The moral imperative of the Rape Master

Anansi is all but gagging for it:

Wow, implying that you raped Renee, how classy and Christian of you. Really, your integrity astounds. Again, you’re acting like a sociopath and these people commenting are doing nothing but supporting behavior that most of society would condemn and would be right in condemning.

Hey, she asked for it! Didn’t you see what she was wearing? Amandagon said no at first, but then she said yes, and then she said no, so I just stuffed her teddy bear in her mouth and got on with it. Wonkette, well, you know how she wanted it…

Thank Society, as we learned yesterday from the philosophical masters of Pandagon, that morality turns out to be democratic. Free at last, free at last, thank Society Almighty, I am free at last! So, if Anansi can just keep her pants on for the nonce, I’ll take a quick poll of everyone in my social circle, after which sanction I shall see about committing an act of moral goodness for her spiritual edification.

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