Speaking of brave women who aren’t timid

Except, of course, of men bearing roses:

Cable news beauty Monica Crowley faced down her alleged stalker in court yesterday, telling a jury how a lovesick kook haunted her with disturbing e-mails and followed her around town – armed with roses.

“I was horrified, terrified to walk around the city where I live, to think this guy was following me,” Crowley said of suspect Ronald Martin, 41, in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Of course she was terrified. After all, those flowers have thorns on them, you know. She’s willing to face him down in court with plenty of police around, but Cthulhu forfend that she bother to tell the loser to get lost all by her poor little self.

What I find amusing is that the woman even admits that the guy never threatened her, either in person or via email. But the important thing is that she FELT threatened, so clearly the guy should be taken out and executed.

The fact that something bad could happen is no reason to assume that it will happen. Besides, if someone wants to take you out badly enough, they will take you out and it doesn’t matter if you’re a head of state with a massive bodyguard or a 95-pound woman without a family.

Europe begins the next stage

From the Washington Times:

Even the most liberal voices in the Netherlands now acknowledge that disturbingly high percentages of the local Muslim population have segregated themselves, ignoring, if not shunning, basic Dutch values such as women’s rights, separation of church and state and respect for different lifestyles.

And if the verdict signals a strong shift in the country’s attitudes toward countering terrorism, Holland has been rethinking many of its internal policies since that tragic November day. Immigration has been drastically reduced, with the stated aim of focusing on integrating the large and widely unassimilated existing immigrant communities. New residents must now undergo 500 hours of Dutch language instruction and 50 hours of social orientation. And in January Immigration and Integration Minister Rita Verdonk talked about a “national code of conduct,” a set of general rules to be applied to the public that emphasizes the equality of men and women, non-discrimination and the importance of the Dutch language.

Other measures directly target the Muslim community. Public funding for Islamic schools, often accused of perpetrating the self-segregation of the Muslim community, is under review. And parliament has already voted in favor of a proposal to ban the most extreme forms of veiling (such as the burqa and the niqab) in public.

It is important to remember that in every power struggle, as in war, the enemy gets a vote too. The Dutch Muslim community is not likely to simply shrug their collective shoulders at these measures, especially when this is the first resistance they have encountered in decades. I expect the initial reaction will be to ratchet up the pressure, with riots similar to those seen in France. A wiser move, of course, would be to wait quietly and let the demographic pressure exert itself, but I consider that option to be less likely.

The utility of men and their dogs

In the eyes of the canonical feminist, men are superflous… until reality trumps theory and unpleasant work is afoot. I was disturbed from my morning cappucino yesterday by a full-throated canine chorus which indicated that we had an unexpected visitor approaching the door. It was a delivery man, however, it was our neighbor, who informed me that the dog on the next street over was out of his gated yard and the owners appeared to be gone for the day.

I didn’t have to ask her why she didn’t simply put the dog in the yard and close the gate, because this particular dog is rather fearsome in appearance, the terror of small children and nervous women alike. He’s a big German Shepherd with all the typical neuroses of the white variant and then some, and he barks and snaps wildly at everyone who passes by. He does this from behind the safety of the gate, though, a low one that he could effortlessly leap if he ever had any intention of attacking anyone. He looks like a ferocious white wolf and sounds very impressive indeed, but he has the heart of a particularly cowardly chicken.

Still, it is unwise to let a fearbiter roam free when the fearbiter’s jaws are large enough to take off a hand, and besides, I didn’t want the stupid dog to get hit by a car. So, I told our neighbor that I’d take care of it and sent her on her way, put the Ridgeback on a leash, grabbed an umbrella and headed out. I thought about putting on a pair of gloves, but reasoned that between the Ridgeback and the umbrella, the chances I’d actually have to manhandle him were negligible.

As it turned out, the mere realization that the Ridgeback and I intended to directly approach him sent the big bad German Shepherd into a panic, and before we had gotten to within ten feet of him, he turned tail and fled for the safety of a pine tree well inside the fence. The Ridgeback was visibly disappointed to have lost her potential playmate, but she was assuaged by much praise and many affectionate shakes of the snout. We headed home together with the deep satisfaction of a job well done.