Mailvox: I lift therefore I am

It’s amusing how we are so often assumed to be uneducated hayseeds untainted by the occult knowledge of Higher Education simply because we are a) Christian, and b) reject the ideological and historical propaganda instilled by the local children’s day-gulag. But then, as soon as we reveal that we are sufficiently familiar with the works of Marx, Kant, Keynes, Darwin, Chomsky, Foucault or (insert academic idol of choice here), we are immediately accused of being wealthy and arrogant elitists whose exotic views are the result of insulation from the Real World of the proletariat.

Following the White Buffalo’s one-man trampling of Pandagon’s philosophical poseurs, (with a 15-yard flag for unnecessary overkill on Nate) Antagony responds to the WB here:

Sounds like he has some attitude, too. Like Vox. Nothing like a philosopher with attitude. I have some attitude of my own. A person doesn’t need a good reason to have attitude. This place reeks of attitude. So I’ve humbled myself because the kid with the big brain sounds like he has something interesting to say….

And tell the kid from the rich, uppity schools that if he needs a personal aid who’ll work at poverty wages, I have connections. I suppose an expensive, big-name, Catholic university with a good philosophy program is a whole lot better place for a kid with a big brain than a relatively unknown, expensive Catholic university with a good philosophy program.

Actually, I think I kind of like this guy. WB, does the kid with the big brain and the fro to match need a valet? Maybe he could lift his weights for him; the last time I saw the Philosopher King it looked as if whatever time he was spending on my old bench was spent in contemplation.

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