A note from Farmer Tom

My wife and I would like to thank all of you who have prayed for us and for the family. We have been so encouraged by those who told us they were praying for us. We have also felt that Peace that only the Holy Spirit brings to those that know that “Our Faith is Not in Vain”. Thank You Again.

Steve Logemann was born in 1960 and lived all his life near the town of Ledyard, Iowa. He loved the farm and went to two years of Community College in an Ag Studies Program after his graduation from the local high school. He also loved working with computers and was constantly updating his system, trouble shooting other peoples systems for them and talking about the latest programs, software and hardware. He tied his love of farming with the love of computers by doing all the record keeping of his operation on the computers, eventually leading to mapping systems using GPS to study soil types, seed varities, and yields of the crops he grew. His skill with computers was good enough that he was hired by a local computer business to assemble, service and sell computers when he wasn’t farming.

Steve was very involved in the activities of Raccon River Bible Camp, a independent fundamental Bible camp near Scranton, IA. From the time he was a young boy he was there every summer, learning God’s Word, fellowshiping with other believers and growing in his personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He was nominated to the camp board and served as a board member for more than 15 years. Steve met his wife at camp as well and she served as the camp treasuer with her husband.
They were blessed with four children, and they have already mentioned times as camp with Steve as some of the memories they will always treasure. Steve was also very active in his church, was a deacon, a Sunday school teacher, and usher.

Steve was killed in an accident during harvest, somehow he was run over by the combine while his father was unloading corn into a wagon.

Several have asked about contributing to the family. Steve’s wife told me, that memorials should be sent in his name to

Raccoon River Bible Camp
875 B. Avenue
Scranton, IA 51462

The Coconut War: comparative forces

US Army troops: 19,147
US land-based aircraft: 231
US carrier-based aircraft available: 0
Japanese time estimate: 50 days
Japanese force estimate: Two divisions
Actual time required: five months
Actual force required: Three divisions in two rounds of transport

USMC and USN troops: 517
US land-based aircraft: 12
Japanese force required: 1,950 Imperial Marines
Actual time required 15 days

US Army troops: 43,000. 24th, 25th and 299th Divisions
US land-based aircraft: 223 (159 survived Pearl Harbor attack, 77 undamaged.)
US carrier-based aircraft available: 332 immediately, plus another 240 within two weeks.

The Island of Oahu“, due to its fortification, its garrison, and its physical characteristics, is believed to be the strongest fortress in the world.”

So, if the Wake Island garrison with only four planes that survived the initial bombardment could hold off a larger amphibious invasion force for 15 days, what are the chances that three fortified divisions with 409 planes could hold off the two divisions the Japanese were capable of transporting for the two weeks required to allow the East Coast carriers, plus the former CV-1 Langley, to converge on Hawaii and sink the entire strike force, carriers and all, even without the help of the 7th Bombardment Group (Heavy), 9th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy), 11th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy), and 22nd Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) flying in from Hamilton Field in San Rafael, California.

Furthermore, the 7th Bombardment Group (Heavy), 35th Pursuit Group (Interceptor), 22d Bombardment Squadron (Heavy), 38th Reconnaissance Squadron (Heavy), and 88th Reconnaissance Squadron (Heavy) which were enroute to the Philippines would also have been available.

Even if the Japanese abandoned both the Burma and the Philippine invasions in favor of a futile attempt on Hawaii, they still could only have transported three divisions; their maximum aircraft transport capability remained at 717 planes, 441 of which were already devoted to the historical Pearl Harbor attack, in which Japan lost 29 planes and 111 were damaged, 20 beyond repair.

Mailvox: the wing chun of love

I’ve seen plenty of hints about the wild and generally ungodly youth of men such as Vox and Bane. Both of these men now have very good wives, to hear their husbands tell it. I’m curious as to whether or not their wives met and married them during their wild and ungodly phases, or if G-d had already begun to work changes in their lives when He introduced their future wives into their lives.

I can’t speak for the hulking shadow that is Bane, but although Spacebunny and I determined that we were once at the same fraternity party at the University of Minnesota years before we met, we did not meet until after I became a Christian. I had no intention of entering into a serious relationship, much less getting married, at the time but I found my perspective altering insensibly, much to my bewilderment.

The secret to defeating a hardened fighter is to refuse to fight. The secret to winning a rebel’s heart is to refuse to try controlling him.

And when we are fortunate, God gives us the eyes to see another individual, not as they are, but as they can be.