Those Islamists may have a point

When they say that Western secular society isn’t worth defending:

A girl of 14, appearing in court for a second drink-driving offence, threw a jug of water at magistrates, punched a solicitor and ran around screaming abuse and kicking furniture after hearing that she was going to be detained for four months….

Her outburst occurred when she returned to youth court at Newbury, Berks, to be dealt with for her second drink-driving offence, committed when still under a supervision order. On arrival she pelted waiting photographers with eggs and her mother, Nora, turned her bottom towards the cameras and said: “Go on. Film this”. She repeatedly shouted that she was “proud” of her daughter.

So, let’s revisit that assertion of morality by the atheists a few days ago. Do you think it is likely that:

a) the Blacks are a devout, churchgoing family who worship the Lord Jesus Christ?


b) there is no connection to the huge increase in this barbarian behavior and the transformation of Britain into a post-Christian nation?

I’ll be interested to see that famous secular rationalism address this puzzling conundrum. It never ceases to amaze me how supposedly rational secularists fail to see that removing the Christian component from Western civilization means a return to the same sort of barbarism that pervaded societies that we would not consider civilized.

Remember, theory is nice, but history and observation will trump it every time.

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