I told you we weren’t at war

Rich Lowry on one of the bigger chickenhawks:

Bill Kristol on Fox yesterday said of Iraq, “We’ve been trying, and our soldiers are doing terrifically, but we have not had a serious three-year effort to fight a war in Iraq as opposed to laying the preconditions for getting out.” He also recommended killing terrorists….

For a while now, everyone in the US has been pre-positioning for what they will say in the event that the war really goes south. For one school of neo-conservatives, the line will apparently be that there never was an Iraq war, at least never a proper one.

So, apparently Iraq is Vietnam after all. Or at least, in the eyes of those neocons, it will be. You see, all we had to do to improve reading scores was try HARDER and hire MORE teachers… I mean, um, hire more soldiers to kill more terrorists. It should be easy to see here how the neocons are actually nothing more than internationally aggressive neo-liberals.

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