Waiting for Girldot

Allah of Alarming News makes an easy prediction:

Future misogynist begs women to take him for granted

Five years from now, this guy will be Vox Day’s biggest fan.

It’s disturbingly like seeing a car without winter tires hit black ice, then start sliding towards an oak tree. You want to avert your eyes, but all you can do is wince.

And the pillars of the world quivered

A number 9 seed? Playing Arkansas? This is not your father’s Bison, heck, this isn’t my Bison and we made it to the tournament every other year in those days. A few years ago, I ran into a guy who played for Georgetown back then and we were exchanging college stories, (I had an unfortunate incident at Georgetown track meet one year), and he remembered that first round game quite well.

“Yeah, white guys, good free throw shooters. They weren’t that bad, played us tough for the first ten minutes….”

It’s all yours Alex

Alex surfaces after a long absence:

BTW, anytime Vox wants to bring up the lies and propaganda about chemotherapy, the food supply and the so-called war on cancer, I’m ready with both guns loaded. Hint- Everything you think you know about food, germs and disease is probably the inverse of the truth. Off topic, but highly important.

I’m very sorry to hear about what you indicate is likely to be a short trip, Alex, so the least I can do is to provide you with a topic on which to wax furious. I’ve never written on this subject because I know next to nothing about it, although a very good friend of mine did lose her father recently thanks to some incompetent care practiced by a so-called expert. While I may not share the skeptic’s view of modern medical science, neither do I regard it as omniscient, omnipotent and above all critical review.

Mailvox: clinging to conventional theory

BW echoes my previous thinking on free trade:

I think NAFTA and its cousins are not really free trade. They’re increased regulation. Getting the government OUT of the market generally leads to prosperity. Creating new bureaucracies to make sure everyone plays fair isn’t free trade – it’s more like socialism. Free trade really is a good idea.

By free trade, I don’t mean the government has NO role in the deal. I think, for example, that the constitutional method of taxation (excise taxes, import duties) is the best way to fund the government – as long as they don’t play games with it like taxing textiles 20% and everything else 2%. That’s not exactly leaving the market alone. But when the government keeps its hands propertly tied, the people are free to trade as they wish. If all governments play that way, everyone wins. My two cents.

Yes, this is the conventional theory, and one to which I have subscribed for many years. However, the reality does not seem to match the theory, for example, what if a nation has no genuine competitive advantage over another? Should it then elect to lose out to the world? Is that wise? And on a global scale, what nation can hold a competitive advantage over every other nation in the world?

As I pointed out in my article today, the very concept of free trade is becoming increasingly meaningless, as the nations wane in terms of sovereignty and the multinational corporations and supranational organizations wax in power.