Mailvox: the popularity of abortion

QWERTY, we have a difference of definitions here. In my opinion, someone who supports abortion only in the case of rape and incest cannot possibly be considered “pro-choice” and the pro-abortion forces rightly consider that to be a predominantly pro-life position.

Since you clearly see things differently, then allow me to clarify my statement and say that no poll has ever shown majority support for unrestricted access to abortion.

Anti-abortion laws are regularly – if futilely – passed by state legislatures, and if my memory serves me correctly, every politician targeted by Emily’s List won in the last round of elections. The overwhelming majority of Americans rightly see the pro-abortion forces as the extremists, not the pro-lifers, with the exception of the two or three individuals who have shot abortion doctors or bombed abortion clinics.

As one NROnik wisely noted today, the idea that social conservatives hurt Republican electoral performance is a media theme repeated every four-year election cycle and an untrue one. In truth, it is usually when the Rockefeller Republicans/moderates/neoconservatives/pragmatists gain the upper hand that Republican popularity begins to recede.

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