Mailvox: a desperate housewife

hb needs to up the dosage to get herself through those tedious days with the kids:

The cost of opportunity would have been the sacrifice of raising healthy, happy, productive young adults. Can you look down on women through out history because they wanted to do right by their children and be a good parent? Do you think your mother was dumb and lacked intelligence because she decided to raise, teach, and protect you instead of making a new medical breakthrough. Hmmm. Who is the group driving women away from having and raising children again? It is you!

First, I congratulate hb for making the right decision to raise her own children instead of continuing on the fast track to Powerpoint mastery. I’m not being sarcastic here, indeed, the probabilities are very high that motherhood will be the one worthwhile thing she will accomplish before she passes from the scene.

What hb and all the idiot feminists forget is that only a very small fraction of a percent of all the men on the planet have contributed anything noteworthy to mankind throughout history – except reproduce. And the number of women who have contributed anything except to reproduce is a fraction of that fraction. How many women have made a medical breakthrough, ten? One hundred? Even if the number is one thousand, that’s next to nothing compared to the billions who have inhabited the planet.

Hb has it exactly backward, which doesn’t speak well for her ability to succeed in the marketplace once her children are raised and she is free to spread her wings and fly… straight into a window would be my guess. I am not driving women away from marrying and having children, that is being done by their mothers, fathers and teachers who encourage them to put their educations and their careers ahead of their family aspirations, by a society that has ensured that the default path is a barren one and by the feminists who consider increasing numbers of drugged-up women slaving away in cubicles all day to be a mark of social progress.

As for my mother, I consider proof of her intelligence to be that she stayed home and raised her children rather than wasting her time and effort reducing the wage rate and performing corporate busy work.

Fear and opportunity cost

Pretty Lady explains a signal difference between men and women:

Boys do their fabulous, unfathomable things off in their rooms, and every now and then they emerge, proudly bearing something miraculous, like an assault rifle, a web browser or an A12. We pat them on the heads and continue making dinner. Such is life.

You see, girls, the masculine mind is rather like a mining drill. It takes the bit of linear logic between its teeth, and pulverizes everything in its trajectory. Nothing along its path can be deflected or overlooked; no crucial semicolon within fourteen thousand lines of code, no millimeter of deviation on the drill press, no hairsbreadth of torque on the delta wing. The woman who gets between a man and his gadgets, or his pet theories on the nature of political systems, is headed for disaster. One does not butt logic head-on with a man–within the ten degrees or so of his line of sight.

Spacebunny has made similar observations with regards to men’s relative inability to multi-task and women’s relative inability to focus. I’ve noted before that not a single woman in my college social circle had a job at graduation, whereas every single man did. Women fear opportunity cost, which is why so many have trouble accepting the reality of a choice between children and career. Thus, they often tend to float along without making a decision until the lack of a decision becomes one by default.

This wasn’t a problem for society when the no-decision default was marriage and children. But now that the default is five or more years of college, a hefty debt and at least the trappings of a career, many women don’t even begin thinking about marriage until they are already past their prime sell-by date.

I have no problem with women who have intentionally chosen to sacrifice much, if not everything, for their vocations. I am second to no man in my appreciation for the genuine artist – as opposed to those talentless provocateurs that now infest the West – the selfless nun or the truth-seeking scientist. They all contribute to the betterment of Man in their own way, but they are only a miniscule percentage of the female population.

I am very seriously opposed, however, to those who have intentionally altered the culture and played upon female fears in order to deprive so many women of the chance to make a fully-informed choice between work and womanhood. Regardless of whether human society truly needs these neutered worker bees or not, holding up such barren individuals as a triumph of their sex is a logical, intellectual and spiritual abomination.