Another cheerleader begins to crack

David Frum worries about Jorge Bush:

My forebodings of a year ago seem to be taking on my reality every day: Immigration truly is emerging as an issue that can shatter the Republican party. The president is determined to thrust upon the party an amnesty/guestworker approach that is opposed by the overwhelming majority of the Republican rank-and-file. He has come to believe – and tells visitors to the White House – that party opposition to him is based on irrational fear, ignorance, and prejudice. (Just like Dubai! Or for that matter, Harriet Miers.)

If anything were calculated to solidify the perception that this administration scorns the values and concerns of the ordinary Republican – if anything were designed to discourage ordinary Republican from turning out in November 2006 – it is what this administration is doing now. At a moment when the president needs his maximum strength to see his foreign policy through to success, he is gambling everything on a wager he cannot win. His version of immigration reform can only pass Congress with Democratic votes, and there is zero possibiilty that the Democrats will help him – but every likelihood that they will egg him on to incite a Republican civil war on the issue that most bitterly divides the president’s party.

Well, of course he has to do something to infuriate his base! How is Hillary Clinton going to get elected without Dear Jorge shattering the Republican party for her? It would be a tragedy if she didn’t get to use all those neat new Patriot Act toys that he’s prepared for her.

Few things amuse me more than a Republican who is still desperately trying to hold onto their faith in the fundamental goodness of Jorge. They so desperately want to believe… but there’s two more years to go….

Those who ignore history are destined to lose it

The barbarians are within the gates:

Since the riots of November 2005, we know that the French government is not able to protect the French citizens. Instead of taking legal action against criminals, the government rewarded rioters.

Today (march 22, 2006) we learn that this government has let 1,000 years of cultural and religious legacy to become smoke and ashes.

Barbarians and savages entered in the library of “l’Ecole des Chartes” (100,000 books) in the Sorbonne, and destroyed writings of abbeys of Île-de-France containing all the official documents since the middle age.

This is absolutely nauseating. But in addition to demonstrating the barbarism of those the diversity crowd considers the equal of Western Culture, it serves as an indication of why the elite, with their dreams of a boot in the face forever, need barbarians to do their dirty work. In order to build a static future, it is necessary to wipe out the memory of the dynamic past. What the rulers do not dare legislate, they can arrange for by proxy. Then, when the situation is completely out of control, they can step in and offer order.

And the fools will embrace those responsible as saviors.

UPDATE – some commenters on the site linked are saying that this is a fake and there was no burning of books at the library. I’ve just sent an email to a friend of mine who happens to be in Paris, so we should be able to discover the truth within a day or so. One reason for skepticism: the name of the library is “L’Ecole nationale des chartes” not “l’Ecole des Chartes”.

Just keep on marching… south

As long as we’re considering how migration changes the culture:

Thousands of immigration advocates marched through downtown Los Angeles in one of the largest demonstrations for any cause in recent U.S. history. More than 500,000 protesters – demanding that Congress abandon attempts to make illegal immigration a felony and to build more walls along the border – surprised police who estimated the crowd size using aerial photographs and other techniques, police Cmdr. Louis Gray Jr. said.

Wearing white T-shirts to symbolize peace, the demonstrators chanted “Mexico!” “USA!” and “Si se puede,” an old Mexican-American civil rights shout that means “Yes, we can.”

If they’re all right there, why not round them up and march them back home? The complete idiocy of the Bush administration can be summed up thusly: the American people can’t build a wall or expel 12 million illegal aliens from a country where they have complete authority, but they can forcibly change the culture and religion of 1,000 million Muslims. That sounds convincing to me, how about you?

The truth is that Jorge Bush is aiding and abetting a mass invasion of the United States. He is a traitor to his country and will eminently the deserve the impeachment he will face, (which will almost certainly be on different, less deserving grounds), should Republicans receive the electoral beating they have been begging for in November.

The amusing thing is that Republicans are in danger of losing Congress primarily because of their pursuit of so-called pragamatism. Leaders who attempt to lead by following the crowd never get anywhere.