NFL Week 12

Last week: 10-4. Season: 107-51, .677. Fantasy 8-3.

W-Cincinnati Bengals over Baltimore Ravens
W-Seattle Seahawks over New York Giants
Indianapolis Colts over Pittsburgh Steelers
W-St. Louis Rams over Houston Texans
L-New York Jets over New Orleans Saints
W-Minnesota Vikings over Cleveland Browns
W-Jacksonville Jaguars over Arizona Cardinals
L-Oakland Raiders over Miami Dolphins
W-Carolina Panthers over Buffalo Bills
W-Tennessee Titans over San Francisco 49ers
W-Kansas City Chiefs over New England Patriots
L-Detroit Lions over Atlanta Falcons
W-San Diego Chargers over Washington Redskins
L-Tampa Bay Buccaneers over Chicago Bears
L-Green Bay Packers over Philadelphia Eagles
L-Dallas Cowboys over Denver Broncos

This week is shaping up like a Lemony Snicket book. Dallas gave it a good shot – now I’m wishing I’d started Bledsoe – but the Detroit game was simply gruesome. I can’t believe Matt Millen still has a job there; I’m not saying that Mariucci is working out well, but I don’t think he is the fundamental problem either.

Dr. Catlady clarifies… or something

Yeah, the Chiefs-Patriots game blows. So, I’m typing this up while watching Brady do his best McNabb impression as he overthrows everything by a foot.

It has come to light that my last post has been taken astray as me being a brainless little twit….After the tattoo was finished, we had dinner at Applebee’s, went back to my place, harrassed my wonderful man and had a conversation about people who express opinions that can not back them up. Vox Day was on that list. So, upon urging I looked up Vox Day. What I read appalled me and angered me. I have serious issues with someone who decides that women should not write science fiction because they can not handle, and do not understand, the hard sciences. And yes, biology is not a hard science. Of course, this can not be backed up. I have other issues with a person who declares that “Real Rape” is different than “Date Rape” because Date rape isn’t really rape. (someone help me with the logic here. Please?)

Regardless of why Dr. Catlady posted that, or her presumed ability to surmount the low bar set by it, it nevertheless served to nicely highlight the essential silliness of Amandagon’s expectation that feminist bloggers would change antifeminists’ minds about feminism through their brilliance and diversity.

And she continues to highlight it here, albeit less beautifully. Her errors in that single paragraph are as follows:

1. I almost always back up my opinions. Regardless of whether you consider the support offered to be conclusive or not, I seldom fail to provide something, and have been reasonably accused of going completely overboard on occasion. This is something very few of my critics ever bother to do, including both Dr. Catlady and her fiance.

2. I have never said women should not write science fiction. Given that the SFWA’s recent NAR report shows how I have nominated numerous women for science fiction’s top prize, the Nebula, the accusation is demonstrably absurd. Virtually no women write hard science fiction – I note that this is not my assertion – and what I have stated is that I believe the primary reason for this is the very small number of women capable of writing it due to women’s disinclination to pursue the advanced degrees and professional careers in the hard sciences which are possessed by most male hard science fiction writers and are presumably required to successfully write hard science fiction.

3. I have never made any comment about biology being a hard science or not, in fact, I have never said anything about biology at all. Dr. Catlady’s fiance claimed that the mere possession of a bachelor’s degree in biology was sufficient to make one a “scientist”. I assert that this is ludicrous, especially when the “scientist” in question is a professor in the U of M’s Women’s Studies department teaching feminist history and the philosophy of feminism.

4. If date rape was rape, there would be no need for the adjective. The adjective modifies the noun. If this is truly beyond Dr. Catlady, I recommend F.A. von Hayek’s excellent essay on social justice in the book THE FATAL CONCEIT wherein he demonstrates that the concept of social justice inherently obviates the concept of justice. The concept of date rape is an effort on the part of hard core feminist ideologues to expand the definition of rape as broadly as possible; in the same vein, some have famously asserted all sex to be rape.

With that out of the way, I now invite Dr. Catlady’s fiance to back up his own opinion on my supposed inability to back up my own. He can pick the subject, I will either provide the opinion, or, if it is a topic on which I have already opined, stand by it, and he can see if he is capable of demonstrating how I have failed to back it up to everyone’s satisfaction.

If he’s correct, then this should be no sweat for him. And if he’s simply full of it, then I’m sure he’ll have a very credible excuse for why he’s too busy or can’t be bothered. After all, those china patterns won’t get picked out on their own!

Meet Mrs. Dr. Catlady

What a delightful surprise! Dr. Catlady’s fiance turns out to be one of the lovely and charming minxes from Electrolite! Now, first read how he characterizes our exchange, then note the minor bit of information he omits:

“Jigna Desai, associate professor. BA in Astrophysics from MIT.

She’s the second core professor on the list.

Jacquelyn Zita, BA in Biology from Washington University.

She’s the ninth core professor on the list.

Two “lab science” degrees in just thirty seconds of research, Vox. Now, if you didn’t know this, it means you didn’t do any research before you started tossing out “facts” in public. If you did know this, it means you’ll lie to preserve your caricature before you’ll incorporate contradictory evidence honestly into your arguments. A third and possibly more charitable interpretation is that you’re just a really, really sloppy reader.”

His response was (in addition to noting that I had mistakenly written ‘BA’ for one of those degrees which was actually a ‘BS,’ which of course negates my response in its entirety):

“Yeah, real scientists, those two. Feeble, Scott, very feeble.”

And my final words:

“No, truthful, Vox, very truthful. Your exact words, easily disproven, were “not a single scientist in the bunch.” I suppose, of course, that the fact these women merely earned degrees in hard science disciplines isn’t enough to fit the Vox Day Conveniently Adjustable Definition of a scientist. But then, you can special-plead your way out of anything if your streak of intellectual cowardice is wide enough. Yours is an eight-lane highway.”

Oxford would also appear to disagree, as it defines a scientist as “a person who has expert knowledge of one or more of the natural or physical sciences”. Is a bachelor’s degree sufficient to grant “expert knowledge”? I certainly don’t think so, as the linguistics suggest that one would require at least a “master’s” to fit this dictionary definition.

The colloquial understanding of a scientist is one who researches science and, to a lesser extent, teaches it in a university setting. So, let’s see what those two “scientists” are researching and teaching, shall we? By the way, this aspect is something I pointed out at the time, but Mrs. Dr. Catlady somehow doesn’t see fit to mention it in his “very truthful” account of the exchange.

“You could probably count on one hand the number of M.I.T. astrophysics alumni who do research in Hindi cinema. Actually, there may be only one. Her name is Jigna Desai, and she’s at the University of Minnesota…. While earning her bachelor’s degree in astrophysics at M.I.T., she says, she realized that “teaching physics wouldn’t get at the social justice issues that were important to me.” So instead of a physics lab, she opted for the University of Minnesota, where she could get a minor in feminist studies while she earned her doctorate in English.

As a part of her scientific exploration: From a feminist and queer perspective, Jigna Desai explores the hybrid cinema of the Brown Atlantic through a close look at films in English…”

As for our other “scientist”, Jacquelyne Zita, she is busily engaged with feminist theory and philosophy, gender, lesbian/gay studies as an associate professor of Women’s Studies.

No wonder women scientists have such a hard time developing new technologies and receiving patents. Perhaps if they spent less time researching queer Hindu cinema or “giving students a map of feminist history” and more in the laboratory, they might actually get somewhere. I have a BS in economics and a BA in Asian studies, that doesn’t make me an economist any more than it makes me Asian.

Christmas shopping at the adult store

Pharyngirl engages in a little romantic fantasy:

I was thinking of his pretentiously macho self-image and that photo of him in a snug black t-shirt with a big sword, and I was wondering…isn’t Vox Day just begging to be raped?

I didn’t know it was possible for a confessed player of soccer and computer games to be macho, pretentiously or otherwise, but apparently Pharyngirl thinks about such things – and the fit of my clothes – more often than I do.

And while I thank her for her kind offer, I am afraid I shall have to respectfully decline. I hope she won’t be too disappointed.

Mailvox: strawman city

Eman willfully ignores the adjective:

So you argument is that it was okay to call her “Me so Michelle,” which insinuates she is a vietnameese and not asian prostitute, because you thought she was a media whore. I don’t see how that answers Paula’s accusation that it was not something a christian/gentleman/whatever should use to refer to a mother of two. Perhaps you just call all women whores or maybe you think that any man is justified in calling your wife a whore in front of the internet/united states/whatever?

“It’s called a metaphor, and this is a particularly apt one, being doubly applicable and spiced with a dash of alliteration, no less. And as long as we’re on the subject of metaphors, I should note that a gentleman is not supposed to treat a whore like a lady, he is merely expected to pay her according to the services rendered.”

But the fact is that Michelle Malkin is not a street whore and you are treating her as one. She hasn’t rendered you any services. It seems to me that you’re referring to her as a whore to discount any credibility she may have left and not alluding to her media whore tendencies. I say this because when you call her a whore you don’t refer to anything she has done or said to show she is a whore.

It’s clear that Eman is having some serious difficulties with understanding the difference between metaphorical and literal reality. I have not treated Me So as a street whore in any way as I am neither engaging in sexual contact with her nor am I paying her any money. So, what’s it going to be, literal or metaphorical? Make up your mind.

I have not called Malkin a whore or a street whore; I have, on the other hand, labled her an egregious media whore, a concept with which all the regulars here are familiar, which I have detailed at some length and which I shall post here later this week.

I have already noted that as Jesus Christ used similarly harsh rhetoric when criticizing other lovers of legalism and state authority, so the idea that it is somehow inherently non-Christian to do likewise is at least arguable. And even if we posit that one is, in fact, in error to do so, I see no reason to pay any attention to those who wish to hold me accountable while simultaneously ignoring Me So Michelle’s blatant and public lies as well as her own habit of hurling insults around.

The reason that people get so upset about the Me So Michelle appellation is that it is such an effective dismissal of Malkin, her lack of intellectual character and her prediliction for self-promotion. It is perfect because Malkin can’t even whine about it lest she highlight her own hypocrisy on ethnic issues and few who encounter it can see her or read her without it coming immediately to mind.

If Malkin wanted substantive criticism, she had the option of addressing it. She rejected that option because what would come out was bound to harm her career somewhat, and being a media whore, she valued career and the illusion of credibility over the real thing. She made her choice and so she will continue to silently endure the open contempt directed her way.

As to how I would react if a man called my wife a whore, I imagine would react in much the same way as if he had called her Asian or a picture frame, as the one is as accurate as the others.

Mailvox: The Future Dr. Catlady shows her claws

I take it you google your name on a daily basis to keep up with what people are saying about you? Or do you have your minions do it for you?

Actually, clicking on that little Voxicity link on the right keeps me up to speed. Mere use of such an aggregator is clearly an indication of an out-of-control Narcissis complex and a prediliction for excess autoeroticism, though, isn’t it? Whereas there’s nothing similarly narcissistic about blogging per se. It’s such a shame that you can’t privately rip people in public without them knowing about it.

Yes, I do, in fact, think you are a dumb ass-fucking evil retard. I think you attempt to act intelligent and spout off bullshit that you want others to believe. I think it makes you feel big, and elitist.

Think what you like. That doesn’t, of course, make it so. Now, a logical person would understand that if I wanted to feel elitist, I’d write mainstream Democratic Party talking points – or at least mainstream Republican Party talking points – and go on the cocktail circuit. Perhaps TFDC thinks that this sort of regurgitation that a twelve year-old can do is simply beyond me.

I also believe you are a narrow minded fool who attempts to show himself in the broadest spectrum because then you are not responsible for the opinions you express that are not progressive, intelligent, or based on fact. Particularly the ones that aren’t based on fact. Shall we talk about women writing in Science Fiction? Shall we talk about rape vs date rape?

I would think that my willingness to stand by my words and engage my critics, however lowly, would serve to demonstrate precisely the opposite of what you’re suggesting here. By all means, let us talk about the tripe that women – a few exemplary exceptions aside – are writing in Science Fiction. Do Nebula winners such as Asaro, Moon and Willis even come close in comparison to non-winners such as Stross, Stephenson and Mieville? As much as I like both Lois Bujold and her entertaining Barrayar novels, I don’t consider them to rank with the seminal works of Asimov, Clark, Heinlein, Herbert or even Gibson.

I disagree wholeheartedly with everything you say except for the recent post about America being free and brave at the moment. I agree with your basic sentiments there, I am afraid I have to shy away from agreeing with you since you like to twist things to suit your own purposes.

And it’s amazing how easily I can do that, isn’t it. Almost as if I’m some sort of idiot savante.

I am a woman who not only thinks, even though I do enjoy my moments of goofy bliss from time to time, but am a scientist, and attempting to obtain my DVM and my PhD in infectious disease.

We shall all, I’m sure, wait with bated breath to learn of your forthcoming contributions to human knowledge. Where would we be without women constantly pushing forward science and technology?

Lastly I am not a feminist, I do not proclaim to be a feminist, although I do believe in equal rights etc. I did not post a link to you, your blog, or point people to you in order to join in ritual bashing. I did post the name Vox Day and my opinion about the personality behind the name. If you notice, none of my commentors took the time to blast you out of the water, did they? I expressed an opinion which I was planning on going back to clarify later. Of course, heaven forbid I have one of those since I’m a woman.

If you believe in genuine equality, then you are truly no feminist. Good for you. However, I don’t see why you think either I or heaven would forbid you having an opinion. I expect everyone to have opinions. I also expect most of them to express, in varying degrees, ignorance, unreason and cognitive incompetence. You have not disappointed.

The tattoo, is one of a cat, on my shoulder blade. I own a cat, I own a dog, I own a lizard, and I have a fiance and a family. I’m sorry I don’t agree with the fact that I should allow myself to be frail and be protected by the men in my life. I guess I just gave that up when I accepted the right to vote, own my own property, and be more than a brood mare. In lieu of expecting every man in my family to protect me, I find that I am more than capable of handling my own protection.

That’s what every woman thinks until she runs into the first man who decides to make her a victim. I hope that you will be fortunate enough to be able to maintain your belief in this delusion.

I feel pity for uppity bastards like you and many of your commentators who feel the need to prove that they are right and instead letting someone have their own opinion.

Yes, it’s much nicer to simply assert that you are right in the hopes that no one will question you, isn’t it? You’d think a scientist would understand the concept of the necessity for one’s hypotheses to withstand testing, but then, the mere possession of academic credentials rarely suffices to demonstrate one’s ability in the related field. TFDC can have whatever opinions she likes. But the mere fact of her having them doesn’t make them correct; indeed her performance here tends to suggest the opposite.

I’m very happy that you all get off on slamming people who aren’t what you expect. Especially since it’s part of human nature, and I’m not overly pissed that you are insulting me. I’m just pissed that you used a goofy post on my part when I was having fun with friends as a way to justify your fucked up points of view.

Correction: I take pleasure in dissecting the opinions of those who are not only precisely what I expect, but think and behave in such a predictable manner. And how deeply shocking it is to discover that an educated, professional woman-to-be should resent being held responsible for her words and actions.

If you don’t want to get pissed on, steer clear of the big dogs.