End game conservatives

Dear Leader’s support continues to fall away:

John Derbyshire: Well, I’m with Bill Buckley and George Will. This pig’s ear is never going to be made into a silk purse, not by any methods or expenditures the American people are willing to countenance. The only questions worth asking about Iraq at this point are: How does GWB get out of this with the least damage to US interests, and to his party’s future prospects?

So, Kristol and Shapiro are starting to blame the insufficiently bloodthirsty, Buckley, Will and Derbyshire are outright proclaiming failure and Ledeen has fallen suprisingly silent with regards to the freedom-loving people of Iran who are just waiting to rise up against their Islamofascist – a dumb word if I’ve ever seen one, as anyone who knows anything about fascism can tell you that the mullahs are less fascistic than the neocons – oppressors.

Either we’re about to declare victory and leave, or this is the calm before the storm. I truly hope for the former, but I’m afraid the latter is more likely.

R.I.P. White Buffalo

I’m pretty sure he died laughing when he read Carrie’s comment:

No, I’m perfectly willing to believe you are a typical male, with a typical male ego that needs typical male crutches. You need to feel superior to women and you need to “prove” yourself to the world at large.

I’m fairly sure that crutches, stroking or any other form of assistance for my oversized ego is close to the absolute last thing that any of my friends, family and acquaintances believe I need. The fact that there are no shortage of arrogant posers out there does not mean that the real thing does not exist.

Big Chilly’s wife just called, apparently they had to call the paramedics for him. They’ve got him on sedatives and are reading from Bill Clinton’s MY LIFE in order to stabilize the chortling; fortunately he built up a partial resistance to attacks of lethal amusement by attending a performance of Wodehouse’s THE PLAY’S THE THING at the Guthrie few years back.

If it were not for the knowledge that pride goes before a fall and that God hates it, I have no doubt that I’d be entirely insufferable. Indeed, I am told that prior to learning, as Bono says so well, how to kneel, I was entirely insufferable. But I don’t believe that God values false modesty, nor do I believe there is anything to be gained from such deceit.

Not only in America

An Aussiesums up the answer to an oft-heard question:

You women might be disgusted by our reasoning and try brow beating us or shaming us into thinking that we are doing something wrong but it won’t work. Commitment for men in Australia is like playing Russian Roulette with three bullets in a six round revolver. Would any woman be willing to play that game?

Don’t waste your time attacking us guys, we can’t change the way women are behaving. If women want us guys to commit then you women need to change your own behaviour, government policy and laws so that commitment is not longer so dangerous. Your feminist sisters have created the problem so stop blaming men and tell the women who have made commitment a life threatening condition for men to BACK OFF.

By the way, the Federal Government is concerned about the drop in the number of children us Australians are having. Hmmm, do you think the reason behind the drop in children might have something to do with men not taking the risk of losing everything to a woman he gets pregnant??? Is it because every young man in Australia has a close friend or relative who has lost everything to a woman who took his children from him???

I found the overall discussion to be both funny and telling. As usual, it follows the typical format:

WOMAN: Why are men so afraid of commitment?
MAN #1: Because we’re not crazy. Look at how the deck is stacked against us.
WOMAN: Well, that’s only because we’ve been oppressed for 10,000 years. It’s payback time.
MAN #1: I never oppressed anyone.
WOMAN: Well, someone did. And who? Men! And you’re a man, so obviously you’re an immature, controlling would-be rapist at heart, so you’ll oppress me and my sisters again unless we make sure the government keeps you chained down. We have to protect ourselves, you know.
MAN #1: Ooookay… gotta go.
WOMAN: Hey, where are you going? Look, I’ve got a diploma! What’s the matter with you? Yeah, well, no one wants you anyway! You just can’t handle a smart, sexy, successful woman.
MAN #2: What’s going on? I heard some shouting.
WOMAN: Oh, nothing. (deep sigh) Why are men so afraid of commitment?

In this, as in all things, if you don’t know the answer and are asking the question, then don’t argue when the answer is provided. If you understood what was happening, then you wouldn’t have asked the question in the first place.

Feminists are wedded to an irrational unreality. They have to believe that I’m a bitter little man, sexually and socially unsuccessful, in order to write what I write, because the alternative is that their worldview is unaligned with objective reality. They must cling to this notion, even in the face of the copious evidence to the contrary, or face the fact that they must change their ways.

Why do I continue to hammer on this boring topic? Perhaps because it is one that so many people care about so deeply, (as the massive number of comments on that Sydney blog indicates), but also because winning the battle is about the social culture, not changing the law. Feminists are now learning how the law is impotent in the face of male self-interest, men are learning that there are a plethora of options available to them.

People need to learn to live life. Women need to stop thinking of the government as a protector against her potential husband and see it for the devil’s tool of marital destruction that it is. They need to stop looking for external reasons for their own failures and begin asking why anyone would want to be with them.

American men, on the other hand, need to remember their heritage. Our forefathers were explorers, adventurers and pioneers, remember? Don’t whine about indoctrinated, maleducated American women, go out and find others more to your liking in the Ukraine or the Phillipines. Why sit around being hateful, bitter and impoverished when there is a wide world before you? Go work in Brazil or Slovakia. Find a job in England or Morocco. Have a margarita with Fred… I doubt the Mexican authorities care much about what the Family Court in Cleveland said you had to pay for the rest of your ex-wife’s life.

A new roundup

Four new blogs and a new location for an old one:

  • Echo Zoe
  • The Token Hippie
  • Brain Sex
  • The Screeching Skraeling
  • The Lazy Half S Ranch
  • Check them out. Pretty Lady also has an amusing Date From Hell story well worth the read. I have to disagree with her on her assertion of inappropriate attire, however, as there are few things more beautiful than an ice-blonde in black sable, especially if that is all she is wearing.

    The female Peter Pans

    One woman laments being duped out of motherhood:

    What went wrong? How is it that the age-old business of having babies has suddenly become fraught with so many difficulties. An important clue can be found back in the late 1970s when I was in my teens. I was part of the generation of schoolgirls who, instead of being propelled towards childbirth by cultural and religious expectations, could balance motherhood against a career and good times.

    The result is that my childless contemporaries and I are the fallout generation from the sexual revolution, the real-life Bridget Jones’s who spend their evenings getting drunk instead of reading bedtime stories. We were told we could have it all, but in reality we were sold a pipe dream. The reality is that we forgot that we are helpless in the face of our biological clocks. And now it is simply too late for a lot of us….

    Looking back, I think I was suffering from delayed maturity syndrome. I was so used to acting like I was 27 that I had convinced myself I was in the prime of my life.

    Delayed maturity is precisely how I’d diagnose these women. The thing that I have found most striking about the career women I know is how emotionally and developmentally immature they all are. They make me think of female Peter Pans, blithely assuming that they will have plenty of time to [fill in the blank] whenever they feel like getting around to it, when the reality is that the window of opportunity for anything, be it a job, an entrepeneurial opportunity or a chance at a happy marriage, is finite and often brief.

    And the rage with which some of them react when they find out how “unfair” it is that men don’t value their pieces of paper, that they can’t compete with an uneducated yoga instructor and that there isn’t a husband and 2.4 children waiting to be summoned at the snap of their well-manicured fingers is simply infantile.

    Unfortunately, men and women alike are very bad at thinking beyond tomorrow, much less knowing what they will want in ten years. About half of the stay-at-home mothers I know once vowed that they would NEVER want children and wouldn’t even dream of giving up their careers in the extremely unlikely event that they happened to have one. Of course, once out of college and realizing that the glamorous world of the office is actually a hellish stew of busy work, bad coffee, petty power struggles, ugly business-casual attire and hours of meaningless mind-numbing meetings, they not only were happy to get pregnant, but phoned their boss and quit about five seconds after seeing the plus sign.

    Mailvox: those lecherous unicorns

    Peter sends a link to Protein Wisdom’s post about a particularly dumb “rape victim”:

    You might be asking yourself: Why would a woman claim rape if she knew a video existed that so thoroughly contradicts her story? If you can figure that out, please let us know. Even after police detectives told her they’d viewed the video, Moonier still refused to recant. She continued to demand that the men be prosecuted.

    Next month an Orange County jury will hear the case against Moonier (now Kerr following her marriage). Interesting footnote: without the videotape, the men could have spent the rest of their lives in state prison if they were convicted of kidnapping and aggravated rape with a handgun. But the woman’s false accusation is a misdemeanor punishable by no more than six months in county jail. It’s only because she took several thousand dollars from a taxpayer-funded victims’ assistance program that she was charged with two felonies.

    The thing that I find most amusing about this is that even a psycho-slut such as Mrs. Kerr can manage to find a husband, while the Maureen Dowdniks of the world are loudly bemoaning the fact that men completely fail to appreciate their glorious educations and impressive resumes. Of course, it’s fairly obvious that if nothing else, the former Miss Moonier is extraordinarily entertaining in the boudoir, although the futility of attempting to prevent her from enthusiastically sharing her charms with the police, the postman, the paperboy, the neighborhood pets and small woodland animals might prove burdensome in time.

    Naturally, our occasional bait noir, la feminista found it impossible to allow this chauvinistic calumny to go unchallenged:

    There is a balance: It’s the criminal justice system, and it evaluates rape like it does every other crime. Of course the concept that you mention extends to men accused of rape. Are they denied lawyers? Are any of their Constitutional rights taken away from them? Every crime report has the potential for abuse—and you can fake a robbery a whole lot easier than you can fake a rape. Why make the bar higher for rape? You haven’t given a good reason (and “women can cry rape” isn’t a good reason, given that people can—and do—“cry” nearly every other kind of crime).

    Rape, like nearly every other crime, is sometimes falsely reported. It’s interesting that you choose to highlight this case, when I don’t remember seeing on your blog the many, many stories of people who commit insurance fraud.

    Rape is also one of the most under-reported crimes out there. There’s a ton of shame and stigma still attached to it. I know many women who have been raped and assaulted, and none who have reported it. So no, I’m not going to dedicate space on my blog to highlighting one of the very few false rape reports. It’s a slap in the face to rape victims. It’s a further reminder that no one will believe them.

    First, rape isn’t treated like “every other crime”. There is no such thing as a murder shield law, and those accused of rape are sometimes denied their right to confront their accuser. The assertion is wildly absurd; if theft was treated like rape, people would be getting convicted without the accuser having to demonstrate that any money had been stolen in the first place. Murderers would be convicted despite there being no body.

    As for the under-reporting of rape, we’ve already settled that one. It’s clearly the unicorns. No one believes most “rape victims” because most of them are lying, or at the very least, wildly exaggerating. It’s telling to note that in every country where actual evidence is required – including otherwise feminist strongholds such as the Scandinavian countries – the reporting, arrest and conviction rates for rape are signficantly lower than in the United States. There are three possibilities:

    1. American men are significantly more prone to commit rape than anywhere else on the planet.
    2. Rape is even more underreported in every country from Singapore to Sweden.
    3. The feminization of the US justice system combined with the sexual revolution has caused a dramatic increase in false rape reports.

    Since la feminista is likely a typically parochial, untravelled American, she is probably unaware that the American culture of hooking up is completely foreign to Europe or Asia, with the partial exception of the UK. This strongly suggests that the reason for the USA’s inordinately high incidence of reported rape is number three, a conclusion which is supported by all of the available evidence that does not simply consist of asking a woman a) has she ever been raped? b) did she report it? c) what color was the unicorn?

    Rape victims haven’t been stigmatized in the USA for decades. They are beatified, idolized and made the center of attention by every group of feminist sob sisters on every college campus in the country. Women love being victims and they love attention, so fake rape is inevitable. Best just to relax and enjoy it.