Squeal like a piggy

59 – Bucknell
55 – Arkansas

The three-point line is there for a reason, gentlemen. And if you can shoot .550 from behind it, you should probably go ahead and do so.

So much for The Answer

From the Star & Sickle:

Minneapolis Fire Chief Bonnie Bleskachek, already the subject of an internal investigation, has been accused in a federal lawsuit of repeated physical attacks against her former domestic partner, a Minneapolis fire captain, who said Bleskachek denied her the opportunity to advance in the department….

She said in the complaint that she was one of two firefighters to pass the first part of a test to become battalion chief, but that Bleskachek canceled the second part of the test.

Cornell claims in court documents that she and Kathleen Mullen, another fire captain, were the only candidates to pass the first portion of the test and that Bleskachek’s girlfriend was among those to fail the test.

Remember when people used to say that life would be better if only women were permitted to take charge? Remember? That was awesome!

I imagine that you’re as shocked as I am to learn women who want to do men’s work tend to be dykes and that performance tests would ever be altered in order to allow women to pass them. But what could top the humor of the fire chief calling 9/11 in order to pester her former “domestic partner”?

The lesson – besides the obvious one about the humor inherent in dykes – is this: never allow anyone who confuses the personal with the professional, much less the political, to have any power whatsoever over you. And that goes double for those who believe the personal is the political.

Scott Adams: Political Historian

I still favor the traditional system where rich people run the country and convince the morons who live here that the voters are really the ones in charge. It’s not a perfect system, but no one has come up with a better one. And it’s fair in the sense that anyone could become rich and abuse the poor.

If a cartoonist can figure it out – admittedly, a very successful cartoonist, but still – you’d think that anyone could, especially with George Bush having spent the last six years governing exactly like a Democrat, only less spendthrifty.

And for those who would seriously attempt to argue that Democrats would never have been so bold as to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, I believe it should suffice to mention WWI, WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Somalia and Kosovo.

No point to Republicanism

Fred Barnes declares the end of small government:

Political pundit Fred Barnes showed up at Grover Norquist’s Wednesday Group meeting this week and shocked some of the 100 or so conservative interest-group representatives in attendance by appearing to throw in the towel on limiting government, according to e-mails and phone calls from several persons who were present.

“President Bush thinks, and I agree, that we are not going to have smaller government,” Mr. Barnes said at the meeting. “Ronald Reagan tried to do it and gave up. Newt Gingrich did it and gave up. We are going to have a government of big size.”

In a separate discussion with Ralph Z. Hallow of The Washington Times, Mr. Barnes said he made those remarks at the meeting as part of his discussion of his latest book, “Rebel-in-Chief: How George W. Bush Is Redefining the Conservative Movement and Transforming America.” “I am a small-government conservative myself,” Mr. Barnes told Mr. Hallow yesterday. “But,” Mr. Barnes added, “it’s unrealistic to think it is ever going to happen in our country. Bush recognizes it. He’s going to use big government for conservative ends.”

I tend to agree. I wonder how much Fred paid for that hacienda he recently acquired. A margarita or three sounds pretty good about now. Vote or don’t vote, you’re going to get bigger government and you’d better accept it nicely or President Clinton version 2.0 (Extreme edition) will have to use the Patriot Acts against you.

UPDATE: In case you’re still dubious, you might wish to pay attention to the words of conservative Republican icon Arlen Spector. “The Republican Party is now principally moderate, if not liberal!” exulted Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.), after the Senate — including a majority of Republicans — approved his budget-busting amendment to spend an extra $7 billion on domestic programs.