who was willing to sign on as my permanent partner-in-crime.

5. As I wrote in the article, I brought this up only to avoid the red herring on which Dispatches From the Bunker is presently choking. Interestingly enough, this is the first column on the subject wherein my many female critics did not make a single insinuation about my romantic life or lack thereof.

5. Ergo, it defies logic to conclude that one can dismiss the contents of the column because the author has been granted insufficient access to slake his male lust on willing women’s bodies, even if it made any sense to do so in the first place.

If we can assume that Dispatches is capable of working his way through that tortuous forest of logic laid out above, perhaps he will deign to actually try addressing the substance of the column. As it stands, he now even admits to having made no attempt to do so: “I didn’t really attempt to make a factual argument in response to his position on women’s rights…. I didn’t address his position at all, nor did I intend to.” We shall follow his future progress with interest.

This strange reaction to a single mention of automotive excellence rather reminds me of the Mensa issue, which still surfaces from time to time. In this case, one reference to past Porsche ownership in four years of columns and 18 months of blogging is somehow magically transformed into a deep psychological issue. This is especially strange considering that I got rid of that particular car years ago.

I suppose it would be a mistake to tell him about the Ferrari….

Mailvox: But I LIKE my life

Lupa has the solution:

I’m a woman, thank you very much, and to be completely honest with you–I’m perfectly happy with present marriage trends. I don’t want to get married. I have a BA in English; I graduated Magna cum laude. I’ve been living completely by myself and have maintained good credit doing so since I was 25. I’m almost 27, and before my 28th birthday I’ll have a book published and another in the works. I’ll have moved from Pittsburgh to Seattle as I have wanted to do for years, and I’ll be working on starting a home-based business.

If I had been expected to get married right out of high school–or even out of college–I would have not been able to accomplish anything I’ve managed to do the past few years. Doubly so if I’d had children soon thereafter.

I’m not bemoaning anything. The women’s magazines, the media–that’s not a wholly accurate portrayal of what women want. I’m assuming that’s where you’re getting a lot of your information about what women outside your own social circle want, since obviously you can’t talk to us all. I know of my own social circle there are only a couple of married women (median age is probably 26 to 28) and the rest of us aren’t in any major hurry…..

And as for population decline….the answer, as I see it, is adoption. There are thousands of unwanted children just in the US, let alone worldwide, who have no family. Why should there be pressure on me to have a child I don’t even want just because we’re not getting closer to having a billion people here? Why should I sacrifice my goals and dreams because someone who doesn’t even have to worry about giving birth thinks it’s my responsibility to do so?

Instead of saying women need to go back into the home and be barefoot and pregnant (which I realize you didn’t say verbatim, but you amy as well have) why not try coming up with ways to adjust the economy to accomodate the genie that sure as hell isn’t going back in that confining little bottle?

I’m not quite sure where to start on this one, but since Lupa was so polite, I shall do my best to rein in my more sarcastic instincts. Personally, I don’t see where getting married is a complete bar to a BA in English, maintaining good credit, publishing a book or even moving to Seattle, although I have to confess that I have not managed either a BA in English or a move to Seattle, so who am I to contest the point?

As to her proposed answer to the problem of American women maintaining sub-replacement birth rates being the adoption of unwanted American children, I can only marvel in awe at the way in which this neat solution demonstrates a total failure to understand the nature of the problem. With regards to the foreign aspect, there are two difficulties, one being that America has the highest birth rate of any Western nation, the second is that the non-Western nations which see us as rivals are not likely to be keen on handing over their future generations to us simply because Lupa and her liberated friends can’t be bothered to propagate the species.

(Perhaps the answer here is to merge Lupa’s solution with Ben Shapiro’s. After establishing global empire, Americans can simply take children from their third-world mothers – who probably won’t even notice one or two going missing – and ship them to America and their loving day care centers.)

My point, again, is that the women’s rights genie is almost surely going back in the bottle one way or another, regardless of what educated, liberated, upper middle class women want. It is a societal dead end, and societies that embrace it will eventually be swallowed up by those that don’t.

The argument isn’t really with me, it’s with the mathematics. If I have the demographic math wrong, then my argument dissolves in a splash of corrective red ink. If it is correct, then it doesn’t make one little bit of difference what anyone thinks, including me.

Depending on your perspective, women’s rights in America began either as early as 1920 or as late as 1973. I have chosen the latter date, as it is when the women’s rights package of voting, working and infanticide all became widely available throughout the West and their effects had become visible in all the relevant statistics. We are only 32 years into the grand experiment and already it is showing definite signs of failure. One would not think that it would be possible to invent a less viable societal system than Soviet communism, which only lasted 70 years* from start to finish, and yet the feminists appear to have done just that.

*At least, version 1.0. Uncle Vlad appears to be working hard on a 2.0 release.