17 guys you can’t get mad at

Speaking of being philosophically resigned:

Brad Pitt – If the last two women a man had sex with were Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, and the women he chooses for his next conquest is your girl, there is no way you should feel upset about this. You should feel both honored and privileged. Your woman must be among the hottest 3 girls on the planet.

The Rock – Seriously what are you going to do? He is bigger than you, stronger than you, and most likely funnier than you too. Just chalk this one up as an L and move on with life. Besides, too many years of steroid abuse have most likely shriveled his crank to the size of a golf pencil…. or at least you can keep telling yourself that.

Doug Flutie – Never before has one man brought an entire team as well as their legions of fans to their knees. Flutie did this to “The U” … why should your girl be any different.

Hmmmmm… Spacebunny does seem to perk up a bit when Tom Selleck makes an appearance on a Friends rerun….

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