Mailvox: logic and pugilism

JR plays dirty by bringing logic into the equation:

I think you are becoming a victim of the type of “debate” used by . . . chickenhawks . . . on, say, FreeRepublic. You end up chasing them as they obfuscate, dodge, change the subject, etc. They are great at creating quagmires.

It is really pretty simple: (1) these men are of an age where they are good potential military material; (2) these men assert that this “war” is of the highest priority to the nation; (3) these men do not enlist.

Therefore, one of two situations exists: (1) these men are cowards or (2) they do not believe their assertions about the priority of the war…. If they believe there is another situation that could exist, it is their obligation to posit it.

I’d add the “hypocritical” adjective to coward in situation (1) but otherwise I see nothing logically incorrect about JR’s summary. What are the chances that Chuck, JohnG or any other avian defender can respond to this train of logic without obfuscating, dodging or attempting to change the subject?

For all the digital ink that has been spent on this, I’ve yet to see a similarly rational defense of chickenhawkery. Instead, these nominal defenses are getting increasingly absurd and bitter.

And it seems that upon further thought, BH has concluded that Ben’s honor isn’t worth fighting for. Michelle’s either, for that matter:

Thank you for your very cordial invitation…. I never wrote that I agreed with Ben Shapiro, only that his age and inexperience have no bearing on the validity of his arguments. Concerning Michelle Malkin, however, you are right: I did misrepresent you. I retrieved the article in question and there was no ad hominem. You argued the facts. It’s been a pleasure corresponding with you.

Likewise, BH. It’s always entertaining to discuss the arcana of the sweet science and its Oriental cousins with a fellow enthusiast.

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