Super Bowl prediction

Steelers by 10.

QB – Steelers
RB – Even. Alexander is better, but from the Peyton Manning school of performance.
OL – Seahawks
WR/TE – Steelers

DL – Even
LB – Steelers
DS – Steelers

Coaches – Edge to Holmgren. Cowher is a good coach and I like how he chews up the clock with a lead, but I don’t like how he chickened out twice in the Maroon Zone last week.

False modesty

Tiny Cat Pants invokes the immutable losers’ law:

It makes me think that there are libertarian men who just kind of are powerful, cantakerous, assholes by nature, but who, at heart, are good men. And then there are men who feel powerless in the face of whatever it is they fear and who set out to adopt the posture** of “powerful, cantakerous asshole.” They’re just pretending to be what they wish they were naturally….

TCP’s reader Gina adds: I had the same thought the original post, Exador and other do…if Vox Day has to say he is dominant, and Alpha, etc., then he isn’t. That guy’s internet persona must be the most contrived bunch of cr*p I’ve ever seen.

This is a typical Gamma Girl reaction. Hiss and deprecate, but from a safe distance. Of course, the fact that one is incapable of speaking factually about oneself – or anything else – doesn’t mean that everyone else is.

The truth is that those who are genuinely self-confident about themselves or their abilities don’t bother to hide it. I find false modesty to be far more offensive than honesty; your mileage may vary. Does a 6’6″ man saying that he is tall make him short? Does a man with a net worth of USD 3 million saying that he is wealthy make him poor? This is what passes for female logic… emotional “truth” trumps factual data.

There are no shortage of individuals here who know me personally, some of them very well. As they have not hesitated to bust on me at every given opportunity – WB, you totally had me going on “Antone”, by the way – does anyone truly believe that any of them, with the possible exception of Space Bunny, wouldn’t call BS on me? (And the evidence suggests that SB isn’t completely averse to doing that here either.)

Of course it’s true that some people are completely full of it, on the Internet as well as in real life. But the fact that some people are does not mean that everyone is. I wonder what these skilled amateur psychologists would make of Matt Leinart’s recent comments: “I’m a great leader. I just have a passion for winning. I’ve lost two games in my college career. I have the will to win, the passion to win.”

Clearly, the guy has to be a complete loser to say that. And Rod Marinelli is quite obviously a quitter, since he described himself as “relentless”.

I believe there are a lot of nasty little people out there like the appropriately named Tiny who simply hate anything that excels or anyone who does better than they do. I’ve despised their pettiness and refused to bow to it ever since I discovered that people who didn’t mind my enthusiasm for my beat-up, semi-functional MGB – which I LOVED – suddenly considered the mere answer to the question “what do you drive” to be bragging after I moved up to a Porsche. And four years of keeping my intelligence under wraps in order to socialize with the A-crowd in high school and my first year of college was about three years too long.

I assert that if you’re good at what you do, if you’re so smart, so successful or so pretty that it is immediately obvious to everyone, it is an insult to everyone’s intelligence to pretend that it isn’t so.

When you have to read it twice

Farah on Buchanan:

I believe foreign aid is immoral and unconstitutional. I believe it is wrong to redistribute money confiscated by force from U.S. taxpayers to any foreign government. As a freedom-loving constitutionalist who still believes in limited government as envisioned by our Founding Fathers, I believe it is wrong to confiscate money by force from U.S. citizens for the purpose of redistributing it – even inside the United States. I’m incredulous, frankly, when any so-called “conservative” – neo or paleo – attempts to justify such a thing. But for someone who calls himself a “conservative” to suggest that it is appropriate to give away U.S. taxpayer dollars to a terrorist quasi-government of a non-existent state that hates everything the United States stands for defies reason.

But that’s just what Pat Buchanan did yesterday in suggesting Hamas should be placed on “probation” with U.S. aid continuing to flow to the barbarian thugs and murderers who now control the Palestinian Authority – an entity, by the way, that has always been controlled by barbarian thugs and murderers.

It is flip-flops like this on matters of absolute principle by conservatives that has forced me to distance myself from all conservatives.

I’m completely with Joseph on this one. I like Mr. Buchanan, I think his Death of the West is one of the most important books to have been written in the last decade and I think his call for continued financial assistance to the Palestinian Authority – probationary or otherwise – is totally insane.

Americans should not be funding any foreign government, and of all the foreign-governments in the world, the Palestinian Authority should be near the bottom of the list.

On the other hand, I thought it was equally ludicrous for Clinton and Bush to be forcing American taxpayers to fund Arafat and Fatah, so I don’t see why funding for Hamas should be considered inherently more outrageous.