Mailvox: strawman city

Eman willfully ignores the adjective:

So you argument is that it was okay to call her “Me so Michelle,” which insinuates she is a vietnameese and not asian prostitute, because you thought she was a media whore. I don’t see how that answers Paula’s accusation that it was not something a christian/gentleman/whatever should use to refer to a mother of two. Perhaps you just call all women whores or maybe you think that any man is justified in calling your wife a whore in front of the internet/united states/whatever?

“It’s called a metaphor, and this is a particularly apt one, being doubly applicable and spiced with a dash of alliteration, no less. And as long as we’re on the subject of metaphors, I should note that a gentleman is not supposed to treat a whore like a lady, he is merely expected to pay her according to the services rendered.”

But the fact is that Michelle Malkin is not a street whore and you are treating her as one. She hasn’t rendered you any services. It seems to me that you’re referring to her as a whore to discount any credibility she may have left and not alluding to her media whore tendencies. I say this because when you call her a whore you don’t refer to anything she has done or said to show she is a whore.

It’s clear that Eman is having some serious difficulties with understanding the difference between metaphorical and literal reality. I have not treated Me So as a street whore in any way as I am neither engaging in sexual contact with her nor am I paying her any money. So, what’s it going to be, literal or metaphorical? Make up your mind.

I have not called Malkin a whore or a street whore; I have, on the other hand, labled her an egregious media whore, a concept with which all the regulars here are familiar, which I have detailed at some length and which I shall post here later this week.

I have already noted that as Jesus Christ used similarly harsh rhetoric when criticizing other lovers of legalism and state authority, so the idea that it is somehow inherently non-Christian to do likewise is at least arguable. And even if we posit that one is, in fact, in error to do so, I see no reason to pay any attention to those who wish to hold me accountable while simultaneously ignoring Me So Michelle’s blatant and public lies as well as her own habit of hurling insults around.

The reason that people get so upset about the Me So Michelle appellation is that it is such an effective dismissal of Malkin, her lack of intellectual character and her prediliction for self-promotion. It is perfect because Malkin can’t even whine about it lest she highlight her own hypocrisy on ethnic issues and few who encounter it can see her or read her without it coming immediately to mind.

If Malkin wanted substantive criticism, she had the option of addressing it. She rejected that option because what would come out was bound to harm her career somewhat, and being a media whore, she valued career and the illusion of credibility over the real thing. She made her choice and so she will continue to silently endure the open contempt directed her way.

As to how I would react if a man called my wife a whore, I imagine would react in much the same way as if he had called her Asian or a picture frame, as the one is as accurate as the others.

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