But we’re NOT an empire!


Rumsfeld to Joint Chiefs: There’s Been Some Mistake, We Missed 15 Countries: Just before Super Bowl kickoff, Al Michaels welcomed U.S. armed forces members “serving overseas in 175 countries.” Yours truly thinks grateful thoughts about the men and women defending our liberty, and the concept of liberty, by serving overseas. Yet there are 191 nations in the world. We have troops stationed in 175 of them? Make that 176, including here. We have soldiers in 92 percent of the world’s nations?

I always enjoy speaking those who insist that there is no American empire because we elect a president. I like to ask them two questions:

1. Have you ever heard of the Athenian Empire?
2. Who was its emperor?

They need a Campaign for a Real Life

Hruby’s sheds a tear for the fat and the ugly:

Dove wants me to join something called the “Campaign for Real Beauty” because the greatest issue facing our girls is feeling too fat or wanting to be blond, and the solution is buying skin care products that will magically boost one’s self-esteem. Right. Maybe in Oprah’s America. As for me, sorry if I’m not ready to march on Washington for this. Look, it’s simply not a tragedy when watching Jessica Simpson in a video makes a little girl feel less pretty, any more than it’s a tragedy when listening to Simpson open her mouth makes the same little girl feel less dumb. Promote a similar “Campaign for Real Athletes” — with pictures of little boys and sad captions like “DOESN’T THINK HE’LL EVER PLAY IN SUPER BOWL” — and you’d be laughed off the air…. Did anyone tell the Campaign for Real Beauty about those Slim-Fast ads?

I suspect the whole campaign was originally conceived by a man, because anything that relies this shamelessly on sanctifying and taking advantage of female insecurity almost has to have been thought up by someone accustomed to ruthlessly preying on women.

Mailvox: no, not Derrick Z. Jackson

A well-known black columnist writes about yesterday’s column

Vox…well said…loved it…point we must make not stop making until same is ended.

Mailvox: please revise

LL has some suggestions:

Please revise the Afro-Abortion article. The politically correct term is now known as Afro-capable. Please revise paragraphs 1 through 11, to reflect a sugar-coated version, more appropriate for those of us who can’t handle blunt truth. Tell us the numbers but not the meaning behind them, and most undoubtedly, you will have to ensure that it is unbiased in political thinking. If you could also find a way to point a finger at a few conservatives while making these needed changes, we may be able to publish the article.

Actually, the mainstream media prefers not to provide the hard numbers, but rather the percentage change in the numbers, the better to avoid all possibility of comparison with past statistics.

Thus, “the economy grew x.y% in the fourth quarter” and “the American birthrate dropped 0.z% in 2005”.