Me So Angry

Michelle Malkin wants you to leave her husband alone:

If you have a problem with my work and what I stand for, go ahead and take me on.

Whatever. I know nothing about Malkin’s husband – I didn’t even know his name, much less what he did, until Instapundit called attention to this post – and I care even less. But perhaps if Me-So actually dared to defend her work and what she stands for once in a while rather than running, hiding and hoping it will blow over while she frantically talks about everything but her work, peoople would be content to focus on that. But she doesn’t; she’d rather lie than actually risk being held accountable, which therefore leaves everyone perfectly justified in mocking her however they like.

As for me, I’m content to continue pointing out that she’s an abysmal historian and a cowardly charlatan.

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