It’s Childress

Eagles assistant Brad Childress was hired as coach of the Minnesota Vikings on Friday…. “Coach Childress was the elite NFL head coaching candidate,” owner Zygi Wilf said at a news conference. “He embodies class, character and discipline and is a great family man. Bottom line, Brad Childress is a winner.”

I don’t know much about Childress, and given the performance of the Eagles’ offense – for which he didn’t call the plays as OC – over the last few years, there’s nothing that makes me want to sing and dance about this hire. Not that I have anything against it either; I certainly prefer him to Cottrell or Williams, the other two names that surfaced. And not being Mike Tice should be good for at least two additional wins a year.

But he has been with two winning programs, Reid in Philly and Alvarez at Wisconsin, so that’s theoretically a good sign. And the Vikes have done rather well with a low-key coach before. Think he’ll mind if we call him Bud instead of Brad?

Mailvox: projection

Digital needs to brush up on his Italian history:

Get your facts straight. Fascists opposed women and forced feminist organizations to disband and put a stop to feminist publications.

Believe what you want however, I just wanted to offer some truth.

I find that it is typically those who are fear filled and emotionally unbalanced that have the greatest difficulty with truth.

Which, no doubt, is why Digital will have trouble absorbing the verifiable historical facts. From The Manifesto of the Fascist Struggle, written by Benito Mussolini and published in The People of Italy on June 6, 1919:

Italians! Here is the program of a genuinely Italian movement. It is revolutionary because it is anti-dogmatic, strongly innovative and against prejudice.

For the political problem: We demand:

a) Universal suffrage polled on a regional basis, with proportional representation and voting and electoral office eligibility for women.

As I stated, it’s the very first plank in the Fascist platform. This really shouldn’t be that hard to grasp. Totalitarians always turn on those who bring them to power, just ask Ernst Röhm and the Sturmabteilung or Georgi Plekhanov and the Mensheviks. In a democratic system, statist totalitarians will always favor the women’s vote, because women reliably vote for them. This is even true in Islamic democracies such as Turkey: “Both female and male MPs admitted that male leaders easily coopted women through women branches to extend their control over women at the same time as providing them access to politics.” (Yesim Arat, “Patriarchal Paradox: Women in Politics in Turkey,” Associated University Press, 1984. p. 103) Once safely in power, statists then favor using women as brood mares in service to the state; from each according to her abilities, and all that.

Today, the female prediliction for “diversity” and multiculturalism is being used in precisely this manner by the Wahhabbists.

What’s an anti-feminist to do?

When mere mockery can’t keep pace with reality. From the Rabbi’s column on WND today:

The image of American women in the popular media has taken yet another blow with the announcement and launch of the massive promotional campaign by the Oxygen network to promote its new show, “Campus Ladies.” The show revolves around middle-aged women who return to college and decide to indulge in “age-inappropriate” behavior with young, male college students….

I find it astonishing that in my lifetime I have seen the feminist dream become a nightmare, where not a single feminist leader will speak against the tsunami of misogyny that has opened up against American women. Feminism’s highest objective was once the emphasis on female higher education. But this has now devolved into a cultural portrayal of women going to college not because they want to discover Aristotle and Shakespeare, but because they want to have orgies with men.

She laughed, she cried. Much better than cats. What the Rabbi fails to understand that this sort of thing was inevitable from the start, and desperation is never pretty. Feminism is the only ideology that makes both Communism and National Socialism look practical, sensible and humane by comparison.

A gripping endorsement

I’d been having some problems with my hands while lifting; I’d have minor palm pain in my right hand for a day or two after doing anything reasonably heavy. But Spacebunny bought me a pair of these for Christmas and I can testify that they make a big difference. The neoprene is twice as thick as a regular neoprene lifting glove, and about four times thicker than leather gloves.

When benching yesterday, the NewGrips made it possible to hit two more reps on my last set repping out at 225; normally, my leather gloves tend to slip just a little, sliding my grip out just enough to make the last reps too risky past a certain point. They’re also quite comfortable, the neoprene keeps your hands from getting calluses and they provide both an excellent grip as well as some support for your wrists from the straps to which the pad is attached with velcro.

Best of all, no pain whatsoever. The thickness of the neoprene absorbs enough of the weight that it doesn’t strain whatever tendon or ligament wasn’t liking things. They may look a little odd and take a few minutes to get used to, but if you’re at all serious about lifting, they’re worth checking out.

The strength of glass

Bandersnatch notes an amusing little kerfluffle:

Oh man, Vox, you’re missing out on quite the dramafest. Some students at feministe blogger Jill’s campus are considering a Miss NYC calendar – this has upset young Jill for obvious reasons, she posted on feministe about this, some students read her posts and have been bashing her on a public forum, Jill found out about it, she posted about that, they dissed her some more, etc, etc and now there’s talk about campus police getting involved, sexual harassment, etc. This is hilarious for three reasons:

1) I remember a post you made last week about wimmin not being strong enough to take blunt criticism – behold, a real world example happening before our eyes in real time!

2) I recall Jill has blogged about you a few times and the comments posted about you weren’t very nice and pleasant and I think a few even hinted at physical violence. Funny, how it’s only a police matter when a precious dainty little feminist is being verbally insulted.

3) I always get a kick from seeing strong independent wimmin being reduced to little scared cats crying to the big brave campus police to protect them from a bunch of guys calling them fat and ugly online.

And just how does Jill prove my earlier point about those tuff, tuff Zeta feminists?

She writes: “Unfortunately, supporters of the calendar are coming out in full force, and seem to be choosing to counter feminist questions with personal attacks instead of having a reasoned discussion…. What’s more interesting is how they choose to discount feminist arguments — calling us “hairy,” “overzealous,” “hippies,” “ungrateful bitches,” and “ugly.””

She later adds:“A Follow-Up… to yesterday’s very short post on the discussion board about how I’m hideous and a fat ugly pig…. I was a little bit in shock, and a little bit upset, when I first read the message board, so I didn’t really get into why I even posted it or why it bothered me so much…. The fact is that it feels threatening to know that people I go to school with are reading this board and posting on it. It’s gross, it’s cowardly, and it’s intentionally hurtful. It shows a remarkable amount of cruelty toward a person that, as far as I know, they’ve never met.”

Naturally, the response of the little friends of this strong, independent woman is to recommend running to Daddy… the Dean of Students. The great irony, of course, is that this is the very girl – how completely unsurprising to learn that she’s a college student – whose blog features the following gross, cowardly and intentionally hurtful comments showing remarkable cruelty – sniff – to someone she’s never met:

“So in case you ever wondered how conservative assholes like Vox Day actually view women, it’s as straight-up property.”

He’s clearly a borderline sociopath and a full-on misogynist.

He’s just a vile idiot.

Can we castrate all these people? Please?

will someone please shoot this man in the face?

“V.D.” has no female friends at all, guaranteed. And boy oh boy, is he ever pissed off about it! And it’s all their fault.

Nothing more irritating than an in your face bible thumping maniac who spouts scripture like a broken faucet. The only thing worse is an out and out chauvanist. Guess what, this guy’s both. If in fact someone does find where he lives, I have some fun ideas of what to do with him involving my fencing equipment.

He’s the most female-hating piece of shit I’ve ever seen on the internets, bar none–and I myself am very much a conservative. Frankly, anyone who identifies himself as a “Christian Libertarian” freaks me out, like a David Duke or Timothy McVeigh.

But y’know, all that angry misogyny…he just screams “self-loathing closeted queen” to me. He practically broadcasts it. I know stereotypes are unreliable at best, but I’ll be damned if he doesn’t fit it.

Wow, the anti-Semitic defenders of the Jew-hating Vox Day are now turning around and calling Cindy Sheehan an anti-Semite! You guys project better than a Bell and Howell tungsten-bulb unit. (Note – this comment is especially weird, since it wasn’t any of my readers who got on Sheehan, but other Feministe commenters. I’ve never written about Sheehan and she’s never been discussed at VP.)

I say Cindy Sheehan is an anti-Semite, and I say that Vox Day is a piece of shit.

I think Vox Day’s tune might change if HE were the one to be raped, especially if the prepetrator is a 350lb black guy; Vox Day sounds a little racist, doesn’t he?

He should be anally raped with the thick end of a baseball bat with rusty fishhooks and see how HE likes it!

Read the comments on Vox’s website- you realise most of the commenters there aren’t decent people after all. Assholes.

Clearly, we insufficiently civilized denizens of the Right have a great deal to learn about etiquette and intellectual consistency from our moral superiors of the Feminist Left. And Jill, you’re absolutely right, it was totally unnecessary for those people to call you fat and ugly. Given that you’re a feminist headed for law school, everyone already knew that.