The feminist trajectory

Amandagon is running out of patience with the antifeminist New York Times:

there’s no doubt at this point that’s what the NY Times is up to–running a non-official series that Echidne has dubbed “New York Times Lessons For Uppity Women”. The lesson by now is shaping up. Lesson #1 for young women: Make a lot of noise about how non-ambitious you are or you won’t get a husband. Lesson #2: Women who don’t quit their careers to stay home to be wives and mothers full time are bad mothers. (Unspoken assumption is they are also bad wives.) Lesson #3, provided by Maureen Dowd: Being rich and powerful and well-respected is good and all, but only if you’re a man. If not, you need such a man in your life to count at all. Lesson #4 is provided by this Daughter Track article: If you don’t hang up your ambitions young and thereby snag that man and get to breeding, you’ll get shoehorned into giving up your job to care for elderly parents anyway. So what’s it gonna be?

One thing I really think, at least hope, that blogging is doing for feminism is that it makes it harder for feminism’s opponents to keep believing so strongly in the Strawfeminist when faced with the prospect of real feminists to have to deal with. Feminist bloggers I read come from all socioeconomic backgrounds and all races. Feminist bloggers are younger and older, male and female, gay and straight and bisexual and other sundry things, married and unmarried, religious and non-religious, career-having and job-having and even staying at home, and most of us have a pretty good sense of humor, though some of us are rowdier than others. (*ahem*) The gap between the Strawfeminist that the haters like to pick at and the real feminists out gets more and more comical every day.

The notion that blogging – sharing the real hopes, dreams and fears of feminist women – is going to make it harder for feminism’s opponents is hilarious. I mean, after wading through one after another hormone-laden, emotion-drenched, femchismo-filled lament about how Mizz Strong Independent Woman is falling to pieces because Boyfriend didn’t read her mind / doesn’t exist / dumped her, I know I’m prone to taking these lunatics more seriously as my intellectual and social peers.

What makes Amanda think that Maureen Dowd isn’t a true feminist? Maureen has long been a feminist poster girl and likely thought very much like Amanda did thirty years ago. The most striking thing about feminist bloggers is how young and immature they sound, even when they aren’t still engaged in picking up a Womens Studies, Political Science or Sociology major.

I’ve noticed that feminists tend to follow a certain trajectory over time:

18-27 – arrogant and angry
27-35 – confident, but increasingly concerned
36-45 – privately resigned, but publicly chipper
46-55 – brittle and desparate
56+ – openly sad but not always wiser

It’s been particularly interesting to see how my friends who are single, non-feminist career girls are beginning to get very angry at their feminist forebears, as they begin to realize to their shock and horror that the mysogynistic neanderthals were telling them the truth all along. Men don’t give a damn about degrees, don’t care at all about a woman’s career and tend to see these things as a threat, not to themselves, but to the possibility of a romantic relationship.

The two key things that too many women fail to grasp with regards to relationships is that men simply don’t think like women, and that the sell-by date is about 32 when it comes to dating men your own age. You don’t have to like these things, but you do have to deal with their reality. As with gravity, you ignore it at your own peril.

Is it rape if she jumps you?

A new nasal spray aphrodisiac for women that works in minutes may soon hit the market…. Doctors said women who used the drug PT-141 in test studies felt a tingling or throbbing followed by a strong desire to have sex immediately after spraying their noses. PT-141 is a synthetic version of a sex hormone that works on both men and women, according to a report.

“In the case of women, what we’re really doing is sensitizing the vaginal tissue so when they get touched or stimulated, they would feel it a little bit more,” Dr. Carl Spana said. The spray allows the sex drug to work faster. “It’s a very simple product to use,” Spana said. “Essentially, you take off the protective cap and place it at the base of your nostril and then they would just activate the device while breathing normally.

“We know that some women need something — a pill, a nasal spray — to get them going,” Melinda Gallagher said in the report. “We’re all for that. But one caveat that we have about that is they should probably look around themselves before they start taking a pill.”

What’s the over/under on how long it will take for the first date rape complaint to get filed after PT-141 goes on the market? A week? Ten days? Color me skeptical… I’m still not convinced that Viagra is anything but a scam.

The rape myth

From the Telegraph:

Twice this week the rape laws have been called into question. First, Amnesty International expressed its shock at the findings of a poll suggesting that many people believe that if a woman flirts, fails to say no clearly, wears sexy clothes or drinks too much, she is partly or totally responsible if she is raped.

I’m shocked too, mostly because it demonstrates that the duplicitous equalitarian ethic is disintegrating faster than I’d hoped. The reason many people believe a woman is at least partly responsible for her own victimization is because in many cases that is demonstrably true. In no other circumstance is it argued that a victim of a crime is must be considered wholly innocent of responsibility regardless of his actions – just ask your insurance company if you don’t believe me. As Camille Paglia pointed out, a woman who gets drunk and goes to a man’s bedroom deserves no more sympathy or understanding from society than the man who leaves his unlocked car running with the key in the ignition or the woman who leaves her purse unattended on a public park bench.

Now, this responsibility doesn’t make the thief any less a thief, or a genuine rapist any less a rapist. (I use the term “genuine rape” because most so-called “date rape” is not rape nor a crime of any kind, because he said-she said is no basis for a system of justice. If sex without written permission is a crime, then all sex is rape and all men are unrepentant criminals.) Responsibility is not a zero-sum game.

Women have demanded freedom from paternalistic protection they enjoyed/endured in the past. Now they’ve got it, and many of them are finding that they don’t like it and thus have, as usual, turned to the State in search of the security they crave so badly.

I have to confess that I don’t understand this ceaseless quest for victimhood. Being raped doesn’t confer some mystical moral superiority on a woman, it just makes her a victim. And unfortunately, in all too many cases, it just makes her a stupid one.

I’m just curious what basis the moral relativists have for condemning rape in the first place. If I deem the slaking of my desire for lust – or violence, if you prefer that theory of rape – to be an intrinsic good, who are you to condemn it? Certainly, one could argue that it is a violation of private property rights, but then, what of those moral relativists who reject the notion of private property. If all property is held in common, then how can a woman object if I decide to make use of that which belongs to me?