Wreaking havoc… again

The Monkey Wrench is on a roll:

So, it would appear I got an extra special gift this morning. I printed and distributed the cloumn, again, with much the same result. Pissed off females, who never even bothered to read it in its entirety. I know this because the ones I spoke to were quizzed on points raised at the end. (What did you think of the comment that Christians are the only ones breeding at replacement levels and the like) No one had gotten to that point.

Anyway, as they made their way to HR yet again, and began complaining, a decree was established that there would be no more proliferation of any non-work related paraphenalia. This seemed like a reasonable answer to them, so I promptly went in the caf, and while they had coffee removed all of the Avon and Mary Kay catalogs from the areas where the females tend to gather.

One asked me what I was doing, and she was told “I’m getting rid of the non-work related paraphenalia.” I then threw them in the trash. This brought another stampede to HR, who then informed them it’s all or nothing. Take all of it, and read what you like, or have none at all, either way no more complaints.

Good Lord, it’s only 10:40 a.m. my time and I’ve already accomplished more than I set out too. It’s gonna be a great day!

As our would-be masters in Washington know, the trick to winning is to force people to choose between a bad option and a worse one.

But you can’t really blame them for not finishing the column. As DC taught us this morning, if you don’t read something you don’t like, it doesn’t exist.

Dance party makes Waco go away!

Mailvox: Pretty heads in the sand

DC asks for clarification:

Although I somehow missed reading your article that described “women’s rights as a disease that society would do well to eradicate,” I do hope you were not including the right to vote that women were able to gain during the past century.

I replied in an email: I’m generally against any universal “right to vote”, but I consider that of little importance either way. Voting is not a significant right, as one can see in Cuba, the former Soviet Union, the former Iraq and many other nations. Voting has proven to be ineffective in protecting the rights of life, liberty and property and is largely irrelevant, especially in a modern two-party system. It’s designed to be valve to blow off popular pressure, nothing more.

Still, I’d include the right to vote among that list of women’s rights that have served society poorly. Even if voting is not terribly important, I don’t see that one can point to anything positive that has come of the women’s vote and the West would not be so far along the long march towards socialism and social decay if women were not permitted to vote. Unfortunately, female voters’ susceptibility to demagogues has turned out to exceed that of their male counterparts. You may wish to look into the results of the two 1933 German elections for details.

To which she responded:

What fun this girl will have deleting your email and having “the right” to refuse even glancing at any of your future work.

And here I was planning on sending her scads of email in the future. Now I suppose I’ll have to find some other way to fill my long and empty days. DC does us a service in demonstrating that the best way to handle facts and ideas which make us uncomfortable is to ignore them and pretend they don’t exist. I find it tremendously ironic that a lot of people seem to think that I’m inventing a problem out of malice or sexual inadequacy when all I’m doing is pointing out the easily verifiable obvious.

I didn’t make women vote Hitler into office. I didn’t invent or even discover the law of supply and demand nor am I the one responsible for the notion of a gender gap in voting behavior. I am guilty, however, of employing several women and approving a split-time system designed to allow working mothers to spend more time at home with their children during the week.

Anyhow, if DC cannot bear the thoughts of one who is willing to consider the history and probable future of women’s rights, then she should by all means give up reading my columns. She can always make do with Ann Coulter discovering that Democrats are still stupid, Michelle Malkin inserting herself into the latest debate du jour – I’m wondering how she’ll manage to get herself deported from Gaza – or Katherine Lopez defending the latest Republican crime against the republic instead.

The crap shoot of the career woman

The Garbage Generation cites interesting statistics from The Coming Matriarchy:

Only 61 percent of the working women we surveyed had children, compared with 85 percent of the nonworking women….Our survey also showed that working women have less successful marriages….[A] woman who works was five times as likely to have a disrupted marriage as one who did not work….[W]orking wives are more than twice as likely as housewives to have had affairs by the time they reach their late thirties.

Things get worse as she earns more money. Vassar economist Shirley Johnson calculated that every $1,000 increase in a wife’s earnings increases her chance for divorce by 2 percent.

As I’ve previously written, the wise man who wants a family will marry a nanny, an aerobics instructor or a waitress, the kind of woman who actually wants to get married, have children and make a home. I wonder what old Shirley makes and what caused her to study that question about earnings and divorce.

In ten years, there hasn’t been a single divorce between any of the couples of my extended social circle. This may be entirely coincidental, of course, but that circle is largely made up of Christian homeschooling families where the oppressed wives don’t work and raise an average number of children that is well in excess of the replacement rate at three+. I further note that the only marriage I would consider to be at obvious risk of divorce is a non-Christian couple in which the wife is the primary wage-earner.

The economic element of divorce should have been predictable, of course. Why else would the Sisterhood have have been fighting so long and hard for social acceptance of women’s labor combined with a female-friendly divorce system?

To be a Three or not to be

A Republican has harsh words for his party’s leaders:

Republicans have reached new lows in treating their supporters as a herd of stupid, unthinking cattle who are content to sit quietly as their rulers undermine national security and allow America’s defeat by Islamic extremists. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s recent performance on Jim Lehrer’s Newshour can only be explained by concluding either that Miss Rice is stupid, or that she and the Bush administration are confident Republicans are addled and will swallow any executive-branch bilge.

Now, Miss Rice is a brilliant, not a stupid woman. Her career is one of uninterrupted excellence, dedicated public service and steady professional advancement — a record, it must be noted, that no African American woman has achieved under Democratic auspices. Like Justice Thomas, Miss Rice is not the Democrats’ “kind” of African American.

Yet Miss Rice knowingly says stupid things and expects the party faithful like me to believe them. On Iraq, she told Mr. Lehrer “we must maintain political momentum” toward late-2005 elections, implying the electoral process itself will ensure “the insurgency loses any hope of holding a political base for their brutal and violent activities.”

This is nonsense. The Iraq insurgency is intensifying, meaning it already has a political base and that the base is growing; history proves insurgencies do not exist in hostile political environments. It also is absurd Western-think to suggest, as Miss Rice did, that successfully holding an election will discourage the insurgents and cause them to fold their tents and shelve their Kalashnikovs. In this regard, Miss Rice should review the situation developingin Afghanistan.

Topping this nonsense, Miss Rice advised the Newshour’s audience on the coming Iraqi constitution. “And I would caution,” Miss Rice said, “against reading drafts” of the constitution. Like the Wizard telling Dorothy and friends to ignore the man behind the curtain pulling levers, Miss Rice says the drafts are meaningless works-in-progress. Miss Rice and the administration, of course, count on Republicans following this stupid advice and not noticing until too late that the Iraqi constitution is creating an Islamic and anti-American state that will be a breeding-and-staging ground for extremists and a destabilizing force in the Middle East.

Remember when the pro-struggle cheerleaders were constantly making comparisons to the German and Japanese occupations? Remember the celebrating of the glorious new Iraqi constitution? And remember when the “purple finger” was being hailed as the great symbol of freedom and democracy? Now, it’s the next election in Iraq which will solve all problems and the next constitution which will somehow magically turn a backward nation with no Western tradition into the newest heirs of Athens and Rome.

It kind of reminds me of that inevitable withering away of the state predicted by Marx. When intellectuals resort to inexplicable hand-waving, it’s a pretty good sign that whatever they are pushing is poorly conceived and will never work as advertised.

Leapfrog and the Lizard Queen

The Democrats triangulate Republicans on the border:

Gov. Bill Richardson declared a state of emergency along New Mexico’s 180-mile border with Mexico on Friday, pledging $1.75 million to beef up law enforcement and tackle increasing crime. “Recent developments have convinced me this action is necessary— including violence directed at law enforcement, damage to property and livestock, increased evidence of drug smuggling, and an increase in the number of undocumented immigrants,” Richardson said in a prepared statement.

Richardson is a likely VP choice for the Clinton ticket. His change of heart on immigration is almost certainly rooted in positioning for 2008. As I wrote a few months ago, all Hillary has to do to win is keep her mouth shut and control her more lunatic leftist instincts – in which the press will accomodate her by constantly repeating what a beloved moderate she has become – and stay to the right of the Republicans on securing the border and hammering the national security aspect of stopping illegal immigration.

She won’t actually follow through on it, of course, and she’ll work towards building the AU as her husband did in pushing NAFTA through, but such positioning will get her elected because Bush has destroyed all credibility for Republicans on immigration and security by waging global struggle while leaving the borders wide open.

UPDATE: The Wall Street Journal has figured it out too.