You have to love those Strong Women Leaders

From NRO’s Corner:

L-LO quotes a reader: “This woman [Louisiana Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco] is lost and looks lost. She may have won the election but she has no business being in charge of anything. Watching her on TV the last two days has made this pretty clear. Now is not the time to be sobbing. She sure as hell should not be doing it on the tube in front of her fellow citizens – the ones looking to her for leadership.”

JPOD: the governor of LA is emotionally broken. She keeps speaking of “trying to figure out” how to evacuate people; “trying to figure out” how to put refugees somewhere else, etc. As you noted, she can’t even say that looting is wrong; the most outrage she can muster is “where are they taking the loot to, anyway?” She can’t even see that her brokenness demonstrates that no one is in charge, and the more that people see that, the more utter chaos and lawlessness are spread.

I’m just kind of curious, what else was everyone expecting? Most women crack under even minor pressure and having thousands of lives at stake in the wake of a natural disaster and knowing that your decisions will likely condemn people to death is a tremendous responsibility.

If I were a politician running against a woman, I’d be playing this tape followed by Patricia Schroeder’s similar – albeit even less justified – tears. Sure, the media would completely flip out and the women’s groups would go nuts, but so what? The point is to win the election, after all, not make your opponent feel swell about herself.

That being said, it’s no surprise that the neoconservative Podhoretz wants to hand over control to the Feds. Look, the people of Louisiana elected the woman, and while they don’t deserve the hurricane, they certainly deserve to suffer her leadership, or lack thereof, now.

UPDATE: A New Orleans resident adds his two cents: “I don’t know how much coverage the mayor of New Orleans is getting but the guy is awesome. Cool, realistic and reassuring. So too are Bob Riley and Haley Barbour. But Governor Blanco… words fail me. It strikes me that if you are governor of a state that has just been hit by disaster you should not burst into tears during a press conference and have a little Princess Di moment.”

Fighting for what?

The littlest chickenhawk clucks again:

But our sympathy for a grieving mother cannot and should not outweigh our sympathy and support for the men and women still fighting to promulgate American values and protect American freedoms — and their parents.

And what are they fighting for? A few speeches at the United Nations General Assembly by a pair of prominent Texans suddenly spring to mind.

“”It is the sacred principles enshrined in the United Nations charter to which the American people will henceforth pledge their allegiance.” – President George H.W. Bush, 1992

“The Security Council was right to demand that Iraq destroy its illegal weapons and prove that it had done so. The Security Council was right to vow serious consequences if Iraq refused to comply. And because there were consequences, because a coalition of nations acted to defend the peace and the credibility of the United Nations, Iraq is free, and today we are joined by representatives of a liberated country.” – President George W. Bush, 2003

According to the Commander-in-Chief, Americans are not fighting for American values and to protect American freedoms in Iraq, they are fighting for the legitimacy of the United Nations, for the values expressed in the UN Declaration of Human Rights and to protect Iraqi freedoms.

And considering that American freedoms such as the right to bear arms are conspicuous by their absence in the Iraqi constititution, the neocons are cheering the sacrifice of American civil liberties and martial law is in already effect in portions of the United States, it should be clear to any rational observer that there is a growing gap between the neocon rhetoric and the observable reality.

None of this is the troops’ fault, of course. The blame lies squarely with their Commander-in-Chief, and both Buchanan and Farah are absolutely right to call for his impeachment as a traitor to the United States Constitution.

Interestingly enough, Bob Prechter suggested the possibility that Bush the Younger would be impeached and removed from office not long after he won his second term based on his interpretation of the wave patterns. At the time, I assumed he was hitting the crack pipe and couldn’t imagine how that could possibly come to pass. It still looks unlikely to me, but if the markets dive this fall, you might want to keep an open mind regarding the possibility it might actually happen.

Protecting no one, serving themselves

Rod Dreher on NRO’s Corner:

Times-Picayune reporters witnessed police and firefighters in New Orleans joining in the looting. Excerpt: One man said police directed him to Wal-Mart from Robert’s Grocery, where a similar scene was taking place. A crowd in the electronics section said one officer broke the glass DVD case so people wouldn’t cut themselves. “The police got all the best stuff. They’re crookeder than us,” one man said.

Thank God Orleans Parish is now under martial law. The good people need to be protected not only from thugs, but from their own public servants.

You may note that I was one of the few columnists writing after 9/11 who did not buy into the public employee deification of that era. This sort of thing is only one of the many reasons I am a police skeptic. I am not asserting that all cops are bad or that all firefighters are thieves of opportunity, but it is a legitimate question to ask whether the good apples outweigh the bad ones these days.

And there’s even old school cops who agree with me. For you can’t have a police state without police, and little doubt remains among serious observers as to which direction this administration, its predecessor and its probable successor hope to take the nation. A free nation has no need for militarized police.