Now why would I think that?

Pink Madness raises Amanda’s old ante:

i am quite confused as to how men like this still exist. certainly someone should have taken a rather dangerous looking and most definitely pain-inflicting object such as a broken plastic spoon and castrated the man already. i would happily do so, since his confidence seems to stem not only from his immense stupidity but also from his inborn possession of a certain extra appendage. it would give me extreme pleasure to break a man such as him.

Bring it on, baby. You can brandish your broken kitchen utensil all you like; it won’t do you any good. It’s always amusing how a strong independent woman will talk like this right up to the second she realizes that a man is perfectly willing to treat her with the equality she demands and beat her down. Oh, I’m good and public-school propagandized, I am.

Even more amusing is how these clownish champions of women’s rights so reliably demonstrate why women cannot be trusted to defend human liberty. While one advocates the mutilation of those who disagree with them, another is claiming my views are akin to the Taliban. What a surprise.

And again, voting does not equal freedom.

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