A review of right-wing blogs

This is an interesting take on some of the more popular right-leaning blogs. I’d considering doing my own, except I don’t read enough of them to be able to put together a comprehensive list. The comments are also entertaining.

(4) Little Green Footballs—Remember that government report that said the “War on Terror” should really be called something like the “War on Islamist Jihadism”? LGF got the memo. All Anti-Islamism, all the time.

(5) Hugh Hewitt— If you were to combine all three Powerline bloggers, Sean Hannity and any given Republican Party Chairman in some sort of GOP experiment to create the most reliable Republican pundit ever…you’d have Hugh Hewitt: the distilled essence of The Party Man.

(6) The Volokh Conspiracy—you know how you and your friends used to get into wandering, but interesting, all-night conversations about every subject imaginable—school, politics, jokes, sports, news, girls, philosophy, etc—in your younger days? Replace your old friends with a bunch of libertarian-leaning college professors. It’s the Volokh Conspiracy!

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