My arms are stronger than your guns

I had one of those ramp days yesterday. You know, when you’ve been stuck on a plateau for months, then one day, for no reason, you decide to throw on a few extra pounds and you suddenly discover that it turns out to be doable.

I started out with 10×90, then hit 8×100, 6×108 and 4×117 on the straight bar. I probably could have got five on that last one, but I wasn’t wearing a weight belt and my backbone felt as if it was about to explode right out of the skin, so I just put it down. After the straight bar sets, I’ve been doing four sets of 10x on the pulley machines; machines are lame but they do give you a nicer cut once you get your mass going with the free weights.

Now I’ve decided my goal is to be able to curl Spacebunny ten times, ideally sans a creatine boost. This is complicated by the fact that I’d also like to lose a few pounds and get ripped again. So, my bench has dropped twenty pounds, as normally happens when I’m not eating like a horse, but I’ve noticed that the smaller muscle groups, like the arms, sometimes aren’t negatively affected by having less fuel in the tank.

And full credit to anyone not named WB or BC who can name the author of the quote cited in the post title off the top of their head.

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