Is it rape if she jumps you?

A new nasal spray aphrodisiac for women that works in minutes may soon hit the market…. Doctors said women who used the drug PT-141 in test studies felt a tingling or throbbing followed by a strong desire to have sex immediately after spraying their noses. PT-141 is a synthetic version of a sex hormone that works on both men and women, according to a report.

“In the case of women, what we’re really doing is sensitizing the vaginal tissue so when they get touched or stimulated, they would feel it a little bit more,” Dr. Carl Spana said. The spray allows the sex drug to work faster. “It’s a very simple product to use,” Spana said. “Essentially, you take off the protective cap and place it at the base of your nostril and then they would just activate the device while breathing normally.

“We know that some women need something — a pill, a nasal spray — to get them going,” Melinda Gallagher said in the report. “We’re all for that. But one caveat that we have about that is they should probably look around themselves before they start taking a pill.”

What’s the over/under on how long it will take for the first date rape complaint to get filed after PT-141 goes on the market? A week? Ten days? Color me skeptical… I’m still not convinced that Viagra is anything but a scam.

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